Saturday, 3 October 2009

Scary Gardening ?

I want to be silly every day this month because it is MY month .. so be prepared to see silly bits and pieces in each post ... make sure you have at least one light on so you won't be SCARED !!
Yes ... this is me .... in my night ware at , say ... 4:30 this afternoon as I post this .. now that is scary !
Kathleen (Kasey's Corner) don't look at this post girl .. it isn't good for you to see this, OK ?
This is one of the many wandering arms of my "Maypop" aka passion flower vine ... it start out as a 3 inch green "finger" ... look at the next picture (scary music drifting into your room now)
Can you see what a monster this vine has become from just 3 inches !!!!! Now that is SCARY .. I'm afraid to close my eyes at night .. there might be a "pod" in the morning with a new and improved me in there ... husband would say "that's OK dear" then again he wouldn't be "husband" number one ?
Crop circle in reverse .. no flattened crop .. just flattened earth ... now tell me that isn't suspicious ? ... no, I checked ... the squirrel mafia swore they had nothing to do with it .. scary music still playing in back ground .. now mist is floating up from floor .....
Click on picture to see BIG spider web between mums and deck light .. I can't think of how many times I have almost put my head through some enormous WEBS with enormous SPIDERS sitting there watching me ??????????????????

See web from tree in pretty morning light ? .. then all of the sudden .. crash of thunder and sky darkens ... next picture (if you dare?)

OK .. gratuitous use of sepia to illustrate how spider webs are even creepier in this mono tone?

Meanwhile back at the farm ... Winthrop enjoys the morning sun completely unaware that he is slowly being engulfed with the "silver thread of the dead" (neat phrase I created eh ?)

OK .. a break in the scary stuff .. and the beginnings of Autumnal ? decorating .. much more to do but did I mention I keep waking up at 5 AM ???
I can't think of anything prettier in orange than a PUMPKIN : )
This is just perfect ... ahhhhh !!!
Dave and the boys are innocently enjoying that same morning sun .. with no cares in the world ... except they forgot the sunblock , but hey .. they live on the edge with me here ?
How scary is this then ?????? I bet you didn't expect scary picture of scary events in Kingston!!

It is even scarier in colour for some reason ? am I right or is the sepia scarier ?

That's all for now folks .... stay tuned. A footnote to this day was that I did actually do a lot of garden chores but this post was a priority to be silly with : )


CiNdEe said...

Wow that spider web is awesome! I love your spooky pictures too(-: Boooooooooooooo(-:

Darlene said...

Oooooo I am just tooooo scared now!!!!! I LOVE your front porch. I haven't even bought any pumpkins yet....what is the PROBLEM?????

RURAL magazine said...

Joy, you are hilarious. Funny thing, the only pic that didn't load right away might be the spider one. I didn't wait for it to load and find out.

Happy Early Halloween....



Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Hi Joy, I can see you will be in your spooktacular element this month. I actually thought of you about 1:30 am on Wednesday night, well early Thursday morning. I awoke to the hooting of an owl, and it went on for 15 minutes or so, and I thought to myself, aha Joy would like this way of welcoming in October. Keep up the boo-tiful posts.

Northern Beauty Seeker said...

What fun!!

Love the arrangements by your front door - nothing cuter than pumpkins :)

gittan said...

Good morning Joy! This is absolutely not my time of year. I love the colours but dislike the weather. This weekend we've had rain, and rain, and more rain and as if that wasn't enought we have had storm at the same time. I'm staing inside the house, wonder why? I love the arrangements you've created by your frontdoor. I'll have to go to the store and get a few pumpkins myself.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Cindee girl ... this year there have been so many HUGE spider webs I'm afraid it is a beacon to a hard winter here .. hope your temps have gone down and you can work in the garden now ? See Mista G ? haha

Darlene ! This is only the beginning .. I have much more decorating to do but I worked hard in the garden and was too pooped .. I really NEED a BIG pumpkin to do what I have planned for the switch over to REALLY Halloween ! LOL

Jen girl .. the "frigtnight" at Fort Henry is a big thing along with the Ghost walk through Kingston .. there is a lot of history here that is used for fun things this month .. glad you liked it : ) BOO TOO !!

