Friday, 16 October 2009

The Halloween Cat Queen and Garden Goodbye

Cameron (Freda) from "Defining Your Home Garden" had a very cute picture for me , that her husband took of this proper VERY Halloween QUEEN named "Allie" at a garden nursery also with a cute name of "Big Bloomers" (I'm still laughing at all the mental pictures I'm having) in Sanford NC. Freda said that the owners tried to move this little madame a few times and she kept coming back to her rightful position surveying her "queendom" , now how is that for a Halloween cat and her throne ? Thank you Freda !
So there has to be a cat theme in all of these cards .. well .. at least a cat image.
I'm fairly safe in saying that since most Halloween cards consider black cats a "must have".

These bottom two are very cute .. I love the detail of black cats on the little girl's skirt.
But it makes me snort a little at the phrase of joyous ? This writer had to be really stuck at the time he composed the card ? haha
Now this is worded better ..
This is "me" at the end of garden season .. I'm done .. stick a fork in me .. I am DONE ! haha
I'll be moaning about missing the garden within weeks though .. soon as Christmas is over it will be hard core withdrawal for sure !I'm still in love with my "lichen" ..
Colourflash astilbe STILL spectacular even now .. this is one awesome plant people !
Stoplight or Sunspot heuchera .. I seem to always get them mixed up .. but it is gorgeous when in full glowing yellow with those burgundy markings.
I'm not absolutely sure ( I'm just too tired to search this one out ..) it could be mint chocolate huechera .. or chocolate mint ? ... chocolate seems to want to be in this name for some reason ?
Probably the last shot of the colourful side of my front garden for the year .. Pinky Winky did his thing in grand style .. I am still in love with him : )
.... and for some reason , when he is set against these Yews .. it reminds me of Christmas .. go figure? .. I haven't had Halloween yet for goodness sake !!
These Purple Dome asters are hiding their faces with their fingers ... peeking through ?
This Goldenrod was the first to bloom and the last to give it one more TRY !
I like the texture of the flower heads even when they lose their colour ..
Probably the last shot of the "shared space' too for this season .. most of the plants did very well for the first year .. I'm looking forward to seeing how things fill in there next year .. i want "jungle" mode .. so Puppy .. don't groan when I use the word "crowded" I already know you hold the record for squeezing plants in a very tiny space ! : )
One shot of how the Dutchman's Pipe scrambled on top of this level .. we like it there as long as it doesn't cause "gutter groans" ? ;-)
This gratuitous kitty picture of the girls is especially for "Hawks Haven" furries .. and Carrie with Maggie .. the girls send out lots of good wishes even to the canine crowd ? haha
The rolled up kitty named Emma is part Main Coon .. she is furry .. Martha from Water Roots laughed when she saw how the tufts of fur came out of her paws .. snowshoes ! .. yet she loves to heat herself up under as many covers as possible ? Definitely NOT menopausal !
Sophie emanates "dignity" in true cat haughtiness .. so that explains HER : )

.. and YES .. I have to push and plead for some room on my own bed !!! hahaha


Lavender and Vanilla Friends of the Gardens said...

I enjoyed very much your Halloween cards. I am sure you have got something up your sleeve, this is probably just a warning look out the goblins are coming!
Beautiful the colours in your autumn garden. Love Lichens too. The cats have found the right spot for a snooze, they are lovely company!
Enjoy autumn and do not let the witches and goblins scare you,when they emerge from the dark.

Unknown said...

LOL -- great cats! They all do look like THEY RULE!

Your front garden section is really well-designed and still so colorful. Your shared space has really come along. I like the minty heuchera - which ever one it is.

Freda (aka Cameron)

our friend Ben said...

Oh, my, Joy! What a delightful post! (Though for one horrid moment I thought the little boy in the first postcard with the girl with the cat-embellished skirt was holding a dead duck! Yikes.) I must, must, MUST remember to get that astilbe!!! And of course the heucheras are gorgeous. I was most struck by the snow-white goldenrod, though: So perfectly Christmasy! I wonder if they'd dry like that? Alas, I can't recall even one of my bazillion goldenrods ever doing that. Needless to say, the photo of Sophie and Emma is just too priceless---the look on Sophie's face! Now that we've switched to flannel sheets and comforters we can't begin to keep our three off the bed, and like Emma, our Maine coon Athena likes to burrow beneath the covers. Maybe it's a Maine coon thing!

