Saturday, 19 December 2009

The Morning Apparition

The Christmas CRUNCH is beginning to CRACK me .. I have to make lists for the simplest things to not only remember but actually DO .. how sad is that ?
BUT .. I make time to see things .. and appreciate them .. like these cards from my friend Jean in .. you guessed it ! Shrewsbury !! .. and the totally cool card from Tilly the Hun to Sophie and Emma .. now who wouldn't like that ?
One bud .................... just the one ....... did I mention that one bud ?
The SINGLE bud on my Christmas cactus ? .. just the one .... why ?
It likes its own company too much to give up space to other buds ??
Then it is the gang on the deck .. Hens'Chicks holding their own .. the oregano and Golden sage with some parsley thrown in above the freezing point .. but NOT really ... we have had -16 mornings .. going to -18 .. and that is without wind chill factored in.
See ?
They look totally comfortable don't they ?
.... and YES !! ... "Rosemary" is still green and alive ..
I am beginning to feel a little like Dr. Frankenstein ? notice FROZEN ice beside it ??
There was a bit of a red sky the other morning .. not dramatic yet .. but it is working on becoming more interesting ..
That glow from under the clouds .. that glorious reflection of pink satisfaction : )
Something about having my trees in the picture ... I can't help myself including them
Make sure to click on that one for total pink involvement !
Then the ripple affect across the sky ... I leave the line of the roofs in to have some perspective to what my eye sees .
I love the fingers of this tree poking in on the picture .. as if to say "I'm here too, notice ME!"
Then the warm fuzziness of the sky contrasts with the stark bare branches ..
Now for something completely different .. what I saw this morning .. I have never seen before.
Like a glass dome over that part of the neighborhood .. strange eh ?
This shot is from standing in the doorway of the deck .. I couldn't take my eyes off of it until it faded .. what a curious sight .. you just never know what you will see in the morning ?


Anonymous said...

That dome/apparition is really something. I wonder if you could send the photo to a meteorologist to find out what is going on. If it's a rare occurrence maybe you can sell your photo to the AP.

Barbee' said...

That dome IS strange. Wonder what in the world caused it, and wonder if anyone else saw it. Interesting how well your deck garden is doing. I never would have guessed they could take so much cold! I keep forgetting to water my Christmas cactus; it looks pitiful. At least yours looks healthy, and you have the promise of that nice fat flower.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Alright, how do you keep your rosemary alive? I have killed I don't know how many that are supposed to live here and it doesn't get near that cold.

You have darling cards here. The sky photos are pretty too.

Hang in there. Christmas will be over soon. Cheers.

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

Joy, are you for real? You still have greenery in your garden? That is amazing. It's dead around my place; not that there was much to begin with!

CiNdEe said...

Cool pictures! The sky dome thing is really strange but of course cool!!!(-:
It is very cold there!!!! I won't complain about our cold here anymore(-:

Carrie said...

Beautiful post petal, LOVE that halo of light! Don't worry about the lists, you know me and worrying!! I'm writing them all over the place and losing them too, oh what a palava Christmas is.

Northern Beauty Seeker said...

YOU crack me - up!! You are so funny :-) I am sure you will pull together a dazzling Christmas...!

That halo around the sun is amazing. We often see "sundogs" here when it is really cold, but I don't think I've ever seen a halo - maybe it's a sign Christmas is coming :-)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Grace girl .. You know I was going to mention YOU with the "pink satisfaction" comment ! LOL .. I am going to look into this affect when I get a moment .. almost like a corona affect isn't it ? This was a first for me to see anything like it, so catching it with the camera was pure luck !

Hi Barbee' .. I think a combination of exact cloud cover, temperature .. a lot of things had to be in the right proportion to get this affect .. it was awesome to see ! Hey I am still in shock with these plants on the deck .. I have no idea how they are holding on but it is a great experiment eh ? BUT ONE BUD ???? just that ONE ?? come on !!!! LOL

Hi Lisa .. girl, if I knew how this was happening I swear i would tell you !! Yes : ) my friend Jean is a "card" herself .. very funny gal ! Another yes .. Christmas will come no matter how unprepared I am ? LOL

Martha .. my goodness believe me I am in shock too ! this is the first year I have left herb pots on the deck and what ever the right conditions were I just don't know how this is happening ?
I'll be trying again next year for sure though .. we'll see how long this lasts ?

Cindee .. you would be PROUD of Mista G .. he has become a real Canuck here .. next thing will be him asking for a "Tim's and a doughnut !! haha .. Yup .. we are a little cool here ? : )

Carrie girl : ) .. I'm not really all that worried .. truly .. things will go right (well, mostly right .. right ?) and it will all be over so quickly I won't know what happened ? LOL .. Now don't you get too worried either !!

Ms S .. Now I will have to look up sundogs ? I don't think I have heard of them .. sounds like competition for the cats though .. so they will be curious ? haha
This was an interesting surprise .. I haven't seen anything like it before .. but maybe that is it ?? a prelude to Christmas ? Let the games begin !!

miss m said...

Never seen anything like it, either ! I think Ms. S is on the money, looks like a sundog to me. (I had to google of course) Amazing !

our friend Ben said...

