Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Herb Robert gets the ID vote .. Thank You !!

Well it looks like Herb Robert aka Rober Geranium .." Stinky Bob"
I'll keep my eye on it .. and I am very sure it must have been a "piggy-back" seed in the cosmos .. so doesn't that make you pause for a moment and think about what else might be in your seed packet ? ;-)


Gail said...

I like this little guy and how it wends its way through some gardens! It hasn't settled in mine! It's happily growing at the herb garden at our local botanical garden....gail

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

I used a couple mixed seed packets this year and I wonder about some of the plants that are coming up. Some are sweet little blooms, just don't know any of their names.

Anonymous said...

Glad someone was able to id this for you. I've had plants that piggyback in on potted plants, but never with seeds. :)

Barry said...

Don't even blink or you will find it everywhere... and I do mean everywhere..... now how did you get in THERE was my mantra two years ago before a total eradication from the property.... well as best as I could do at the time..... pretty, cute even, but not worth the sweat and toil of trying to keep under control!

CiNdEe said...

I am glad you found out! That drives me nuts when I can't figure out a name of a plant!!!!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Gail .. I am going to look up what herbal qualities it has .. I haven't had time yet, but I am curious .. funny how this happened. It is a first for me !

Janet I was afraid I was pulling out an intended flower .. then thought weed ? now I think I will watch it for a while and see what happens .. my little experiment ? plant ?

PG ... I have had the odd potted plant like that too, but this is a first for me as well with seeds. I wonder if the rest of the people who bought the same seeds I did .. do they have this as well ? LOL

Puppy I had this happen to me a long time ago with "Limelight" artemisia .. it jumped from one side of the garden to the other 40 ft. I pulled it out for almost 3years, so I understand what it can be like ;-) haha

Thanks Cindee .. yes it would drive me crazy not knowing what the heck is this plant !! Now I can look at it and know it might be naughty ? LOL

joey said...

Such a dear little flower but beware, Joy ... a huge nosy garden pest (you will find it popping up everywhere ... I rip it out by the bucketfuls).

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Joey girl ! You have made me look at it in another way now ! .. I'm thinking of pulling it out a bit .. but I am curious still ?
I am forwarned though and I thank you for the tip as Teza has told me too .. hope it isn't too much of an OOPS ! for me : )