Sunday, 6 December 2009

Sprouting Green in December ???

OK .. this is embarrassing to admit straight off the top of a post .. but believe me, if you knew how my brain has been consistently FRIED lately, you would take pity and not laugh too much ?
To the left of this very green "plant" is Pinot Gris heuchera and to the right of this very green "plant" is begenia cordifolia .. for the life of me please .. some one fill in the blank for the middle VERY green plant , which I darn well know what it is but am sitting here BLANK ????
Flames of Passion geum ... sprouting away here .. it was a new geum for me this past Spring and I highly recommend it because it truly is gorgeous and red !!
So many campanulas are POPPING in the garden it is scary ... and odd ... seeing so much GREEN !!
Stoplight huecherella against Gypsy Dancer Heuchera .. what a foil they make in the right season and here they are trying to do the same in December ?? Top THAT !! ;-)
.... and more campanula (Northern Shade should be nodding in agreement for how stubbornly beautiful these plants are and behave : ) .. Lime Rickey is to the right and perhaps Pinot Gris to the left ? .. duh ? moment again .. but hey .. this is topsy turvy time here !
A decoy plant that I use to draw the bad insects away from the more prized ? plants .. "rumex sanguineus" ... it also thinks it is SPRING ?
Cranesbill geranium Wargrave Pink ... an older cultivar but what a beauty it is and obviously thinking it is SPRING yet again ?
My plot thickens ... my sage plot is still looking good .. but take a look at this buddleia davidii Nanho Blue .. I love the gray green foliage any time but LOOK at all of the new growth it has !
Click on the picture to really get a good look .. all my pictures are click-able : )
...... yes, I have to show off more of my sage ... it is beautiful : )
Heathers have always been IFFY for me .. my friend Jean in the UK has had many a laugh at my attempts to "keep' heathers growing in my garden .. I swear it will happen this time Jean !!
Gorgeous tough as boots and PLEASE stay with me this time .... PLEASE !!!!!
OK .. this is just a nice picture .. to me .. the dark green of my Yew trees with the creamy white of such a beautiful goldenrod I have snuggled up against them .. almost .. Christmasy ???? ;-)


Lisa at Greenbow said...

My goodness, you have lots hanging on in this cold weather. How nice.

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Lovely photos Joy. My garden has lots of green in it too, but I fear it will be covered up my mid week when they are predicting a snowfall of about 20+ cm.

Liz said...

We still have lots of green here, but little other colour... Then again this is the UK and not canada so I assume it's highly unusual for you to still have green?

My campanula are still flowering and I have fresh growth on the Aquilegias... I'm sure once January comes they'll soon realise they really ought to have died off by now, as here we're barely into winter yet.

Northern Beauty Seeker said...

Wow - you have every season in your garden right now! The heucheras are lovely.

And yes, I do think the yew and goldenrod look very Christmasy together :)

CiNdEe said...

Things are still growing there that is interesting(-:
We might have snow tonight! Interesting for us!!LOL
I brought Mr. Smiley inside so he wouldn't catch a cold.(-: Mainly because the pot he sits in is my Christmas Cactus and it wasn't looking to good this afternoon!!!! Hopefully it makes it!!!

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

Beautiful post, you're so very lucky to still have many vibrant plants. I quite jealous! Lovely assortment of foliage colours & texures. The mystery plant in the first pic is driving me nuts, I'm sure I planted one this year and it's at the tip of my tongue! Hope someone figures it out lol.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Lisa .. this is a very strange event happening here for this time of year .. kind of Twilight Zonish ? LOL

Oh My God Linda ? .. I didn't see that in the weather yet (not looking can cause that ? LOL) well, I would be happy to have the garden under a blanket of snow before severe cold sets in .. white Christmas ?;-)

Yes Liz .. this is highly unusual for us .. we would normally be covered in snow by now .. all of this green is not a good thing.
The bit about it barely being winter yet is scary .. BIG sigh !

Ms. S .. it is sort of making me uneasy with how wacky the garden is right now .. I hope Linda is right about the snowfall .. covering up the garden babies would be a good thing : ) Yes ! it does seem a little like an Xmas shot ?

Holy Smokes Cindee girl ! You have to take pictures of THAT if you guys really get snow ? .. I may have to take Mista G in too .. he is a little delicate for the advancing of true Canuck winter ?
One of my Xmas cactus does actually have some buds on it ... finally ? LOL

Rebecca girl ... that plant is driving me nuts .. I'm sure it is a Spring bloomer and I get that bit of on the tip of my tongue then BLANK .. good grief !!
The heuchera are amazing .. no wonder I love them eh ? LOL

Muhammad khabbab said...

That is interesting there is still lots of green out there. Looking very pretty.

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

Hi Joy, it has been such a screwy fall and early winter. We finally had our first frost last night...about a month after our average. Good luck with your Heathers!

Victoria said...

Super Lovely! I totally loooove heathers..yours look so awesome!and I have a kindred love for sages faves!! Great post..lots of colors still in winter! Great!

miss m said...

Could the little one be winter aconite ?
There's still so much thriving in your space. Amazing ! The weather's been unbelievable this year. Enjoy !

Carrie said...

Inspiring as always petal. One day, I too will have a garden photographical every day xx

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Love the smurf MK !
Yes .. there was a lot of greenery but now it is hidden under a lot of wet white fluffy stuff ? ;-)

Hi Janet .. it has been a very strange year .. and now we are in the middle of a little dump of white covering everything .. hope the heaters will stay happy here finally !!

Hi Kiki .. I expect you will be getting some white stuff soon ? .. we have had it since late morning and it is covering a lot of the plants now .. as it well should be , right ? LOL

miss m .. love the kitty ! .. I have winter aconite in the front .. and the foliage is some what similar .. but this is something else I think and it is driving me round the bend , slowly but surely !! aaarrgghh !!

Carrie girl .. you just have to hang in there because I am looking forward to seeing your garden girl !!;-)

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

I'm interested to see what your unknown is. It reminds me of Larkspur foliage and looks familiar to me. It's going to drive me crazy and I'm going to have to check back to see what it is.
I see you like Heucheras as much as me. They were my biggest addiction this past summer. My Bergenias leaves do not look as happy as yours, almost dead.
I noticed the Oriental lilies sprouting right before all our cold weather started.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Catherine .. this little green monster is driving me crazy too .. I just know I am going to feel like an idiot when some one rings my "bell' ... soon ? hopefully ?
I do have a weakness for heuchera and I really was wowed by Pinot Gris .. it is a beauty ! .. Hasn't this weather been STRANGE ? LOL

Tiziana said...

Wonderful wonderful heuchera!!
I love so much this plant and I'm collecting various kinds in my garden. They are colorful and you can play with them in making the matching of colors with other shade plants.
Much effect!
Bye! Tiziana

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

No answer yet? It reminds me of the foliage on one of my pinks (can't recall if it's a cheddar or maiden), and also the foliage of a daisy type flower that I planted late in the year (flower looks like a dark pink aster). Do you remember what type of flower it has? :) Rebecca