Sunday, 6 September 2009

Indian Summer Weekend

What can I say .. this little guy had more patience than I could ever have in 4 life times .. he waited for me to shoot I don't know how many pictures to get a couple that looked like him and not some blurry monster from outer space .. I think he even smiled for the picture .. don't you ?
I know ... enough with this shed already !! .. but that stepping stone and the beginning of a pebble pathway .. well, since I did it all myself .. I have to admire it .. now if only I could get the landscaping boys on board soon ?
I can't help it .. this white sedum is beautiful : )
Loads of little stars exploding ?
OK .. a shot of the water barrel and "Mr. Stonehead" that keeps the hose where it should be .. he does a great job .. he'll probably ask for a raise now ?
Yes ..................... Little Lamb again ... I was supposed to cut some "tails" by now to dry.
This would be the perfect one .. I have to remember this .. I'll bend the corner of this page down ?
A shot of the side garden in the afternoon shade .. most of my shots are first thing in the morning .. so this is a different angle ?
I have to admit I have been very happy with the weird concoction I planted for these two .. I even have a place for the juncus when it is time to swap them out for the Autumn scene .. I did say that right ? .. I have a place to put that juncus ???
Sedum and a little hydrangea motif ?
Under my Sumac tree ... a break from the sun .. I can't wait to see some changes in colour soon !
OK ... Grace said I should do a little shoot of my lobster trap .. I was pretty worn out after puttering and watering the garden so this may not make any sense sequentially ? .. see .. I am TIRED ? ;-)
There is a small plaster bird feeder on top with two little birds sitting on the trough ... I use it for an extra water dish for the birds .. the real ones I mean !
Purple Fountain grass is such an Autumn plant to me ... gotta' have it !!
Southern Bush Honeysuckle flowered again for me : ) The colours are amazing on the leaves !
Busy bees on the full size Joe Pye ... it is one heck of a bee magnet .. I'm too glad to share and help keep the bees happy .. after all ... I do love honey !!
Pink cotton candy ?
I think the bee's wings are flapping away here .. or is that buzzing ?
Mr. Moonface and my favorite helenium : )
Quick Fire in too much shade makes for few flowers .. note to self "Self ! move this poor hydrangea into better light conditions !!"
Korean Yellow Wax Bells ... can't wait to see them open up and smile for me !
They make quite a contrast against this dark heuchera , don't they ?
Just a few pots left on the deck .. Dave and the boys ponder what may be their station in life come winter and no bench to sit on ... what ever shall we do ?
That Euphorbia (Diamond Frost ? ) kicked A** this season .. I want it every year now : )
One last look at my lobster trap .. I know you are all jealous .. so I will share ? : )

The weather is amazing ... I'm almost afraid all of the good stuff will be used up and we won't have sunny cool days for October .. just rain .. and there goes the colour if it does happen that way .. say it ain't so ? right ? This is just a lucky break we are having Indian Summer .. that October will be awesome ... OK ?


CiNdEe said...

Your garden always looks beautiful. I love to see pictures of all your pretty plants! Its like a garden magazine(-:
I need that lobster trap for my yard(-: I can't wait to see your sumac in full Fall colors(-: Yay for Fall(-:

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

The shed is looking great. I love the purple fountain grass too, just wish it was perennial. I wonder if you bought the pot inside would it survive? Still nothing for the guys to sit on all winter, better find something fast or they will be running away to my house as I've got lots of benches.

VW said...

I love the shot of your shed. I've been trying to think of ways to use the endless supply of pebbles and rocks that show up every time I dig. Maybe I'll get meticulous and sort them by size to make a nice pebble path, too.
I like the white flowering sedum much better than the yellow or red.
And I need more of the paniculata hydrangeas, your little lamb is beautiful.

RURAL magazine said...

Everything is looking stunning. Obviously the weather is agreeing with your plants.

Love that shed, especially the gravel, and the stepping stone.


Town Mouse said...

Wow, there's a lot going on in the garden! Thanks for the tour!

Muhammad khabbab said...

Although all the flowers are pretty. White sedum just rocks!!!

Katarina said...

Enjoy your Indian summer, Joy - let's hope it lasts for at least a month. You've made me want Purple Fountain grass...

Barbee' said...

Well, so far everything looks lovely at your place! Enjoyed my stroll. Hmmm, like the lobster trap. Can't show too many pics of it.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Cindee ! thank you girl : )
There are a few of us that are pretty excited about this Autumn thing eh ? Yahooo is right : )
I finally had a pretty sunrise this morning so I'll have some pictures of that soon : )

Linda stop bribing the guys or they will pack their little bags and end up at your door soon ! I fully expect there will be a dark cultivar of this type of grass for us that will be a perennial soon .. they just keep breeding until it is reached ;-)

VW hello there girl ! YES ! Little Lamb was my "first" and it made such a good impression here I am with 6 more different ones !
I have more ideas with river rock. so I'm hoping they will materialize with the LS company.

