Thursday, 3 September 2009

Finally a garden plant post ...... phew !!!

First let me say thank you for "listening" to my moans and groans" lately .. finally the bathroom is "OK" .. no earth shattering noises for now ? All seems well ... for now ? ;-)
I thought I would start off with explaining what happens to a camera when inside a cool dark house .. then ventures outside in the BRIGHT , HOT day .. some pictures are cloudy and a bit foggy .. I am learning the hard slow way of what "not to do" jeez !!
These pictures are meant to send to Dave for his request about shed evaluations .. Dear Dave, I'm going to try and get that done to add to the confusion of it all ?
But take note that I am not done with this baby yet .. there are going to be window boxes under each CUTE window next year .. some more stone/brick work .. I want a dry creek bed or what might pass for one, if you have a lot of rum and coke one evening ?
I still have Bella and Lugosi to place in one .. but it might not be until next year .. meanwhile they seem at home on my dining room table ?

My baptisia is a beauty .. so full and pretty from Spring through to Autumn .. I am so glad it took to being in my garden and actually got happy ?
Another more mature plant has been my Anise Hyssop .. it is HUGE and HAPPY with so many bees loving it up .. I can't imagine having a garden without one of these .. the scent of anise when crushing the leaves is amazing .. I love it to bits : ) so do the rudbeckia too !
My butterfly weed has grown those long elegant "fluff" pods aka seed pods .. it really makes Autumn come closer to me when I see them .. the fun I had as a kid .. splitting them open and blowing the fluffs out .. I was helping them prosper and multiply ? ;-)
I just had to stick an Echinacea of the darker colour in here .. they have been beautiful this year.
Add a little sedum, Cosmos and Golden Jubilee Hyssop and that is a Fall bouquet in the making.
Big Joe Pye .. meet Little Joe Pye guy ... now how cute is that I ask you ? I have another little Joe waiting in the wings to be tucked up in bed SOON !
I loved seeing Quick Fire bud out so early in the season .. but I still come back as Pinky Winky's biggest fan .. remember how a lot of us went nuts for him last year ? we were going to do T-shirts and join a club ? hahaha
I have some plant juggling to do in the front bed for next year .. Cityline was hidden by the big girls .. so a little position tweaking is in order to show her off better : )
Mean while Pinky is resting her heads on the Yews ... aaahhh !
My shared space is still "in the making" experimenting is still going on .. and so looking forward to Sweet Autumn clematis blooming and smelling that fragrance so many of you have told me about .. I can't wait !!
I think it is looking good .. but I know it will look even better next year !!

YES .. I had to add my helenium one more time ... just to wrap this plant post (finally) up ..
It really is a beauty ... isn't it ?


Anonymous said...

Joy, your gardens are so beautiful. Positively joy-full. :) All those wonderful colour combinations. And I love your little shed. :)

Gail said...

I've been catching up Joy and am now reading about the bathroom! Loved the clouds and reading about you in the meme ! Which brings me to this beautifully illustrated posting! Your garden is beautiful! You already know I think you are the Mistress of Vignettes, so I can''t be repeating myself! The hyssop is beautiful. You don't want to see what it looks like in clay soil! Is the coneflower Merlot? Big and beautiful! I love the shared space, you've down a great job on it! More later! Gail

Deborah at Kilbourne Grove said...

Joy, I am in love. Pinky Winky (who names these) has to come live with me. She is gorgeous!
Your garden is loving fabulous. And I love the doors on the shed.

tina said...

I sure hope my baptisia takes a liking to my garden like yours. It is most full and lovely. How long did it take to settle in to this point?

Anonymous said...

Hi Joy~~ Your cats are so sweet. I love how they spread out and lounge together. I wish I could get my cats to do this.