LINDA !!! I would have SO loved hearing that : ) it would have been perfect for me .. I can't imagine how wonderful it is to be in the country and hear those sounds .. you are so lucky ! I love that you thought of me then too : ) LOL

Hello there Ms. S there is nothing like pumpkins to make me smile .. I am looking for more too . The "pumpkin hunt" continues !! : )

Hello gittan ! I hate to see those rainy stormy days too .. I am hoping we will get a few more perfect days so I can get some decent leaf colour pictures along the water lines have to go get some pumpkins girl !!!

Unknown said...

I will have to check on your blog more often during the month to see what you're up to! :-)

Love your enthusiasm for the holiday! Are you growing any black plants?


Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

Your photos of the spider webs get to me. I have walked or leaned into too many webs this past week. Uggghhh! Then I KNOW there is a spider crawling all over me.
Your front porch looks so welcoming.

our friend Ben said...

HAAA!!! Love the "crop circle," Joy!!! And poor Winthrop, unaware of impending doom, just like in all the scary Hallowe'en movies! I hope you're able to save him! We just put out our first front-stoop ornament, a lovely russet mum, and of course we have our very own mini-pumpkins on our deck. But we still have lots of decorating to do! in fact, I'd better head to the mudroom and get the traditional tacky "corn" to hang on the front door. We do this every year, mostly just to horrify our friends. Why mess with tradition? Meanwhile, come on over to PRA and vote for your favorite Hallowe'en music!

tina said...

What a fun post Joy. Tis the season to be scared for sure....

That spider web shot on the house is soooooo spooooooky.....:)

Daisy said...

Love the web in sepia! Looks like it's hanging in midair. It has a creepy beauty all its own.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Cameron I have dark shrubs .. Summer Wine Ninebark with Satin Chocolate .. Purple Leaf Sandcherry ..Midnight Wine weigela, which is really nice and dark. The seed pods from my baptisia are great because they are black and they rattle ! : )

Hi Janet and thank you ! We have done our share of walking into webs here .. and number one son did have a BIG spider get buddy buddy with him .. ugh !! can't avoid them this year, too many of them eeeekkkkkk !!!

'ben' I so love "tacky" traditions : ) .. this is just the beginning for me .. I have a huge witches broom from Holland .. lots of lights (why is it I love orange ? LOL) more pumpkins and straw to come (is this a fire hazard ?? LOL) .. I loved the music for Halloween theme so I contributed Beetlejuice : )

Tina girl .. it is a whole month of silly spooky stuff and I wait all year for this : ) The spiders have contributed way more than usual some how ? haha

Hello there Daisy ! I thought it was pretty darn cool myself .. sepia adds a touch of "scary" to a picture : )

Diana Studer said...

Stepped onto the verandah one evening and a hand sized spider walked across my fringe. Very politely, just in passing.

Jill-O said...

I don't think I'll be decorating my front porch this year (too many devils celebrating in their own way in my neighborhood) just my bittersweet wreath at my front door and mums on the front steps. I'll just enjoy yours vicariously.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

OMG ! EE !! How did you take it so calmly .. even in your description I have shivers up and down my spine not only because it is a spider but that BIG ?!!! EEEEKKKKKK !!! hahaha

Jill girl .. I can sympathize .. I know there must be places that those real little devils just have to make a mess of things .. so you are more than welcome to live through my front step decorations : )

Kathleen said...

I'm sick, sick, sick!! Can you tell I read the post and saw how crazy your 'Maypop' went?? Oh my. It's HUGE!!!! Still so strange it didn't bloom more??? We need to figure out why! I'm glad one of us had luck. I hope it comes back next spring but this time it needs to flower a LOT. :-)
Love your spooky posts and all your vintage cards. Those Halloween cookies look yummy too. They wouldn't have lasted around here either. I'm getting in the spirit too. My daughter has a five day weekend on Halloween so it should be really fun.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Kathleen girl ... this is one of the biggest garden puzzles I have ever had too ! Why one flower .. I know it isn't the balance of fertilizer because my roses bloomed well in this border .. so what promoted so much foliage and not flowers has me stumped .. I just hope that it will survive the winter and finally flower along with ZD rose because it will be beautiful !
That is perfect ! a few days together to make Halloween festive to the max .. no baking lasts long here ever ! LOL
PS .. are you sick with a bug or just the Maypop thing ? LOL