Geez, Joy, my Christmas cacti are irrepressible! Once one bud starts, all the others can't help but pop out. Maybe the rest of yours will show up soon. Hope so, anyway!!!

Katarina said...

Joy, the glass dome is really something! Very powerful...I guess it made you feel rather small...standing there, watching Mother Nature...
-Wishing you a relaxed and beautiful Christmas!

RURAL magazine said...

That is amazing, not just the rosemary, the light, the clouds, and the dome.

What cute cards. Happy Christmas.

Bootsie says hi to the girls.


CanadianGardenJoy said...

miss m ! I also had to Google "sun dog" I haven't heard of that before and YES ! I think she is on the money : ) It was an awesome sight to see and I am glad to have caught it with my camera !!

'ben" I'm thinking this wants to be an ONLY child ? and grab all of the attention .. I just think "why???" hahaha .. oh well, at least there is this ?

Hello Katarina : ) It doesn't take much from mom nature to make me feel tiny in comparison .. there are such fantastic sights I wish I could see more and more ? Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !!

Dear Jen and Bootsie (and husband in there some where ? LOL) Merry Christmas and YES : ) I had two mornings of wonders to view and snap pictures of .. it never gets old to me and now I know what a sun dog is .. almost ? LOL ^..^ ^..^ from the girls !

joey said...

Wow, you captured a very interesting photo, Joy! Merry Christmas wishes and a Happy New Year :)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Joey ! Thank you very much girl : ) and I wish you a VERY Merry Christmas and a HAPPY New Year !!

Lona said...

The dome or apparition is so interesting. I hear UFO cover-up in the works ;-)
The rosemary with the ice beside it looks not right together either. You Hens and chicks are so pretty. Mine never gets babies like that one. Well at least it the cactus gave you one precious bloom. Maybe it will start setting more later.
Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Gail said...

Jooy, You take the best deck photos of the sky in the winter, spring, summer and fall! I mean The Best! The dome is fantastic and a first! I wonder what caused it? happiest of holidays! gail did the 'card' arrive?

Kate/High Altitude Gardening said...

Hmmm... what an odd sighting. Clearly aliens have invaded your neighborhood. Perhaps they picked the buds off your Christmas Cactus? Just teasing... I'm astonished you can keep your Rosemary alive!

Have a very Merry Christmas, Joy!

Anonymous said...

Your dome looks like a sun dog to me, Joy -- you'd only see half of it as the sun rises. Here's a link to a similar pic:

At least you have one bud on your cactus -- mine doesn't have any. :( I think I should have started feeding it and didn't soon enough.

I can't believe how much you've still got growing, despite some pretty cold temps! :)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hey there and Merry Xmas HHG !
Yup ! definitely it is a UFO cover up .. but they keep saying it has to do with the weather (how stupid do weather-casters ? think we are ? wink wink) Your Hens'Chicks don't multiply like little bunnies ? goodness ! send them to Canada and they will come back home "with chick" ? haha .. Rosemary has surprised me completely ! LOL

Gail girl .. no card yet .. but the mail is going at a snail's pace now it is so bogged down .. I know it will get here though : ) Thank you so much ! I see some beautiful moments .. but I would still love not to have neighbours sitting on my lap here .. too close .. yikes !! haha

Kate girl .. you and I are both astonished with this rosemary .. she has to be part Celtic I am thinking ? LOL ... and yes .. there were aliens watching our neighborhood that morning .. they tried to get my camera but I held on too tight ! haha

Nancy girl thanks for the link .. and wow eh ? I have never heard of this before .. an amazing event ! the outside ring actually did have colour to it but so faint the camera couldn't pick it up.
OG MY GOODNESS !! another almost to bud-less Xmas cactus ;-) thank you for letting me know .. I felt so guilty thinking I was a terrible mom ? LOL

Unknown said...

That glass dome is amazing! Wonder if it's ice crystals formed where a rainbow would usually be? My best guess.

Happy Holidays!

D said...

Thank you for all you have shared with us this year. May your Christmas be a blessed one and your New Year filled with Joy! Diana

Kathleen said...

Cool pictures Joy! I've always wanted a dome over my house ~ to protect me from the yucky weather. ha ha. Looks like someone else has one instead. Hope you recovered from your dental surgery okay?? Can 'Maypop' survive -18 temps??? If so, lookout!
Merry Christmas to you and yours. I know you can get it all done. :-)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Merry Christmas Freda ! It is an event called a "sun dog" I have to look up more information on it .. it occurs commonly but I have never seen it before so it was amazing to me ! ..
Hey hope Charm gets on with Santa ? LOL

Diana how sweet you are and thank you so much ! I hope you have wonderful holidays and 2010 is fantastic to you : ) The dryer breaking down has put a crimp into my panic mode even more ?? LOL

Kathleen girl is this a twilight Zone affect here or what ? I'll send it to your place so you can try it out for a while ? .. Maypop isn't as vigorous looking .. but she is holding on with her last efforts still .. scary !! LOL
Merry Christmas girl !

Ricky Luz said...

wow, this glass done in the sky is something odd yet beautiful. Lucky you to have been able to capture such a perfect moment!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Rick .. thank you ! .. I had never seen such an unusual thing before .. but having other people clue me in to what it is called and researching a bit .. it was amazing and now I know what it is : ) Watching the sky is a favorite past time of mine : )