Hi Jen girl .. is Bootsie full yet ? LOL Yup it was a fluke to do this small part myself but I'm pretty proud of it : )

Hello Town Mouse .. still busy with this gorgeous weather .. you have to love it !

Hello there MK : ) Yup ! The white sedum is a little unusual so it shines in the garden : )

Katarina girl .. fingers crossed Autumn will be beautiful too ! and YES !! You need this grass as well ! : )

Hi barbee girl .. thank you ! and I think so too a good smattering of lobster trap pictures is a change of pace ? LOL

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

You have such a lovely garden. I like the pink of the Echinacea with the reds from the Pennisetum ..nice color echoing. The lobster trap sets it off wonderfully!

tina said...

Your garden is so pretty. I was out planting in one of my gardens and was trying to think like you when I planted it. Maybe I'll show it sometime. I got most excited to see your Korean waxbells. I have them too but they've never bloomed:( They've had buds but no blooms. I'm keeping them though they struggle so who knows next year? Have a good day Joy.

Gail said...

Can you feel the envy! The lobster trap is cool, but your shed is mar~ve~lous darling! Your garden is lush and gorgeous. I do admire the white sedum stars. TES is starting to redden up here...but it may have been stress from no rain. gail

CommonWeeder said...

What beaautiful photos of a beautiful garden. I love the gravel and that starry white sedum. I'm just about to dig up a completely weed infested yellow variety.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Janet ! I think a lobster strap (wooden of course) is a great item in any picture ? haha .. but then again I could be biased ? ;-)

Thank you Tina girl : )
I haven't had actual blooms from buds yet either and it has been there for a few years, in fact I almost yanked all of it out at one time, so I am amazed it has stuck it out too. Maybe it is VERY stubborn ? haha .. I think they can get a little persnickety ? So I am also holding my breath to see if I will actually SEE flowers too !

Gail girl .. I think you are right about some flushes of red in TES .. I noticed some early on during a dry period, so stress does shock it into great colour ? hehe .. but the true test is the cold nights I am looking forward to will be lovely : )

Common Weeder ! .. if I have my way I will have more gravel, and river rock so I can pretend to have a dry river bed .. I love that idea and have yearned for it many years. This might be the year if the landscaper guys slot me in their time table this year ?
Good luck with the weed patch .. they are very stubborn characters !

Kathleen said...

Oooh, your dragonfly photo is INCREDIBLE. My hat is off to you ~ it puts my try to shame! Great job ~ I hope I get another chance now ~ I'll work a little harder to get a better pic! Love your shed ~ it turned out cute as can be for sure and with window boxes it's going to be a stunner ~ do we really have to wait until next season? You could do fall arrangements?? The white sedum really does looks starry ~ I've never thought of having one in that color before but now I'm wondering why? There is so much to comment on, I can't remember it all! Your containers are GREAT too ~ I have to say that. What always strikes me about your garden is how healthy, happy and neat everything looks. I could take some lessons in that from you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Joy~~ Your gardens are beautiful!! You've definitely got an eye for color and design. Thanks for the lobster trap pics. What cool looking re-purposed yard art.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Kathleen girl .. you would have laughed at me with how many bad shots I took before I got one in FOCUS of this little guy ! I swear he stayed there just for me to get ONE good picture .. I swear he smiled for the camera too ! haha
I know .. I am tempted to do the window boxes but I thought it would be such a treat I should leave it until next year to look forward to ?
White sedum .. go figure .. I was undecided when I planted it but by gosh it grows on you ? LOL
Good grief .. you only see shots of the garden where it looks half decent girl .. we all do that one! LOL wink wink : )

Hi Grace .. thank you ! I wanted to have a dry river bed by now (yes, I know lobster trap in said river bed might be quirky ? LOL) but I have these pottery fish that were also supposed to be "swimming" along by now too .. I guess I have to wait it out till next year !

Gardenista said...

It looks like the end of the season has not worn on your motivation to keep the garden beautiful! Congrats to you.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Gardenista .. i have had my plain worn out time with the garden too ! .. but about this time of year when it starts to cool off .. and I know that I am supposed to get some satisfaction if the landscaping company EVER comes to do the "look see" that I better have some enthusiasm on tap to work the plans out ? LOL