Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Which Witch ? and Other Nonsense

Well .. at the moment I can't decide which I am more alike right now ... the little top witch or the bottom "I'm on a MISSION !" witch ..
Smartly dressed career witch with pumpkin as assistant ?
I fell head over heels for these two Dutch looking cards .. having lived in the Netherlands I will always have a soft spot for anything Dutch ? combine that with Halloween and BINGO !!
The little verse is too cute here !
October skies have been dreary and wet and I did not get the pictures I had hoped to get ...
Hey .. am I a poet and don't know it ? ... yes, you may groan ... blame it on the weather !
Dave and the boys have their new position for the winter now.
I missed seeing their cheerful ? little faces at the deck door .. so something had to be done !
Do you see that little fluffy seed in the "Hens n'Chicks ? .. perfect ?
There is a remarkable birch ? tree with amazing twisted limbs when all the leaves fall.
For now it still has it's golden dress up clothes on, which serves as a great background for this bird house ..
Multiplex ? Purple Martin ? house .. it usually is busy during the summer so the birds know where the best "rent" is !
My BIG pot'O mums with purple fountain grass never made it to the front step .. but it was highly admired from the deck door : )
I can't imagine an Autumn without mums .. they are almost as essential as pumpkins !
I'm still loving my bits and pieces I found at Home Sense this year.
In fact I have "squirreled away" some pieces in my car still ?
I am an ardent fan of herbs .. in the garden and in pots. I think a lot of people miss how truly gorgeous they are and think they are just for use in foods .. but they are amazing as eye candy all season and more so in the Autumn when they are zapped by cold temperatures .. this thyme was forced into a gorgeous deep burgundy against the golden sage with curly parsley.

See what I mean ?
One more shot !
The snail made me do it ;-)
Dave and the boys deep in thought about the winter to come.
I believe some one suggested tiny scarves to help them out ? wink wink


Lori E said...

Nice to meet you Joy. I hope you enjoy having the Canada badge on your sidebar.
My sages are doing great still and I used plenty of that with some thyme for my Thanksgiving stuffing.

CiNdEe said...

Beautiful pictures(-:
I hope the boys are going to be warm enough this winter(-: Maybe a nice scarf would work?(-: LOL

James David said...

Hi, Just drop by from Blotanical.

Which witch...
that seemed to be ringing in my mind now... (weech, weech)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Dave and the boys are adorable. It appears to me that their job is to make you happy. A job well done no doubt. I agree about mums being a must for fall. Some think they are cliche but I think they are so cheerful. The last hurrah so to speak. That pesky snail making you express that age old rhyme.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Lorie : ) I'm still a little "pink" around the edges from that brain fart ? LOL
I dry herbs , especially rosemary for myself and friends .. but I don't think a lot of people realize just how beautiful sages can be, especially mixed with other plants. Thanks for stopping by my crazy place here !

Hey Cindee girl .. I'm still not sure I will leave Mista G out .. I know the boys love his company but .. coming from California this winter might be a little too much for him ? ;-)

Hello James Missier : ) .. now you have "weech weech" STUCK in my brain for the WHOLE day here sir !! LOL

Lisa girl .. the boys do make me happy seeing their little faces : )
No plant is cliche if it makes you happy .. I don't get stuck in any one's rut but my own ? LOL
Yes .. Mr. S has made me quote some corny stuff .. naughty snail that he is ! haha

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

Very witchy post! Lower pictures show your human side, too! Little scarves for the boys is a great idea! Scarves, scarves! I have a big naked boy in my garden. Maybe, I need to take care of him, too. Thank you Joy!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Tatanya girl ! Give that "bad boy' a scarf for the winter ;-) I have a feeling he would appreciate it ? They can be very quiet about their lot in life .. but some how I see those smiles once in a while when we spoil them ? LOL

our friend Ben said...

We have a garden snail, too, Joy! He's tucked at the foot of our deck steps amid some groundcovering shade strawberries, but I always take a moment to admire him (unless I'm being dragged off by Shiloh!). Your herbs are stunners! Herbs are the most fascinating plants of all, with all their uses and their ornamental qualities. They'd be worth planting for fragrance alone! As for the witches, I do love the card with candles announcing Happy Hallowe'en. And who could resist a card with bats? Glad you got the Benchwarmers in position before snowfall!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hey 'ben" we should form a "Snail Club" ? haha .. I love my little guy and especially because he is such a heavy metal guy ! haha
Shiloh is a big distraction when she is towing you behind her : )
I am a herb fanatic .. I have a beautiful little book called "The Herb Bible" .. I can't ever imagine not having them they are so therapeutic and total balm for the soul : )
I love all the card images I have found .. if I had the real deal that would be perfect !!
I think the boys in the hood are happy to be positioned for the winter and they can keep an eye on us in here ? LOL