Monday, 5 October 2009

Mixed Bag of 'treats' or 'weather'

Obviously who is ever trying to sell this card over the net .. didn't see the little girl had a grease spot .. all the same these two cards are darn cute so hold on to your teeth when looking at them .. they are so sweet they will make your teeth ache ?
They remind me of the "Campbell Soup Kids" ?
OK .. down to business ... yes ... I baked these cookies and they didn't even last the night ..
I know .... they LOOK SCARY !!! full of so many additives and preservatives when I am cremated I'll glow for months afterwards ? .. but they are GOOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Life is short .. enjoy!
Moving on from artificial to "my Sumac is changing her dress" .. a little peeking is alright, she won't mind .. too much ?
It was one of those days when it rained .. then cleared .. then rained .. then cleared .. well, you get the idea ?
Husband decided in between showers he would move the table and chairs way back on the deck to get ready for that snowfall that is COMING ?
Come on !! we have a few "days" left yet !!
The sun was so pretty shining through the lattice work of the deck .. I couldn't resist a few pictures ..
See what I mean ?
It looks so bare now ....
Sneaking a Halloween card in to illustrate a rainy scary night ??
Winthrop in rain ...... his own work of art ?
Winthrop in half lit early evening sun ...... aaahhhhh !

Tomorrow I have my fingers crossed the last of the bulbs will arrive .. so far the squirrel mafia has not crossed the circle .... we shall see ?


Jennifer AKA keewee said...

I sure hope our winter is not as severe as last year. The roads here were very icy and dangerous to be out on.
Love your pictures with the sun shining through the lattice.

Gail said...

I am loving the cards and they are helping me get into the season! Did you say snow? It's too early Joy...your garden is still pretty in it's fall colors. Btw, how is TES doing? I hope mine rallies this next year...The constant rain has not been kind. We need more sun! gail

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

Joy, I've been meaning to leave a comment to tell you how much I've been enjoying your October posts, all the 'Halloweenish' stuff, the beautiful black cat and your gorgeous garden, of course. It's been busy and I've fallen behind on a few things, so I've been reading your posts but not commenting.

But...then I saw the cookies on this post and I had to write and say "YUMMY!" Oh, they look so good! I have a pumpkin pie planned for the near future (Thanksgiving) but now I gotta make some cookies! And something Halloweenish (there's that made-up word again) would be awesome.

CiNdEe said...

OH No Snow)-: It can't snow there yet. It hasn't been Halloween yet!!!
I have a almost Full Moon picture from tonight for you(-: You are gonna love it(-: Its spooky creepy too(-: Booooooooo!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Joy~~ Emma is soooo cute! Are you really supposed to get snow? I agree the sun shining through the lattice really adds a special touch.

Sunita Mohan said...

Joy, you have such a way with words! I've been laughing about the 'life is short' story for I dont know how long! But you're right, they do look good. So do the lattice shadows on the plants.
But those kids ... ooooh ! they take the cake and the icing and the silver bells too!

Dave@The Home Garden said...

Snowfall already?! Ugh I don't want to think about that. Poor Dave will get covered! The cookies look delicious! The sumac too! That is the sumac looks great but I wouldn't eat it...

our friend Ben said...

Love the cards, Joy, and the cookies too! Your deck looks just fantastic. You must be so thrilled to have it to enjoy! But of course, Winthrop had to come and steal the show. (But I can just hear a certain pair of girls saying, "Hey, what happened to us?!!")

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello keewee and thank you girl ! When I saw the sun shinning that way it really struck me .. so pretty : ) I hope this winter isn't as bad as it is predicted to be either .. icy roads are darn scary even for a Canuck ! haha

Gail we are safe so far from snow fall .. but the temps have been dropping (yet not enough for a hard frost yet either) just soggy and cold .. TES seems to be holding its own with a bit of colour change .. I'm hoping it will be much taller next year to hide the gap between the shed and the deck and the ladder which is residing there ? haha
Yes .. a bit more sun with a little more Indian Summer would be perfect !

Martha girl .. don't worry about it .. we are all falling behind with things .. me too .. I have meant to do more e-mail but we just got home from a long day of errands and grocery shopping .. people are nuts out there right now ! I still have that magazine for you .. if I don't get it to you soon it will be Xmas ? ;-)

Cindee I saw that moon and it was MAGNIFICIENT girl !!! I wish I could capture one like that .. you did a fantastic job !!

Grace .. no snow in the forecast but a definite drop in temps with rain on the side .. so not the Autumn we had last year by any stretch .. I guess I just have to suck it up and deal with it though ? Yes .. Emma is a cutie Sophie smacks her down once in a while because of Emma's annoying habit of wanting to sit on Sophie's head .. go figure .. kids ?

Sunita .. every once in a while .. when i have been fretting over some stupid little thing , I try very hard to remember life truly is short and I don't know what happens after it is finished for me .. so enjoy what I have while I have it : ) maybe if more people thought that way we would get along better ? ;-)

Dear Dave .. don't worry (be happy .. too silly eh ?) I won't make you eat Sumac cookies then ? just the Pillsbury sugar cookies for Halloween ! : )

'ben" we are so thankful to have this deck and shed done .. it seemed I missed the whole Spring and summer some how with it being so busy .. now I'm thinking of all the time I will have to fuss over plants next Spring without the worry of the deck from hell ? LOL
Yes .. the girls are always thinking they should come first ! haha ...