Thursday, 16 July 2009

Sunrise to Sunrise

Dawn was prettier than it has been in a while. Don't get me wrong .. I love cool clear mornings to start my day with .. but to have some distinction to a dawn there has to be a bit of cloud action going on .. some particles in the sky to reflect the amazing colours as the sun rises and the earth turns .. remember we are spinning in space after all !
TES has her arms spread out to embrace the morning ? .. I know sounds corny doesn't it .. but I am a bit mystified with her for not getting a wee bit taller .. she insists on getting wider .. how can I criticize THAT .... none of us are perfect, right ?
So now it is the smoke bush that have something to show of them selves .. tricks they can do with water droplets ..
Turn them in to little glass balls bouncing on their leaves ?.. OK ... dribbling ?
Golden Spirit smoke bush has the most beautiful delicate colour to new growth .. it is gorgeous !
My plant mobile is parked right in the ferns almost .. the coneflowers disapprove sternly that I take such liberty with the garden ... shame on me .. poor ferns .. nahh ! they just complain a lot !
Yes ... the cone flowers are finally revealing themselves .. I wish I had written down the plan I seemed to know what I was doing at the time ?
I recall I had a "thing" for the white ones for some reason ... who knows ... those brain cells left home ages ago !
I perky rosebud or two from Morden Sunrise .. looks fresh with the rain drops still on the leaves.
There are my Halloween rattles ! .. a few more weeks and they will start to turn blue black and sound like the real deal when I shake them .... I'm such a big KID !!
Angel Face has been such a forgiving rose this year .. I moved it twice and thought I wouldn't see many flowers, but she has graced me with wonderful ones : )
Ahhhhhhhhhhh ! second picture of sunrise .. it was VERY pretty : )


Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

I like the different kinds of Smoke Bushes!!

Jill-O said...

The sunrise photos are so beautiful. I don't know how you can get up during the summertime when sunrise is so early. I'm more of a night owl and would sleep in until 9am every day if I had a choice.

tina said...

The garden is looking mighty lovely. Yes, trust that you knew what you were doing at the time. It will all make sense at some point.

Pat said...

Did you say a plan ?
Like a garden plan?
Now that I'll have to do a post on planning...
well I'm planing to do a post on not planning.
I know that makes sense.

ooh ooh, True Blood is really getting good ! So is Nurse Jackie.

Rose said...

Thank you for these beautiful photos of the sunrise--I don't get up early enough to see it here:) All your photos are lovely, Joy, but the best ones are on the last post of the baby birds--what a sweet story, and the pictures are fantastic!

Randy said...

I had Angel Face years ago and it was always my favorite rose. It's such an unusual color.--Randy

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Janet .. I love smoke bush too .. if I had more room I would plant a few more different types for sure !

HellO Jill-O ;-)
I am more a morning person and especially when light hits my window so early .. but .. the funny thing is I will sleep later if I pull my shade down all the way before I go to bed .. then I would miss dawns like this though , so I can't help myself ? LOL ... thanks girl !

Tina I find that so true after things have time to settle in .. we must have an auto-pilot in our garden sense to just go with the flow more times than not ? Thank you girl !

Patsi girl ... it makes perfect sens coming from you ! LOL
OMG !! YES !! True Blood is GREAT ! I laughed so much over Raphael dancing around like a mad man after he had Eric's blood : )
Nurse Jackie is fantastic .. Tiny Bubbles was the episode I just watched lately and that was GREAT !
have you been watching Hung ? I love Thomas Janes ; )

Rose ... thank you so much girl ! It was such a treat to see the baby robins and that nest was amazing ! .. I hope they are still ok ... it is a worry with being in a parking lot. I'll keep my sunrise pictures going for you !

Randy it is a beauty .. and it took a lot of abuse with moving it around so much .. and yes ! that colour is impossible isn't it ? : )

Jennifer AKA keewee said...

What a fabulous sunrise.

gittan said...

Oh, what a beutiful morning! Do you have three different Smoke bushes? Goden spirit I have to look for that one. I only have 'Royale Purple' and would like another one. They really look best when there have been some rain or dew. Have a great day / gittan

Kerri said...

Oh my, those soft pink and gold hues reflecting on the clouds are breathtaking. Beautiful photos, Joy!
I'm really craving a smokebush, and now you've made it worse! The leaves are fabulous, and really beautiful with the raindrops 'bouncing' on them :)
Love that Angel Face rose. What a gorgeous colour!
Your garden is looking lovely. Sounds like our weather is much the same as yours. More warmth and sunshine would certainly be appreciated here.
Thanks for the ID on the Astilbe. I've added the name and some link love to the post :)
Happy gardening!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Keewee ! I am lucky to see these sunrises .. they are wonderful : )

Hi gittan .. I only have these two .. Golden Spirit and Royal Purple .. but there are a few other cultivars .. "Young Lady" is more compact and throws those wonderful airy flowers early : )

Kerri .. I do get so much satsifaction in capturing a beautiful sunrise .. it is a thrill to see one with loads of different colour banding.
You have to have a smoke bush girl ! I wouls start with Royal Purple because it is so dramatic with that dark colour .. and Autumn has it going towards a burgundy range .. it is striking to say the least : )
I have done a lot with Angel Face and it keeps forgiving me .. I love it : )
I can't believe how many people haven't seen Colour Flash astilbe !
I'm so glad I got it from a friend's recommendation .. I'll be hunting it down next year again ;-)
Thanks very much for the link Kerri : ) I appreciate it girl !

Meadowview Thymes said...

The clouds are beautiful (I love clouds!) and I am so envious of your coneflowers. Mine are blooming, but the foliage is ugly. Guess it's the heat. Everything looks great in your garden world Joy!

gittan said...

I had to look again. I was so sure there where tree different ones =) Didn't realise that the green where same as the Golden spirit (sorry)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Linda (MT).. thanks girl !
I love clouds too .. I could watch them for hours ! We have been lucky to have the right combination of rain and sun so the cone flowers look good .. but you just never know when the weather will turn on you .. then the bugs ... it is all such a fine balance .. it can get stressful ? LOL .. you just have to take it as it comes , right ? ;-)

gittan ... no worries ! the foliage of Golden Spirit can revert to green under certain weather conditions .. of course with a name like that you would think it should be GOLDEN all the time right ?? LOL

Anonymous said...

Joy, everything looks wonderful in your gardens. :) I especially like your Angel Face...what a gorgeous, intense colour. And the sunrises, it goes without saying, are breathtaking!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Thank you Nancy girl !
Angel Face is an amazing rose with that awesome colour .. plus how well it bounces back after being shifted so often .. I can highly recommend it : )
It is hard to get a dramatic sunrise in the morning here .. the sun is too early and to far left of my horizon line .. but I know come the Atumn and winter there will be lots ! : )

Jill-O said...

I thought of you when posting my "Cloud" photos this evening. Come on over for a visit.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Jill girl ! I am on my way as soon as I answer the comments here .. looking forward to cloud pictures girl : ) It has been hard to get good sunrise pictures here .. the sky is too darn clear ? LOL