Monday, 27 July 2009

Plant Identity Anyone ?

OK .. I have to swallow my pride and say this most likely is a weed .. but for the life of me I haven't seen it before .. what makes it more of a mystery is that it popped up with seeds for Cosmos that I planted in the same area .. which makes me wonder if it was a piggy-back seed some how ?
If anyone can tell me what this little plant is with this tiny charming flower (albeit the possibility, strong one I'm sure) it is a weed .. but what one garden's weed might just be another gardeners "flower" ?
Cosmos foliage ... I just love it .. looks like a plant that had a bad perm ? ;-)
Green relief ... my ferns are very relaxed due to all of the rain we keep having .. you can almost hear them sigh with relief that they are getting consistent moisture : )
Variegated Solomons Seal is still looking rather good because of the rain as well .. I think that is a Buckle fern in the back .. can anyone confirm that for me .. the plant tag is in one of my many hiding places ?

Red ribs are gorgeous on these ferns .. the bottom one is a baby thrown by one of my original Japanese Painted ferns from the front garden ..
Trapped fern syndrome (I also have trapped "Purple Flame Grass" poor miscanthus ; (
Lady -in-Red has thrown a few babies my way , which I appreciate very much .. but how do I release her from this dilemma ?
Do I try to get "chunks" of her out and gamble they will be alright ?
I have tried a few times to get her all the way out but it is no use ... so how far do I go and how do I do it !!!
My little Dwarf Formosa lily .. impossibly large flower on tiny foliage ..
That twisted striping on the trumpet is amazing ... it truly is a tiny wonder to me !


tina said...

It looks like some kind of geranium maybe. I really don't know. I have a similar plant with the same type of foliage but the flower is different. I hope to get it identified too, though I am sure it is a weed. Sometimes weeds are pretty.

Marilyn Jones said...

I can't be certain, but the plant looks like a wild geranium. If you have a book on wild flowers, check for it and compare to yours.

Marilyn Jones said...

Let me know if I'm right ;~)

CiNdEe said...

Lovely and refreshing!
I don't know what the little flower is. Its pretty(-: What does the foilage look like?

Anonymous said...

Looks like a hardy geranium to me.

allot of veg said...

Herb robert?


easygardener said...

It looks like the biennial/annual Geranium robertianum (Herb Robert). I have it seeding in my garden though my flowers are a slightly deeper pink. The foliage is very attractive too.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Tina .. I just read all of the comments and it looks like it is headed toward a geranium ID ..the flower is a bit pinker than it shows up in the picture .. and I'm sure it came with the Cosmos seeds .. so it would be a nice surprise : )

Hi Marilyn .. I don't have a book on wild flowers (now you have given me a great excuse to get one though ?) Thanks for the help ; )
I will post again with how this turns out !

The foliage is right in the picture with the flower Cindee .. it almost reminds me of fern foliage ? .. it is a sweet flower , isn't it ?

Geranium get another vote then ! Thanks : )

AOV .. I will look that up .. thank you !!

EG hello there girl ! looks like another vote for Herb .. I will look that up and see if this is it .. I do like it .. whether it is a weed or not ! LOL

Rose said...

I've never seen a Formosa lily before--how pretty! This is the first year, too, I've had quite a few little fern babies; they're popping up in places where they don't look their best, so I'll try to move them next spring. Glad to see your "weed" has been identified; I've let many a weed grow too tall, thinking it was a stray flower:) Herb Robert is actually quite pretty.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Rose I have to admit I think it is pretty too ! I guess we just naturally take more care to see what a plant really is and what it can do ?
I usually have at least two Formosa lilies .. but now I'm down to one I'm not sure why .. it might just die out completely.
I love having little fern babies to spread around : ) is that a "spread the love" moment ??LOL

Anonymous said...

I did a google image on herb Robert, and it sure looks like a match to me. But it does also look like a hardy geranium. I'd let it grow! You've got to find that chocolate cosmos, it's a calorie free chocolate fix.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Robin .. YES girl ! I am going to see what it does .. I don't mind having to "pull" if it is a problem .. and where the heck did my Chocolate Cosmos GO ??? .. I'm going to lose what brain cells I have trying to find 5 root plants that I put in for the Spring .. jeez ! now all I can think of is chocolate ???? hahaha

Kathleen said...

I'm glad you got your mystery plant ID'd Joy. and that lily is incredible! Wow. I've never seen one before but it's spectacular. Is it supposed to bloom on a larger plant or is the plant just puny this year for a reason? Your plants always look so healthy and happy. You must be one good garden Mom. Your Maypop sounds amazing too. It will probably start blooming any day now and be absolutely gorgeous. Have you seen any buds?? My Maypop is sadly doing nothing. I think I started it off on the wrong foot and it never got corrected. I'm just hoping now to keep it alive thru the winter so maybe next year it will do something?? You must have found the perfect planting spot ~ is it planted with a southern exposure? Morning sun, afternoon shade?? Anything tips you have would be great.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Kathleen .. my lap top shut down and rebooted on me in the middle of my answer back to you .. my hand must have 'touched" the wrong button .. the air is still BLUE here ?
The Formosa lily is a dwarf cultivar so yes .. as comical as it looks, the trumpet flower is much bigger than the foliage .. it got my curiosity when I saw it a couple of years ago and I had to try it out .. last year it had 2 blooms .. so I'm not sure if it is saying good bye this season ? LOL
I am totally amazed by my Maypop .. it was no more than 3 inches when I got it and potted it up .. it did nothing for ages .. remember I asked you about yours a lot ? Then bang ! it started growing and growing .. I was leery about transplanting it (hubby wanted it to grow up the railing of the deck where we sit) so that raised bed that gets morning light was where it went .. and I am amazed yet again with how it has grown .. no flower buds yet but lots of trendils holding on to the spindles .. I meant to put up black netting for that and my Zepherine climbing rose which is also doing so well .. I am having a good year .. and I don't know exactly what I am doing that you would not be doing .. so I am stumped too girl !

Kathleen said...

Thanks for all this great information Joy. Morning sun was where I originally wanted to plant it so I should have stuck to that plan. I'm glad one of us had luck. :-)