Friday, 7 August 2009

The Bat-Capade Pt. ll

I meant to write a post yesterday about the little bat episode we had.
I have some kind of "bug" on the go and couldn't get to tell any more of the story then.
Happy news though ! Yesterday morning when I checked .. then husband checked more thoroughly (because I am CHICKEN .. ) our little guest was gone with no trace of any problems.
We are so glad .. no one wants a bat up close .. but I am honored it visited my garden .. and it can eat as many bugs as it wants ?
The garden bad bug buffet is open to them 24/7 ... as long as they don't "bump" into me ?
Most likely a one off, with bumping into something on the deck (thank god it was a person) .. cool nights lately, probably helped it recover with less stress ?
We have had a BIG snapping turtle land on our front lawn quite a few years ago .. the raccoon adventure in our attic last year .. now the bat-capade this year .. I'm worried what next year will bring ?? ;-)


Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

Wow Joy, I missed the first post on your bat--- WHOOOAAA! I have neighbors who have bathouses up, not sure if they are being used. My sister has a bat that lives under her deck, now there are two!! I guess if they are not close and don't come in, they do eat lots of mosquitoes.

Rose said...

So glad the bat made it back to his batcave safely! I'm like you, Joy; I know they are very helpful in eating insects, but I find them a little creepy too close up. Now if my granddaughter were there--a big "Twilight" fan--she would have tried to nurse him back to health:)

I was worried as I started reading these bat escapade posts that this was going to turn into something similar to your raccoons of last year; glad it didn't:) Hope you are feeling better soon!

Randy said...

Well, I'm glad he got off okay. I think they have to drop from something to fly off. So he probably just got stuck on the ground. They say you can pick them up with a stick and put them in a tree, but I would want him to land on me if he got a second wind! Not to mention the whole rabies thing.--Randy

tina said...

Don't even think about it Joy. We've been hearing of some deer escapades in beer stores so shudder the thought of drunk deer run amok-in Canada even!

CiNdEe said...

I am so glad batman flew off and is gone from your sight(-:
They are helpful but not something I would want to see at work each night(-:
Years ago we went fishing at the river and it started to get dark out. Well you can imagine what happened when my DH said wow look at the sky. It was a yikes moment to see hundreds of bats flying around darting past our heads! Needless to say I was done fishing! lol

Barbee' said...

No telling what it will bring. Critters are always a problem here. Bunnies and baby bunnies have eaten my okra seedlings and Salomon's seal!
Keep us posted 'bout any new excitement. Hope the "bug" has gone away. It's twin has been making the rounds here in our town.

Tessa said...

Maybe it was on vacation...and your new deck was top on the list! :)

Giddy said...

I'm so happy the little fella left your pot.

We have a bat house high up on the sunny side of the house, and I can tell we have residents by their droppings, but I've never seen any of them. I do attribute our lack of mosquitoes to those sweet little creatures.

Pat said... would get bats!!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Janet did your sister ever go under the deck to check that out ? Husband says he will just out of curiosity ( and to keep me from screaming at an accidental confrontation again ?) .. I have thought of a bat box myself but then I wondered if they got any ideas about moving into the main house ? ... I don't think I could deal with that especially after last years hijinks with the mommy dearest raccoon and her brood !

Hello there Rose girl ! .. I am so glad "Little Count" left of his/her own accord and capability too .. they are so beneficial and yet so misunderstood because they are kind of scary looking .. even as small as this one is.
I would have keeled over girl .. if there was any chance of them IN the house like the raccoon mom and her kids .. I still can't believe we went through all of that last year almost the same time .
Thanks Rose : ) I'm working on it !
Twilight eh ?? hehehehe

Randy .. just picturing me trying to get him/her on a stick .. well that is way too funny .. and yes .. although we have not had any rabies incidents reported .. well it is better to be safe than sorry and all that jazz ? ;-)

Tina .. I'm beginning to think you think we are a bit crazy here in Canada ?? LOL .. every year a story goes around about deers in liquor stores .. how does that all start ?? some one has been drinking something of a "Strange Brew" nature ??? hahahaha

Cindee .. that is too funny .. we used to run wild in the woods at night where we lived as kids (not passed 9 PM though) and we were in the countryside .. so many times I felt a whooosh over head and knew it had to be a bat .. as a kid you don't seem to be all that frightened .. but as an adult all you can think is EEUUUWWWWWWWW !!!

Hi there Barbee .. we have had bunnies here too .. our first apple tree was eaten by a bunny team one winter, so I understand how you feel .. and of course I always find bunny beans every Spring although I hardly ever see them .. I think they know the buffet is here over winter ? LOL
These rotten "bugs" wear you down eh ? yuck !!

Tessa .. you are evil girl ! Do you mean I should be charging them a flat rate or late summer special prices ??? : )

Giddy I am so appreciative of them for eating those damn mosquitoes .. but I just don't want to see Little Count crawling on the deck again .. that is something my heart can do without .. talk about rapid fire motion .. I should have worn off at least a good pound of fudge calories with that incident !! LOL

Patsi ... I hear some evil laughter and sarcasm dripping some where .. now should I send Little Count down to pay a call on you girl ??? hehehehehe

Corner Gardener Sue said...

I'm glad the bat left safely. Wow, you sure have had some excitement with critters! They do find ways to make life interesting.

My daughter lives in an old house that needs some repairs. There is a hole in her bedroom ceiling, and there was a raccoon peeking at her one night. Her cat scared it away. She needs to clean her place to have them do some repairs.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Sue .. we have had our share of wildlife visiting ? LOL I'm glad "Little Count" left on his/her on accord : )
My god !!!!! I would have had a heart attack if that had happened to me ! Your daughter is not easily shaken ! LOL .. once they set up home in your home .. it can be difficult getting them out .. hope your daughter has good luck and it will be just her and her brave cat in her home soon ! : )

Gail said...

A real bat, not a wonderful rubber bat for Halloween! I love seeing them in the garden, but running up against one in our personal space is not what we want to do. (I had an encounter with one in a cabin we rented a few years ago~~it crawled into our bed!) I am glad he flew home! gail

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Gail girl, if a bat crawled in bed with me .. well .. all sanity I might have would evaporate and I would truly be on the "other" side .. you are my hero for surviving it, let alone telling the story ? LOL
Hope not to have any more close encounters .. enough of the wildlife for me !! haha

donna said...

We've had a squirrel in the attic but no bats, so far. I haven't visited your blog as often as I'd like because of computer problems.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Donna .. I've heard squirrels can be very destructive, so that is not a good thing for sure. We went through a raccoon episode last year but had a great guy that got mom and kids out without anyone getting hurt .. phew ! This bat thing .. now that was ODD !!
A lot of us are having a touch of computer problems lately too .. I wonder what that is all about ?

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

Joy, I'm so glad the little dude found his way back home. I catch quick glimpses of them whenever we go for late night walks. I like them...but at a distance...LOL

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Martha girl that is my choice of keeping company with bats too ... from a distance !! I guess we will never know what happened with how "Little Count" ended up on our deck .. but we were glad he recovered and went home : )