Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Odds, Ends and In Betweens ?

It has been a long day .. I have been up since 5:30 ... yet again in the garden in my questionable night attire snapping pictures like a kid at Christmas .. it just never gets "old" to me .. especially first thing in the morning when my brain cells are actually firing up pretty darn good after the first BIG cup of coffee.
I start this post with a frog .. and end it likewise ; )
OK .. a picture of the girls happen to fall on the computer .. from the camera .. totally out of my control folks .. called the cute factor .. so lets all move on now shall we ?
Day lily time of the season .. I won't even bother with a commentary .. you and I both know what they are and how great they are ... right ?
OOPS ... a rose also fell on the computer from the camera ..
Different Day lily .. keeping up with me ?
Amber Wheels Gaillardia is an odd looking creature until it fills out .. I think these two are a "couple" until the fly tires of her .. rotten two timing fly !
Ostrich Plume astilbe .. also an odd looking creature until it fills out .. it is beautiful .. I swear !
Black Lace sambucus with a cone flower for which I am sure I will remember what it is when it also "fills out" ?
Quick Fire hydrangea .. it ROCKS !! I am so glad I took Jodi , the Blooming Writer, up on her attention to this hydrangea .. it is amazing .. the one in the front garden is full of flower buds .. even the one in the back garden is trying so hard in the dark corner of the castle .. it is an amazing hydrangea !

Last ... and just as beautiful as any of my plants is this little frog I found in the dollar store .. OK , it was more than one dollar but it is so cool ... isn't it ? .. I can't seem to get any real frogs or toads in my garden .. probably too far from any natural attraction they would want to visit .. but I have to have frogs albeit plaster or other unnatural elements ? ; )


jodi (bloomingwriter) said...

You have daylilies already too??? The only ones blooming around here are the yellow species; not even the regular ditch lily has started yet. Of course, if the SUN would come out for more than an hour a day, it might help!!
The girls are outrageously cute, as always...

Cynthia said...

What a pretty daylily. My coneflowers are slowly getting ready to bloom. To me it seems to be taking them forever! And I just love the hydrangea. This type has been catching my eye more and more. I enjoyed your odds and ends very much! :)

Rose said...

So glad the girls' photo fell onto the computer:) They just don't want to be ignored while you are traipsing through the garden in your nightgown each morning. LOL, I thought I was the only one who did that! Love the daylilies and the astilbe--half the fun in gardening is waiting for something to "fill out." Your frogs are so cute; I have the real thing, though--toads, that is--in abundance this year.

tina said...

Such fun. I am like you-the first thing in the morning is really when I am at my best and we can never ever tire of our gardens. I've been wanting to try the ostrich plume astilbe. Glad you like it. I'll keep my eye out. I think it is a good shade plant and sigh, I must face it I need to switch to shade plants.

Sigrun said...

I really enjoyed your pictures--you make the common look extraordinary. I'm going to look at my flowers, and maybe a few weeds or two with new eyes, and share them, too.

Janet said...

Hi Joy, lovely blooms. I keep looking at the Black cool looking.

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

That frog is cute. I hope our dollar store has them.

The Garden Ms. S said...

Your astible looks like it will be a stunner :)

(And the feline cute factor is a welcome touch )

Anonymous said...

The day lily, ooh, la, la! I'm a big frog lover too.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hello Jodi girl ! Yup ! I have had daylilies blooming for a couple of weeks now : ) You guys are having a terrible summer down there this year .. we are having a wetter one than usual ourselves .. but not as bad as yours. Yes .. the girls think they are cute too (you know how big their egos can be .. wink wink )

Hello Cynthia .. Thank you ! .. It seems forever for my cone flowers to open too .. especially this year but due to all the rain they are all in good shape, so that is a good point : ) I would try that hydrangea out for sure .. I'm loving it !

Thank you Rose girl ! I'm glad to have company for that traipsing around thing in the morning .. can get tricky eh ? LOL
That is so true .. waiting for buds to open .. flowers to unfurl .. it is all so exciting to watch : )
Yes .. the girls demand THEIR time on here for sure !
Send a few toads my way please ? ; )

Tina .. I tried Ostrich a few years back and fell in love with it then .. for some reason it died out on me and I knew I would have it again because I liked it so much .. you will too girl !
You aren't alone in having to switch to shade plants more and more .. I am in the same boat as my trees are maturing .. such is gardening ? ; )

Thank you very much Sigrun !
I can't explain how my plants make me feel .. but it is an amazing force .. we have a very intense, rather short period of gardening so all of that pleasure we have been looking forward to during winter is completely wild and uncontrolable ? LOL

Janet .. go get one of these ! I was naughty with mine ... moved a couple of times so it refused to do much for me .. now it is finally getting bigger and bigger .. contrast plants with silver foliage looks wonderful with it : )

Debbie girl ... go a hunting in the dollar stores ! you never know what you might find : )

Hello Garden Ms.S : ) .. I can vouch for this astilbe having had it a few years back .. it is very pretty indeed !

Grace girl .. I think the pair is Chicago Apache and the single is Little Wine Cup (but I might be wrong .. most likely) and we must have frogs in our gardens .. one way or another ?? LOL

Jamie and Randy said...

I love walking in the garden in the morning. The sun can wash it out so much later in the day.--Randy

Commonweeder said...

Beautiful photos. I especially liked the sambucus. I have a hydrangea and weeping birch fighting it out in one Lawn Bed. I'm wondering whether I dare move the hydrangea (its quite large) in the fall.

CiNdEe said...

Everything looking super there and everything looking burned up(-: This week has been cooler so maybe next week more flowers will bloom. Or maybe a heat wave is coming and the rest of the plants will fry?
I am enjoying this week getting a lot done in the yard. Temperatures in the 80s!!!!
I was thinking about Halloween the other day(-:

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Randy .. that is so true .. the heat just makes everything so stressed .. the morning is fresh and beautiful, I love that time of day : )

Hello there Commonweeder .. I would go ahead and give the hydrangea (in the Autumn) a moderate cutback and move it to the new location you would rather have it in .. I use bone meal as a cure all for plants that I move or new plants .. I think it should be alright : )
I move plants all the time .. I wish they had wheels ! haha

Oh Cindee girl .. I sympathize with the hot weather .. the first 5 years here were so much like that .. I'm glad i didn't get into the garden full time then like I do now .. it would have finished me ? ; )
YES !!!! Halloween : ) : ) !!!