Monday, 16 November 2009

The Cold Shoulder

I beat you thought this was going to be a great big juicy tirade of complaints ? wink wink ;-)
I have been waiting for those impossible red sky mornings ... where are they ?
The rising sun hasn't shifted to the left enough yet .. get OVER there why don't you !!
We are getting pink tinged skies ... with blurring .. this really was the look of the sky that morning .. check the contrast of the roof and tree tops .. it was amazing to see, but I still crave those extraordinary, stark red warning flash mornings that set my camera on fire .. or was that just too much coffee at the time ?
None the less I have to give credit to the "pink puffiness" that can make you feel all fuzzy and warm .. eeuuuwww ! Did I just say all of that ? .. too much sugar again ;-)
Cold shoulder number one .. Winthrop is totally put out that he should have to suffer yet another good old Canuck winter coming on SOON ?
Where the heck is my scarf by the way ??
I could say something about frost and cracks but that would be totally inappropriate ? wink wink
The rest of the gang stares coldly at me while I skid and hop around the deck with a few expletives ? Extreme "cold shoulder syndrome" in affect now ...
Frost on wood railing .. I'm sure there is a painting in a gallery some where with that title ?
Can you see the tiny ice castles on the shed roof ? built by tiny, tiny, little ice carpenters : )
Now for the thaw and the amazing "Maypop" passion flower vine that just keeps ticking !
Kathleen .. don't look girl ... it will only make you crazy ...
See it's delightful little Curly Q's ? and the shine of the frost melting to water on its leaves ..
Bee-U-T-full eh ??
I love the back lighting from the sun ... the life lines of the leaves fully exposed.
Sounds naughty, but some one had to say it ... right ??

Yes .. after being corrected about my mistaken identity of oregano for thyme (thank you for letting me know : ) I just had to picture it again when it keeps on looking so great .. when this one gives up the ghost to winter it will be a sad day for me ... whaaaaa !!
Rosemary ... curly parsley ... and my little dragonfly plant stand .. bits of my gardening hanging about ... I feel a tear coming on .. must keep up a brave face though .. BIG sigh !!!
A little chocolate might help get me through ...
Finally Winthrop puts forth a brave face towards what is left of the garden .. he is after all its guardian along with Dave and the rest of the boys ... suck it up and look after things please !!
Last word from the girls ... "is she still typing ? what the heck can she still be typing about ??"


RURAL magazine said...


Enough said.


Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

Hiya Joy! It's nice to see you back on your blog. Perhaps the craziness on your end has died down a little and you're able to surface!

Once again, beautiful pictures of the sky and your garden.

And the new photo of you on your blog is fantastic. Nice pic! You look fabulous! Love the new haircut! :)

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

I, for one, think Winthrop's crack is cute. Stay warm girl.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Jen girl .. it is actually not as bad as it should be at this time of the year .. but frost can make me go brrrrrrrrrrrr ! too : )

Hi Martha ! .. well, the new dishwasher is still in the middle of the kitchen waiting until the tech comes Thursday to actually disengage the old one and install this new one .. the craziness continues ?
Thanks girl : ) wink wink

Debbie .. leave it to you to enjoy Winthrop's predicament crack ? LOL

tina said...

It sure looks cold there. We have been lucky here and I think I've turned on my heat a whole 5 times so far. That is unusual here but we are loving it. No cold shoulders for me please:)

our friend Ben said...

Poor Winthrop, the butt of so many jokes (sorry, how could I resist that)! Your sky shots are beautiful. Last night, I was waiting for the mechanics to finish inspecting my 11-year-old, battered, used VW Golf, and was in a total panic (what's it going to cost this time, and how can I pay for that?!!), when I looked up from the bench outside the service station and saw the fabulous red clouds filling the sky and the black silhoutttes of geese passing before them. Suddenly, all was right with the world!

Victoria said...

Gorgeous peaceful! Wonderful post..charming and funny and enchanting as always! Oh I love your little gang..they are waay too cute!And beautiful photos by the way! Lovely!!

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

Beautiful skies Joy. You do very well capturing the pinks and blues in the sky.

Deborah Elliott said...

I love the sky pictures. I am enjoying your blog, though I can feel a little of that cold air coming off of it! Have a great day.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Tina .. we have only had a few really frosty mornings actually .. this is an unusual November for us as well and we can all use the savings of not turning the heat up much until we really have too : )

Oh 'ben' !! I wish I could have seen that setting .. it must have been gorgeous ! Hope the bill for the VW wasn't too shocking ? take some aspiring and lay down after looking at it again ?? LOL

Hello there kiki and thank you ! and the gang thanks you too : ) I'm so ready to see the sunrises i saw last winter .. fingers crossed they will happen soon !

Hi there Janet girl : ) it is amazing just how true pink and blue the sky will become .. it amazes me all the time !

Deborah .. those mornings I go out on the deck to take pictures can be rather CRISP .. so if you are feeling some of that cold air, reality is coming through loud and strong ? LOL

Kathleen said...

omg, I AM crazy with jealousy! You have the touch ~ I can't believe how beautiful Maypop still is. If my little pathetic vine doesn't come back in the spring, I just might order another one (and hope it does like yours).

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

It's been cooler here, but not as cold as there I guess. One little freeze but that was it. I remember seeing poor Winthrop covered in snow last winter, guess he's not too excited about that again.

Gail said...

I hope the red sky mornings get there soon; in the mean time, your shots are delightful. Goodness are the boys and girls ganging up on you~'still typing' and cold shoulder! By the way, I love the new photo of you on your side bar! gail

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Kathleen girl , you know I told you NOT to LOOK !!! LOL
I have no explanation as to why this crazy vine has done what it has done ? .. but maybe the deal breaker will be that it won't over winter for me .. that it was all glory for one year and then zap ! nada ?? LOL

Catherine .. Winthrop is totally Canuck even down to the point of the grumbling "pre-grumble" that is before the flurries fly ? haha
Yes .. clear mornings with quite a bit of frost I have to say .. but the clear skies are nice to see after the wet October we had : )

donna said...

Your sky photos never disappoint. Don't think I've ever photographed the sky and had it come out looking good. Our still green grass was covered with a heavy frost yesterday morning and looked so pretty. I say, bring on winter.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Gail (you got caught in between comments some how : ) Thank you ! It puzzles me that I think the red sky mornings are supposed to be happening by now and yet the sun is not in the right place .. maybe it is just me ? LOL

Hi Donna and thank you : )
We have the same funny thing too .. green green grass and the frost .. and YES ! lets just get the winter started now ? and get it over with ? haha

Barbee' said...

I love hearing about your tiny little ice carpenters, and that third puffy sky picture just blew me away it is so perfectly beautiful! Delightful post all the way; now I think I need a cup of something hot after reading it.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Barbee' girl and thank you so much ! I love seeing the sky with pink clouds .. sometimes it is just so amazing to watch and I fear I never quite get that perfect picture but I keep trying : ) Yes .. tiny ice carpenters are very busy here most mornings ? LOL I also need something hot to drink now too !

Anonymous said...

My passionflower is starting to make me a bit nervous. It's trying to take over my whole yard, and maybe my house. We've had countless frosts, yet it lives in on. I guess I'll need a killing freeze to get it under control. I noticed today a new sprout coming up about a foot away. Has it gone underground now in it's quest to take over? Yikes!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hey Robin .. mine is beginning to make me WONDER too ! .. I took more pictures of it today and it has set more growth with corkscrew tendrils .. have we hatched monsters here ?? LOL