Sunday, 2 August 2009

Maypop Mayhem ?

This is the second home for the passion flower "Maypop" that arrived only about three inches tall in a mail order experiment .. Kathleen from Kasey's Korner and I are in zone 5b but I'm a Canuck and she is an American .. the geography from that explanation should give you an idea .. we may both be declared zone 5b ... but things happen ... don't they ?
So .. from a large pot, that it found its feet in, to this temp raised bed with my roses and lavender.
Nothing all that exciting right ? .. until it shot off like a speeding locomotive ?
Kathleen's Maypop is a little slower .. OK .. she said a lot slower but I haven't seen pictures yet.
It is waving hello in that upper picture .. which in the last two days .. well he is saying hello from a taller position to date.
Am I going to say anything about this fly ....
... that it foiled a trendil that was perfectly fine until the fly stared at it ?? .. the poor trendil is looped in a crazy knot now after that scary experience .... must I say more ??
These are what normal trendils look like ... ones that haven't been stared at by mutant flies in my garden ... yet ?
My climbing rose wants to keep it company ...
Quite the view eh ?
Here is yesterday's picture and it has grown even taller .... kind of scary .. Twilight Zone scary ??
Now for the pod ... oops .. I meant flower bud ... that is.
I'll be checking on husband and son during the night just in case I trip over a pod or pods in the house ..

Wouldn't YOU wonder TOO ?????????????????????


Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

There is a difference between American garden zones and ours Joy. They use the USDA grading and we use the CDN. Our 5b Cdn translates to 4b USDA ... something to consider when comparing plants.

Unknown said...

That's a fast grower! It may take over your deck and house in a few more days. Keep a pocket knife handy, just in case. You may want to tie some cat bells to it so that you can hear it growing.


Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

Believe I warned Kathleen, beware the passion flower. I posted last summer about this rascal! I understand we are in different zones....but man!!! sleeps, creeps, leaps...all in one!

gittan said...

WOW! It's growing =) I love the "airial" gardenview, it looks great / gittan

easygardener said...

I'm looking forward to a picture of the flower. I do like them though the plant's rate of growth makes it a possible candidate for Day of the Triffids.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Linda .. I knew there was a difference but I wasn't sure by how much. So Kathleen may have an even harder battle with over wintering it. I'm not all that positive this thing will make it either but I don't mind giving it a try : )

Cameron ! cat bells !! that is the perfect idea girl : ).. I'm very curious to see what happens next Spring .. I think it has a better chance in the raised bed .. but with our winters you can never tell ?

Hey Janet : ) .. My curiosity has to be satisfied about this plant (well, husband is a fan of it so I have to give it a try for him ? haha) ... noting can be worse than our Englemann Ivy .. if you have never tried that .. you would be shocked !

Hi gittan .. I loved that blue blue sky so I thought it would be a great back drop : ) We have had an easy summer here for once ... phew !!

EG .. I did think if the Trffid possibilities .. who can tell ? .. is a vine a vine or an invasion or a telephone line to aliens ?? LOL

Rose said...

I think it's possible the aliens have indeed landed nearby, Joy. Either that, or you may have gotten some "magic beans" instead:)

Interesting that your garden zone is different than ours, but it makes sense. I'm a zone 5, too, but I thought it must surely be colder in Kingston than here.

CiNdEe said...

Wow Jack in the Beanstalk might be making a visit! That is a real fast growing plant! Looks awesome! What kind of vitamins are you feeding it?(-:

Vera Folly said...

Lindo o seu blog!! beijos

Frances said...

Dare it be said? Can we now imagine, that it might remind one of Hallowe'en with all that scariness? Keep your doors locked tightly at night, Joy. For weided out tendrils by fly starers could be making their way for you as you sleep! OooooohhhhHH! :-)

Corner Gardener Sue said...

Fun, fun, fun! I tried a different kind of passionflower this year, and it was slow growing at first, but it is at the top of the arbor now, but with no blooms so far. You'll have to give an update.

Anonymous said...

I'm on passionflower watch too, but I don't know variety I have. Even though it was a really reputable nursery, the tag simply said "Blue Passionflower". But the buds are popping all over the place, so it shouldn't be long now!

Carrie said...

An evil fly, what is the world coming too?? Oh and a plant that obviously wants to grow and grow so it can get into the house and strangle you!!! Garden is an anagram of danger, run away!! x

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hey Rose girl ! .. it can be confusing because we have a slight ? variation in our zone degrees .. it does get COLD here for sure .. but because we are so close to Lake Ontario that is supposed to keep us a wee bit warmer .. but it is the Twilight Zone of weather in Kingston ..
You "Spring" forward faster than we do with the garden agenda .. but when we green up .. we GREEN UP ! LOL

Cindee girl .. I will admit a couple of years ago there was some "sheep poop" ? added to make my roses happy .. other than that just your plain old watering and watching routine ?
I'm wondering where it goes from here ??? LOL

Verinha Folly .. I tried the translation and I think you are saying something positive ? LOL Thank you : )

Frances .. girl I just knew you could turn this into something relatable to Halloween .. I hear the Twilight Zone theme music in the background some where .. goose bumps !! ;-)

Hi There Sue ! .. another passion flower experiment : )
I don't know why this one took off like a rocket but the BIG question is still going to be , can I overwinter this baby ? Have your overwintered yet ?

Robin ! another passionflower person : ) Your zone is warmer than ours .. I'm thinking ? .. is this your first one ? do you think it will over winter ? take lots of pictures of the flower and we should all compare what they look like !

Carrie girl .. would you believe I had an idea about that anagram thing ? .. but I thought that was meant for people that just dabbled in "gardening" true believers such as we, wouldn't pay the price .. but then again this is a plant I have not had before .. so it could be touchy .. those staring flies get me every time girl ! LOL

Anonymous said...

Muah-ha-ha! Pure evil! Beautiful, though it may be. :)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Nancy girl .. I love the Dr. Evil laugh ! .. I think this over shot Halloween darn it .. I'll have to come up with a different one now ?
;-) hehehehehe

Kathleen said...

I just started catching up on your back posts (that I missed during my blog burn out) and found this one. Wow! Your 'May pop' is amazing. I cannot even bear to show you mine now. I knew it should be getting a bud on it. It's going to be so beautiful when it blooms and I am going to be so jealous! I'm not going to give up hope that I can overwinter mine but I have given up on it ever blooming this year. Thank you for the link love too.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Kathleen ! Don't give up is so right girl ! The root may be just fine and can over winter .. then in the Spring it will have found its "feet" in your garden and really take off .. I'm thinking of the irony of mine looking great right now then be a bust over winter and not come back .. but I will mulch and whisper sweet nothings ? in its ear to get it to come back next year ? LOL
Hang in there girl !!