Friday, 14 August 2009

Puffy Wonders ???

This isn't so much a puffy issue as it is "Fireworks" .. a great structured goldenrod .. unlike my huge one in the back garden this has style and grace ....

I just really liked these pictures of Morden Sunrise rose ... once in a while you just catch flowers at the perfect moment ?

Sparkler echinacea was also at a perfect moment then too .. it is a different pink compared to the other echinacea ..
The Japanese Painted fern I transplanted from the front garden seems to be getting over the shock of me doing that to it.
I love that burgundy coloured rib it has.
Now for the "puffy" parts .. we had amazing clouds a few days ago .. they preceded some scary thunder/lightening storms .. it is hard to illustrate how amazing these clouds were.
I have tried to have pictures with some scale so you can imagine the biggest cotton balls that could ever grace anyone's imagination ?

Now wasn't that something ??


Anonymous said...

Hi Joy~~ Those clouds are amazing. The fact that they're pristine white looks like a good sign. If they were dark gray, I'd be headed for the cellar. :) Love the rose, goldenrod and echinacea. There are so many great plants blooming right now, aren't there?

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Grace .. the funny thing was we had intense thunder storms shortly after they drifted away , early evening. Yup ! Thank you : ) lots of nice blooming plants on the go every where : )

Rose said...

Wow! What a cloud show! Wouldn't you just like to float away on one of those some days? You did capture your flowers at the perfect moment; the rose is such a beautiful color. My goldenrod is blooming, too--a little early this year--except I didn't plant mine. It's all wild, so there is no form or structure to it:)

Helen said...

As a fellow cloud-watcher, I must say the clouds have been pretty darned spectacular this summer, haven't they? Do you know about the Cloud Appreciation Society? Google it. You can upload pictures to their album.

Very nice goldenrod. How do you protect it from encroachment by the common Canada goldenrod which seeds so readily around here (that you can't tell it from the better behaved forms)?

Anonymous said...

WoW...simply beautifully captured shots....lovely!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Rose : ) thank you girl ! .. I love clouds and when I see these amazing full thick fluffy ones I am mesmerized by them ? LOL
Yes by some quirk I shot Morden Sunrise just right with the new camera .. I have a goldenrod in the back garden that is not as well behaved ;-( too BIG ! oops

Hello Helen .. no I had no idea there was such a society .. I'll have to have a look .. I have some storm clouds that are awesome too.
Stopping "wild" goldenrod happens by crowded plantings .. my gardens are tight ? and there are now wild forms close to our house or our immediate neighborhood. So I can keep an eye on the situation : )

Hello flyingstars ! I love the name : ) thank you very much !

Pat said...

Love the yellow centers of the roses. Goldenrod ...pretty...doesn't it make you sneeze?
White cotton are so

Phillip Oliver said...

I really love Fireworks -mine isn't blooming yet. The rose is so pretty and the clouds are amazing.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Patsi girl and thank you .. I have the long zoom Olympus for the cloud pictures .. well actually with all of these for this post.
No Goldenrod really doesn't make a lot of people sneeze .. so many other plants explode with pollen than can but not these so much .. did you watch TB last night ?? Godrict is gone now .. too bad .. I liked him : )

Phillip hello there ! Thank you for stopping by : ) YES ! I like Fireworks a lot .. better than most of the other cultivars .. Morden Sunrise is a favorite of mine .. takes a lot of punishment with the weather etc .. those clouds that day .. well they were AWESOME ! LOL

Randy said...

Great photos! I love Modern Sunrise!-- Randy

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Randy and thank you ! hey .. that makes at least two of us that love this rose ? LOL