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

Hi Joy! I enjoyed everything in this post - cards, plants, cats! Those asters do look like they hide their faces!

Anonymous said...

Hi Joy~~ I can tell you're a true-blue cat gal, especially when you mentioned having to plead for space in the bed. We love our babies so, don't we? Big Bloomers nursery. LOL ... I keep lusting after your 'Colourflash' Astilbe. ...Despite the season, your garden looks wonderful.

Pat said...

Yes, I enjoyed the garden shots BUT
the Halloween Cat and her Throne is killing me. lol
You're out of your mind !!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Titania ! Thank you so much girl : ).. October is my month to feel all wonderful aspects of life really .. even with the garden slowing down to a stop. There is so much to enjoy and have fun with : )

Freda .. if you only knew how MUCH they RULE girl ! haha We love them to bits and they KNOW it .. I'm sure Charm has you both wrapped around her delicate paw too ? haha
I have so much more to do with those areas .. let alone the back garden too .. next year hopefully?

"ben' .. I think the little guy is holding a deflated balloon but I'm not sure what it is .. it must have been something like a toy or noise maker ? Good grief !! not a dead duck !! LOL
Yes ! this astilbe is one gorgeous plant .. I want MORE too! I'll let you know what that goldenrod is : ) It must be a Main Coon thing .. for all appearances Emma looks like a full blood MC.. she is still growing even at 2.5 years and the FUR .. holy moses ! Sophie always tries to be DIGNIFIED in every situation .. which is FUNNY : )

Hi Tatayan .. those asters really made me think exactly that ! LOL
Thank you girl : )

Hi Grace .. Thank you girl ! Yup .. we love our babies to bits here .. they can get away with too much at times ? LOL
Big Bloomers had me laughing quite a bit .. but how perfect is that name ? I will be hunting for this astilbe next year for sure !!

Patsi girl .. isn't she the best possible Halloween Cat Queen ? I laughed so hard when I opened the picture from Freda .. it was too PERFECT for me ! : )

Rose said...

Ok, now I am ready for Halloween! Love all these vintage cards, and I'm enjoying catching up on all your fall color, Joy. I've still got my fingers crossed that we'll have some Indian Summer weather here to finish up all those fall chores I didn't get done.

The photo of the cat on the "throne" is too cute--I'd better not let Toby see that. Of course, he would prefer something a little less "girly." But he would enjoy seeing Sophie and Emma...I spent half the night on the couch, not because of Hubby's snoring, but because Toby and Sophie (our Golden) wouldn't budge to give me any room!:)

our friend Ben said...

Hey Joy! After the shock of thinking the boy was holding up a dead duck, I decided it must be an ear of Indian corn. (But it's true the dead duck would be scarier!)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi there Rose girl !
I am hoping for some of that weather too .. we also have more outdoor chores .. the frost has zapped my front step plants finally and now I have to switch over to my Halloween decor.
I'm sure Toby would look very dashing on a male version of this throne ? haha .. my god girl ! you are delegated to the sofa from all of the upper management level personnel ?? haha. Time for a corporate shake up there woman ! LOL

'ben' I'm still laughing over the dead duck issue .. it took me some time to figure out ear of corn as well .. then it dawned on me .. but to see your face when you thought other wise ? now that would have been precious ! haha
I make it a policy not to pick really scary cards with dead ducks involved ? LOL

Anonymous said...

Looks like you are all decked out for your favorite holiday Joy. ;) Your garden is still looking gorgeous this October, wish my Pinky Winky was blooming. Maybe next year? Crossing my fingers &

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Racquel thank you girl !
I meant to leave a comment about Pinky on your blog .. I forget everything I mean to do .. it is SAD !! haha
Sorry to hear you were so ill .. it really packs a punch to our bodies and we have to be careful about taking better care of ourselves.
YES !! my favorite time of year : )
More decorating to come too ! haha

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I love the idea of your bashful asters hiding their faces with their fingers. Your kitties are looking so cozy.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Thank you Lisa ! I just immediately thought the asters looked like that .. so cute eh ?

Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

Grin, I've been just reading a few of your chock a block halloweenful posts. Love the kittycat on her throne and, like you, I have to book a place in my bed in advance or have to kip in the bath instead. ;-)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Yolanda .. yes we do sacrifice a lot for our "babies" .. Sophie purrs non stop when she hits the sweet spot on my big pillows .. it is too funny : )