Wednesday, 2 September 2009

How Racquel Fried My Brain This Morning

This is in light speed .. Racquel from Perennial Garden Lover dropped me in it .. threw me off the bus in front of it .. then drove over me, making her get a way ..
This is FAST ... so get out of the road .. move to the side ... here it comes.
# 1 ..
Born in the Canadian "highlands" of Cape Breton Island which is part of Nova Scotia for you people who have no idea about Canada .. Nova Scotia is actually deemed "New Scotland" from its many Scottish emigrants .. my father's family came in the mid 1700's from central Scotland, and stayed mostly in Guysborough county for literally hundreds of years.
# 2 ..
I can't explain what being a gardener is to me .. I know all of you who are involved in this world know most of what I mean. But .. I have been ill .. my husband has been as well, all at the same time. He has stabilized thankfully,and loves to play golf, and travel a bit. I on the other hand can not travel any more .. my garden is my play ground and taking pictures of the sky a true joy (I can't think of any other descriptive word other than my name ? sheesh !)
You have to have a good sense of humour to survive LIFE .. there is no doubt of that, in what is left of my mind ??
# 3
.. Yes .. my cats are my kids now .. even though we still have our son at home .. and he will be for ever probably. It is called "Adult Kid Who Won't Leave Home Syndrome" apparently many more of us are out there with this syndrome affecting our "kids" ? .. heck ! why would you leave when you get all the services here ? laundry .. but NO cooking .. unless it is turkey or spaghetti .. or meatloaf ... what a menu ?
#4 ..
YES .. I am a morning person .. the neon night ware, I insist on, so I can see where I am going in said night, is to find the bathroom ... even with the millions of little night lights we have .. well, they are for atmosphere ?? .. : )
# 5 ..
We have lived all across Canada and four years in Europe ..the Netherlands , South Limburrg province .. Schinveld, the village where we lived in a very nice Dutch home, with a courtyard garden and a small pool with gold fish .. we called one "Lefty" because he lost one fin during a freak cold winter with snow and ice .. well, the fin stuck to the ice .. we had no idea .. but he went on to swim a little strangely and was a happy goldfish : )
# 6 ... what number am I at now ? JEEZ !! I worked in an international NATO library while in Holland and became the computer clerk that got to TELL everyone when it was time to close off their programs and GET OFF those computer stations .. my boss said she wanted a taped recording of me giving those instructions to our clients (before I left) because they were all scared of me and got off QUICKLY ;-)
# 7 ..
I have a mild case of OCD which means I have to get off of here and tidy that bathroom or what is left in it before that flooring guy comes !!! JEEEZZZZZ !!

OK .. Forgive me the upcoming 7 bloggers I have NAILED to be included, you may have already been named .. so just go "sheesh !!" and forget about it ? ..
My touch is that you don't really have to do this .. I wouldn't if I were you .. I just did this because RACQUEL is a sweet person , whom I will find a justifiable punishment for this later on !!! .. my god I NEED another coffee now.

Water Roots .. Martha girl .. in-between chasing after Baily and having toomuch fun with her . I havve plunked you in the middle of this meme .. totally optional remember ! You are such a sweet caring person whom I am looking so forward to getting to kow better .. so hangin there girl .. I will come out of my cave soon ? ;-)

The Green House Worker .. I know you are too stretched to the limit to do this girl .. but heck .. you are so wacky I just had to let you now , I know , you ARE WACKY and too funny : )
Don't worry ... be HAPPY ? LOL

Soliolqy .. Nancy girl .. ou are ttoo busy right now but I just had to do this to YOU .. I love you pictures and your quotes to match with them .. you are a maritimer so that is closeto my heaart .. you have never been negative about anything and that is a wonderful characteristic .. stop by with me for a while and I promise I can teach you how to be negative on a daily basises ?? LOL

Crafty Garener ... Linda .. you live in the country and I live there too from your point of view girl : ) I appreciate that you love to take pictures of the sky as I do .. it is like having a second "take' from where you are ! Thank you : )

Teza's Garden
.. Puppy you area walkking authority on so many interesting plants ! I am learning from you and it has been a great experience .. I hope to drain your brain over the winter about more and more plants : ) .. I promise to leave a few "working" brain cells and try not to drive you to the point of TELLING me to leave you alone about it all ? LOL

Cindee's Garden
.. Cindee, I should have spelled it in your font but girl .. I am burning the keyboard up here trying to get this done ? haha .. I appreciate Mista G's pesennce here all the time ... and I think of my guy actually living in California too !! he hasn't written in a while but that is OK .. I know he is placed with a good garden mom ? and Jack will look after him too ? wink wink !

Garden Endeavors .. Patsi , you have a wicked sense ofhumouur and you are addicted to true Blood and Nurse Jackie like I am .. now how good is that ? .. having the garden connection is a plus .. but it is too funny with all we can say about those two programs .. hehehehe

I'm sorry I couldn't organize my thoughts very well first thing in the morning .. there are so many fantastic blogs I so enjoy out there .. so many more bloggers I want to get to know better.. this is a scattered scoop of great bloggers you should have a peek at to ?
Did I really say SO , so many times ???


donna said...

I must not be fully awake this morning. I left a comment on your previous post with a link to Dagmar's blog. She's in the Netherlands and I thought you might like it. I gave you the wrong address. This is the right one (let's hope).
Now I'll go and read about your fried brain:)

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

I think your nickname should be Speedy Gonzales...that was quick! Great read. :-)

tina said...

