Monday, 14 September 2009

Waiting for Waxbells

Here it is .. the same old routine .. waiting ... waiting ... waiting !
They are opening a little .. but this is an agonizing game plan ? .. rain seems also to be on this joke some how. The forecast was for rain days ago and yet NONE has fallen ..
I haven't been up to par to do the drag the hose around routine either .. will things ever get to normal again ... here in my little little world ?
They are very seductive aren't they ? .. such a soft creamy yellow .. so full of promise as to what an open flower may look like .. this is my first year .. so it is all about "what do these really look like ??" thing going on ...
I thought I should mention one more time the heuchera surrounding the waxbells.
Geisha's Fan was my second marbled one after Silver Scrolls .. I have a weakness for that colour pattern .. it is a beauty !
Dale's Strain is a little more conservative but very pretty as well .. I think you may see more of them as work horses .. good all round spot fillers when yo want a heuchera that isn't too loud or dramatic ?
A tiny glimpse of Irish Moss under the driftwood .. a bit of ornamental sorrel or "Bloody Dock" is what I call a decoy plant for the bugs to feed on instead of my more loved ? less wanted to be chewed on plants ? .. it seems to work .. the sorrel may look awful but it leaves the other plants less bug eaten ugly ? go figure !
How pretty is this ? so wonderfully curled up inside waiting for that big moment to bloom : )

I thought I better mention the last very colourful heuchera "Melting Fire" .. it really contrasts with Geisha's Fan, doesn't it ... and I know it's feelings would be hurt if I didn't heap some praise on it too ! It is rather perfect under my little cast iron lantern .. visually and literally ? .. melting fire ? .... yes ??... kind of cute ? ... right ?

And so the wait continues ... BLOOM DAMN YOU !!!!


Frances said...

Hi Joy, it all looks wonderful. I would love to be able to grow those bells, but they need more water than I can give them. I'm not sure the flowers open any more than that, though? You may be having bloom and not know it? :-)

Kathleen said...

lol. Sometimes buds seem to take their sweet time, don't they? Sure looks like they'll be worth the wait tho. I want them in my garden now without even seeing them open!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Frances .. you know I too want to move unto very dry tolerant plants , thus more grasses .. I still absolutely love your pink muhly ? sorry spelling first thing in the morning .. that drift of them in your garden is awesome girl !
I'm going on what Tina has described as the flower .. it should open a wee bit more than this .. so YES ! my expectations a little higher : )

Kathleen girl ! how are ya' !
I'm sure your garden will handle these puppies too .. put them on the list for the great Spring Hunt ! : )