Your garden is stupendous!I know what you mean about the tweaking--repositioning plants to better complement them. This seems to be an ongoing thing we gardeners do. ...I'm with you. Of my paniculatas 'Pinky Winky' is a standout.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi there Nancy girl ! Thank you : )
Husband and I are VERY happy with the shed (after going through the wringer with it all this past Spring ! haha) The garden has survived a lot of neglect because of the wonderful rain we had .. thank heavens for THAT ! LOL

Gail girl : )Thank you so much .. but hey , I'm happy with the "Queen of Halloween" ? LOL Yes .. I think that one is Merlot .. I have more dark ones and have lost what I put where .. darn it all, my planning blew up some how ?
All the best intentions ? where did they go ? !! haha

Hi Deborah : ) Isn't it too funny with the names they think of .. I would love to know the story behind that one !! .. She is a beautiful fan shape against the yews and their beautiful rich dark green .. then graduating to Quick Fire .. then I will make sure the Cityne goes s in front of that for a graduation of height and shape .. I had the right idea but lost a little in position ? I love this shed too: )

Tina .. I actually planted two but the other one didn't get enough sun .. this one I was worried I might lose because we dug up the failing apple tree it was planted with .. thought for sure the roots would be disturbed .. but phew ! it was OK .. it took about 5 years Tina .. so a lot of patience from my side had to sit it out .. but .. it is worth it : )

Grace .. you should be here when the WWF wrestling starts with the girls !! haha
YES )that is what we do besides collect plants .. positioning is an on going activity .. it is essential .. you can never be quite satisfied .. or something is lost in you as a gardener ? My Little Lamb flower heads are amazing too ! : )

garden girl said...

Beautiful Joy! I have that same combo of hyssop and Susans - I think they look great together, and couldn't agree more about the fragrance of the foliage. . . and the bees . . . wow!

Purple Smoke baptisia bit the dust here, so now I've started B. australis from seeds. It will take patience (years probably) before it blooms but will be worth the wait. Cross your fingers my seedlings make it!

tina said...

Five years? Oh geez I will try try try to be patient and not dig mine and move them then.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Linda girl !
That is exactly what I thought when I was placing them together .. you have it in your mind's eye that they will look "happy" LOL
Baptisia takes a LOAD of patience .. but it was something like "I'll plant you there and then just forget about you ? " LOL
Fingers crossed for your seedlings girl : )

Tina .. my goodness girl !! Do NOT touch that plant !! You are under strict instructions to leave that poor tap root alone and let it get on with becoming a beauty .. now be GOOD !! LOL

Racquel said...

See I told you the garden would be okay while you were gone. It looks fabulous with all the blooms you have showing off right now. That shed is really charming, the windowboxes will really add even more of your personality. Can't wait to see all the great ideas you have had this season come next year. Oh and the shared space is coming along beautifully. :)

Rose said...

Glad to hear your bathroom woes are behind you now, Joy. I was looking longingly at a "Pinky Winky" just yesterday at the garden center; now that I see yours again, I may just have to go back and buy it:) Your side yard is looking great already; looking forward to seeing even more of it next year!

Andrea said...

Thats just fantastic Joy. I love your perennial bed with the pinki winkie in it and nods with satisfaction that yes, I want to do what this is, making a complete perennial bed withsome hydrangeas (which I use to hate) so I think your garden has a lot of cahracter and Im almost jealous that I'm not there yet!!! BUt I will be one day! one day! Awesome pictures. I have to get on my own gardening posts soon.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Thanks Racquel girl .. I love having the time in winter to think up a thousand and one projects to wear myself out with before I even get out for the next season to drive myself crazy again ? if you got all of that .. you are a gardener !! hahaha

Rose .. I thought you had Pinky ! My goodness .. you really do have to have it girl .. so make sure you get out there and grab him while you can .. you won't regret it !! : )

Andrea .. I used to dislike hydrangea too .. Little Lamb shook my attitude up completely and I started experimenting ? hehehe .. and moved on to Pinky for which I am very happy with .. plus the Cityline selection has me with 3 adopted babies here .. I gave Martha from Water Roots one because I just knew she would love it too : ) YOU HAVE to have at least one as well so put that on the list girl !!

Corner Gardener Sue said...

Yes, your shed is cute. We had to have ours repaired last year, which involved knocking each wall out and replacing it with a new one. The city wouldn't allow us to replace it in the same spot because we live on a corner, and anything we build is not allowed to stick out farther than the houses down each block.

I was thinking how awesome your flower bed looked before reading that you plan to move some things around. Everything is looking great. I hope my hyssop gets as full as yours in the future.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Thanks Sue ! It was a wonder we found one as cute as this and for a reasonable price and that will be repair free ? for a very long time !! It was funny how excited we were to get it : )
I understand about city codes .. we had an inspector from HELL with our deck .. the guys we so detailed and wonderful with how they built the deck but the inspector would go for anything he could find even outside a half inch measurement .. arrgghh !!
Talk about a pain in the backside : (