Most interesting!

gittan said...

Interesting =) So you've been living in europe, and didn't visit "lol")
But I'm sorry to hear that you've been ill. I do hope that you're ok by now even if your not abel to travel any more!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hey Donna girl .. you sound like I do this morning .. the flooring guy is not finished but left for a measurement .. I had to go up and look .. UGH ! he didn't use a drop cloth so I put down one of my own .. lord why do these things happen to me ?? LOL

Janet .. I left a lot of words minus a letter or two .. speed sacrifices that sort of thing ? LOL

Tina .. not really , well maybe this time of the morning and the rush I was in makes it too jumbled ?? ;-)

Hello gittan : ) It was way back in 1995-2000 .. seems ages ago now .. but I will never forget how beautiful it was and how wonderful the people were !

our friend Ben said...

Ha, this is great, Joy! I love these questionnaires because I always learn so much! Are you freezing up there now? It finally, FINALLY cooled down here so we're not sweltering and the nights are lovely, cool enough to light the fire pit. Yes!!!!

Helen said...

Joy -- great to learn so much about you. And, by coincidence, we also have a "permanent resident", though he's been making more apartment noises lately. Congratulations and happy gardening.

Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

LOL a fried brain is not that bad as long as it's fried funny side up. ;-)

Bangchik and Kakdah said...

That is a nice write-up... ~bangchik

CanadianGardenJoy said...

'ben' it is a lot nicer up here in the Great White North .. not freezing yet .. I want some sunny crisp days and wonderful cool nights : ) .. fire pit .. please roast some marshmallows for me ? .. send them up here ? LOL

Helen girl .. glad to have more join the club ! haha
Noises eh ? don't get too excited yet .. been there done that ! LOL

Yolanda ! I'm really trying to keep it sunny side up girl .. some days are better than others ? I guess it depends on how I flip myself in the morning to start it all off ? LOL

Thanks Bangchik .. I can hardly remember doing it in the panic attack I had ? hehehe

Andrea said...

hahahah! You know me Joy, there is ALWAYS time! I shall have this done by lunch! LUNCH I SAY.

Which is around 2or 3 ish for me.

I love your blog. This is the whole reason I sign in!

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said... You want to know about me? Where do I run and hide?? Actually, I don't really mind since I've never done this before.

Joy, how are you? Yes, I've been running around like crazy. It started with the trip to Montreal, followed by the visit from my father-in-law, followed by the arrival of Bailey the ferret, followed by the perparations for school. I think I'm starting to get it together. When you get an email in your mailbox, it'll be proof that I've finally managed to get organized.

I loved reading about you. And it makes sense that you originate from Nova Scotia. My father-in-law was born there and he's wonderful. I even chatted with a super friendly, super happy grandpa earlier this week while waiting for my daughter to finish her hair at the hairdresser. And all the while, I kept telling myself that he must be originally from Nova Scotia. Sure enough, he finally told me he grew up there! LOL... Nice people.

I'll be in touch soon! And look forward to seeing you as soon as you are able to come out and play.

Hey, you know, I finally made it to Homesense today. I had to return some supplies at Staples and decided to drop by. OHMYGOD! What an amazing selection of Halloween decorations! I HAVE to go back soon to pick out something for the front entrance!

Racquel said...

See what I mean! You crack me up woman, You've led an interesting life, I'm not surprised. You are one charimatic personality! :) I like the one about Lefty, HA!! Thanks for playing along Joy, you're a good sport early in the morning. Hope your floor turned out great!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

OMG Andrea .. I was up before 5 AM this morning .. after a good strong coffee .. I just read my post from yesterday .. holy crap it looks like I was drunk with all the misspelled and misplaced words .. JEEZ !
I did drop you in it girl .. but if I have to suffer .. you do too ? LOL

Martha I just knew you were too busy to breath girl and I add this to the pile ? LOL
Yes .. most times you will find we Blue Nosers are wonderful people ? LOL .. Husband and Son were blessed to be born there too : ) I think that is wonderful that your father-in-law is from there too !
I'm hoping I'll be more myself soon .. this specialist seems to know what he is doing .. phew !
Home Sense is slowly getting Halloween things .. I have to visit today if I can squeeze it in : )

OMG Racquel .. you just about gave me a heart attack woman .. STOP THAT !!! you won't believe this .. then again you don't know how many renos we have had that were nightmares .. but the guy who did the flooring has screwed up our toilet and it is leaking .. of course we didn't see it till early evening .. so now today I have to go to the store and COMPLIAN BIG TIME .. right up my ally eh ??? LOL

Corner Gardener Sue said...

Joy, you are still making me laugh. It was nice of you to say the things about you, and I enjoyed reading them. Someone put me on her list, too, but explained to anyone reading, that I don't participate in tags. I can't, now that I said I don't, because I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings who has not noticed the explanation in my sidebar until I pointed it out to them after they tagged me or tried to give me an award. Maybe I shouldn't do that now that I know enough bloggers I could tag. I don't know. I'll just leave it as it is for ahwile. I'm constantly behind in everything I do.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Sue girl ! I have a disclaimer too .. but got so panicked about it all that morning .. my brain really did FRY or short circuit and I went through the whole process .. but I also said to the victims I named that they didn't have to do this whole thing .. that was one weird day I had .. I'm planning my revenge on Racquel ? hahahaha