Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Soggy garden ... drying out now ?

I am not complaining .. truly ! .. I am so grateful not to be battling dry spells by dragging the hose from hell around the garden .. seeing me do that is not a pretty sight .. let alone some occasional blue air episodes when I flatten a plant by mistake by flipping the hose around ?
Soggy is good for a little bit .. helps new plants feel better about the adjustment of a new home ..
.. quenches older plants that need a good long drink before they pull those amazing blooms out for the final show in Autumn.
Sometimes it makes flowers into shapes like those balloon people that can make a "hot-dog" from a couple of skinny balloons .. you know the kind I mean .. those funny hat people who hang out with the baggy pant clowns getting out of those tiny toy cars .. go figure .. I'm FIXATED ?? haha
Rain drops can be really interesting to catch on plants .. but there are those times I can't quite get the camera to focus on what my eye sees and what the camera is looking at ?
So ... there are those kind of in or "make up your mind .. OUT" of focus deals that go on.
Then you just want to mix everything up and drive yourself nuts with a crowd to photograph ;-)
I love mixing fennel and dill with flowers .. potager gardening is my favorite !
One Toad Lily is finishing up while another very tall one is just beginning to bud out .. how I timed that is a mystery to me too !
A long soggy shot .. I tied in Little Lamb just in time or else all those big flower heads would be touching the grass by now .. I don't want to cut them too early .. I like to see a little pink in them before I try drying some flowers again.
OK ... I will confess .. I can't resist pictures of this dragonfly .. I swear he ? she ? is the same charming creature that followed me around the garden the other day !
Aren't they amazing ?? ...
Lastly Dave and the Boys'in the Hood are soaking up the morning sun while they can .. life is good for them sitting on the old sewing table .. : )

Mista' G is adjusting to the cooler temps here Cindy .. so don't worry about him girl ! wink wink


Anonymous said...

Joy, your garden is so full of colour and everything looks so lush. Yup, I think that's the word that best describes the Maritime countryside this summer too: LUSH. How could it be anything else with all that rain and humidity? Yer fleurs are beautiful!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Nancy girl and thank you !
It has been one of the weird wet summers you get once in a while here in eastern Ontario. I just heard 3 people were struck by lightening this afternoon in Brampton .. about 3 hours south of us .. these "pop-up" storms can really be scary .. wonder what mother nature has in store for us come winter ?
You guys having a humidity problem is strange .. guess it is the twilight zone weather striking again !

Darlene said...

You know Joy I think I ALWAYS say the same thing. Your garden is AMAZING!! I LOVE seeing all your gorgeous flowers.

In Southern Oklahoma we are usually dried up and everything is dead (unless you are watering constantly) but this year has been so pleasant. It has been raining on and off through July and now several times in Aug. It rained for a bit again yesterday and the temps. for most of the day were 75 degrees. That is pretty much unheard of for this area. It is shocking to have a green lawn in August but I absolutely LOVE it.

Bangchik and Kakdah said...

Huh.., I do understand about the blue episodes as you flick hose from time to time... and so must so that our garden is designed with a rectangular alignment and I place short stakes at corners to keep the hose at bay as I pull and play with hose around...

Lets wet the Garden!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Darlene girl .. you have made me giggle : ) thank you !
This has been a very wet summer for us too .. we usually have that brown lawn look to a degree .. but mom nature has been doing a great job for me .. phew !!
I'm glad you are getting a break there too girl : )

B & K : ) hello there ! I am going to get a system in hand for next year .. the hose cruelty (to me) must STOP !! hahaha
I'm glad we talked about this girl : )

tina said...

I'm with you. Rain sure beats hauling that hose around. Unfortunately down here it is looking more and more like August. Read no rain and hot. Yeck. Blue air hah? Too funny. I can only imagine.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Tina .. we have been lucky to have this kind of season this year (especially me since my body is crashing) so having rain has helped me enormously and I am VERY thankful .. sorry you aren't getting relief like I am here .. and YES .. the blue air thing .. happened more as menopause is striking .. could there be a connection ?? LOL

Kathleen said...

Your garden is looking GREAT Joy. I think everything must be loving the rain at your place. Not so much here but that's another story. Great dragonfly photos (and thanks, btw, for identifying mine as a damselfly) I appreciate all the help I can get! The thalictrum shot is exceptional. Mine finished long ago ~ I wonder if this is a different variety as I can't imagine being that far ahead of you?

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Kathleen girl and thank yoou ! Hey those damselfly(s) are amazing with such brilliant colours .. easy to think they are baby dragonflies !
My original thalictrum was so tall you would not believe it .. I don't know what strain it was .. even "Teza" was amazed by it .. their flowers are so hard to photograph because they are so small .. I was really happy to get a decent one of them ! : )
Some plants are behind schedule .. kept that way by the rain and cooler temps I think .. a garden does what it wants to, despite us ? LOL

Deborah at Kilbourne Grove said...

Joy, The Little Lamb hydrangea will dry much better after we have had a few cold nights. At the flower shop where I work, we find a huge difference in longevity of hydrangea, if they are cut in early August, or early September.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi again Deborah !
YES !! I can't wait for the cool dry Autumn weather .. the garden will perk up a bit more .. I have so many chores to do it isn't funny .. I haven't been able to do much the last few weeks and it makes me crazy not having the garden in reasonable shape. I am also waiting for Pinky Winky flower heads to dry for indoors .. they take on a deeper shade of rose pink .. I think they will look great : )