Friday, 11 December 2009

Plain old plain old ........

Well .. aside from my "brake" dilemma, which thankfully is resolved now .. the rest of you drivers CHECK your brakes and be totally sure !! .. aside from that issue, the weather has been just plain nasty .. no pretty pictures with fronts moving in and out and being a totally ouch time .. although I regret missing some fantastic clouds whipping by at times .. it was just too miserable to even stand out on the deck and grab some pictures : (
Gray on gray ?
So having my old buddies .. Santa and Mrs. Claus .. cookie jars I bought so many years ago I will not say .. they have traveled to quite a few places with me .. and they are a comfort zone ?
So are mini lights on top of the cupboards .. there is something about those sweet little lights that make you feel warm and cozy ... OK ... I heard that groaning ..
I am amazed my rosemary is still looking good in its pot ..
So is the oregano and sage ..
Hens'chicks still hanging in there too ...
So are the boys .. they grumble but that is their nature anyways ?

At least they are not buried under snow right now ... for the moment ?


Anonymous said...

Hi Joy~~ As I was reading your blog, the news was reporting on the blizzard in the NE. I hope you stay warm. No chortle from me. I love those little lights. Sometimes I'll leave the white ones on in the garden until they burn out.

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

All right Joy, it's time to confess that your rosemary is artificial!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

My favorite part of christmas is the lights. I could leave them up all winter. I do leave some of them up. Have a nice weekend.

Corner Gardener Sue said...

Wow, I'm amazed your rosemary, parsley, and hens and chicks are doing so well! I brought mine in the house. The parsley that's outside is done.

Vetsy said...

It's cold here in Michigan too! I can't stand it! The high bone chilling winds are causing havoc every where.

Trees are down, branches are every where and It's so cold I can hardly stand to look out of the window! Today it was only 16 degrees.

All I can do is run from my house to my car..literally, to purchase my daily needs.

people are almost running into each other almost knocking themselves out trying to escape the weather when they enter the store.

It's Bad really Bad!! this is not my favorite season..never have been.

Hurry spring! Hurry!

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

Great pictures, love the cookie jars! Do the boys permanently reside on the deck, or are they out and about in the garden during better weather? They are a funny bunch. :)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi there Grace .. it does seem that winter is on a vengeance path right now doesn't it ? .. I do love specific "comfort" lighting through the house, especially during these long dark winter days/nights .. my favorites though are the orange ones I put up for Halloween ;-)

Tatyana girl .. you have given me such a good laugh this morning !! No one can be as surprised as I am with this rosemary .. I'm not sure which cultivar it is .. the standard or the Tuscan (which is my favorite) .. we shall see how long it will look this good ? LOL

Hi Lisa .. I think it can be considered a section of "light therapy" ? this season .. even when Xmas is over .. I will be keeping these up and naming them Valentine lights, then St. Patrick's Day lights, oops .. Easter lights .. well , you get the idea right ? LOL

Sue .. I am too girl .. I didn't expect the rosemary to stay so beautiful so long .. but the Hen'sChicks can survive in pots here through winter .. I love parsley .. but I think it is almost on the way out now ..

Vetsy girl ! My goodness ! You are having a worse time than we are right now .. I'm sure we will get that weather again no doubt.
OMG though .. I saw what you were describing in my mind's eye and I am still laughing about the people bumping into each other like that .. not funny when it is YOU actually doing it .. but funny in my mind .. YES ! lets hope this season gets over with FAST !

Thank you Rebecca ! .. the boys usually stay put .. maybe move a little around the deck .. but after that raccoon issue last year, they are a little uneasy about bumping into one in the garden .. so they are happy being on the deck : )

Northern Beauty Seeker said...

I love your twinkly lights over the cupboards! Those little lights always make a scene more festive.

These days, I drive through a couple of extra streets in our neighbourhood on the way home in the evenings with our little guy so he can see the Christmas lights. Seeing how enchanted he is with the lights has really reminded how wonderful they are.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Ms. S !
I know what you mean .. how kids so enjoy those lights , it makes us enjoy them more too : )
I can't imagine a Christmas without some .. the kitchen and family room are the most used so I say MORE LIGHTS PLEASE !! haha

Carrie said...

Your herbs must have super powers, how on earth are they doing so well?? Sorry that outside is so grey and dull but inside is so cosy and chrsitmasy, lovely xx

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Carrie girl .. I just did an e-mail for you : ) Yes .. it is wonderfully cozy and Xmassy ? inside and that rosemary MUST have super powers I am sure !