Thursday, 2 July 2009

The Last 5.9 months of Winthrop's Garden View ?

January was a bit of a hit and miss month.
The "benchwarmers" were Winthrop's stand in for this month .. apparently Winthrop celebrated New Year's Eve a little too much and was camera shy ?
February ... well, Winthrop was still a little camera shy but I managed this one from him, which is my favorite : )
March was a pensive month .. the great plans of a new deck and shed were brewing ... thoughts were swirling like a tornado .... rather scary and fun at the same time ?
April was getting down to the "nitty gritty" month .. thus the rather shocking picture of what happens to my beloved Sumac with Winthrop rather glum knowing the storm of activity was COMING !
May was an indoor month ... sharing the fridge with Bernard was alright .. but he missed the great outdoors and the benchwarmer boys.
June was a great big HELLO month .. new deck ... new shed and look at all this greenery : )
July and the "heat is ON" big time ... it starts going in another direction with Halloween only 120 days away ... the clock is ticking for the Great Pumpkin's visit .. yes .. I am telling you he is coming !


VW said...

Looks like he has a nice view now, Joy! I was about to wish you a happy holiday, then remembered that you won't be lighting off fireworks this weekend like us in the states. So enjoy your normal, non-holiday weekend :-)

tina said...

He looks happy. As does the pampered sumac in the background.

Anonymous said...

Have you been visited by Charlie Brown?

CiNdEe said...

Oh the snow looks glorious! It was so hot here today. A little snow would be a nice welcome change!!LOL I am meltingggggggggggggggggggg...yes that is the truth!
It is suppose to cool down the next few days...below 100..I will believe it when I see it! Or feel it..(-:
Your garden looks beautiful so green and lush!

Janet said...

Fun views through time in the garden. After another very warm day it was nice to see snow!

The Garden Ms. S said...

Methinks Winthrop has the best seat in the, I mean garden :)

gittan said...

I like Winthrops garden view! It's great to see the pictures month by month and how it suddenly turns into green. I have my picture of the month theme on gittans tradgarsblogg (the blogg with all the error) and think I'll do the same next year but view another part of the garden. The heat is on even here! Yesterday we had 86 degrees, puh... a bit over the "normal" summer heat. But no complanes.. I love summertime <3 and hope Halloween wont come for a long time "LOL" Hope you'll have a great day / gittan

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hello VW : )
We do the fireworks thing (the city and a few yahooos) for Canada Day but I think you guys do it a little more over the top than we do ; ) especially for a weekend thing too ? Hope you have a great time and enjoy the party !

Hi Tina .. He doesn't talk a lot .. but you can pick up his mood fairly fast ? LOL .. My Sumac is getting bigger and bigger : )

knittnkitten but of course Linus has been here .. checking the garden out for the Great Pumpkin .. even though I can't grow any "he" might just swing by ?

Hey there Cindee girl ... thank you ! .. We have been having rain the last few days here .. but I can imagine how hot things are for you there .. not easy to work in the garden with that !Hope you get some relief soon : )

Hi Janet .. it is fun to see the garden progress through the months like that isn't it ? .. you are caught in the heat wave and we are caught in the rain wave .. we both want just some nice sunny days that aren't that hot eh ? LOL

Hello there Garden MS !
Yes .. this is a choice seat that Winthrop has proclaimed as "his throne to the garden" ? LOL

Hello gittan : )
Even you are going through a heat wave ? Now that is amazing !
Yes ! .. following the same spot in the garden by way of the month going by really is interesting from snow to brown to green then white of the snow again .. extremes of our gardens : )

our friend Ben said...

Ha! I agree with Tina, in that last photo, Winthrop looks happy, contentedly surveying the scenery. But I agree with you on your favorite photo of him---what a classic! Thanks for a good laugh.

Rose said...

Thank you for sharing Winthrop's perspective--he's got a great view now! I bet it was hard for him to stay indoors for awhile, but maybe he appreciates his perch over the garden even more now. He deserves it after such a hard winter, poor guy:)
Happy belated Canada Day!

GardenJoy4Me said...

"ben" hey happy 4th coming up tomorrow .. will there be fireworks ? LOL .. after seeing Debbie's post I would worry about all of you doing that ? LOL
Yup .. that snow one is my fav .. could use it now with the heat and humidity .. I know .. I will be sorry for saying that ! haha

Hello Rose .. hope you have a great weekend with the holiday ? hope the weather is clear and not so hot ? .. Yes .. Winthrop is an outdoor gargoyle but I think the rest did him good too ? : )

Anonymous said...

Winthrop has had an eventful 5 months! Can't believe how quickly your garden went from snow - lush & green! ;)

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hello Racquel girl ! .. I have a Brit friend who says the same thing .. that we change so quickly once we get going .. it makes for a heavy work load FAST .. but some times we have just about enough energy to do it after months and months of SNOW ? LOL