Tuesday, 1 December 2009

This is December ?

OK .. I am fibbing about the exact date that I took some of these pictures on.
The moon shots are from yesterday afternoon/evening November 30th .. there is only a limited span of time that I can get detail .. it can drive you NUTS ! ... and I don't have far to go with that issue ?
So when I know my camera is picking up details .. I shoot .. not burst mode but I keep at it until I think I have reached the "just one more and I think I have a single out of 12 that is great ?"
I think this is one of my best moon shots ever in fact .. not bad for a fixed lens even if it is 26 x optical zoom ?
So now I describe the 1st of December ... we had a light frosting of snow which disappeared so quickly I didn't even get a picture of it .. but I noticed that it stayed the longest on my two bare earth patches were my sleeping bulbs are tucked into : )
Bits of blue fighting very hard to stay clear of those clouds !
The wind was pulling them back and forth like you do with cotton wool bunches ? .. have you ever done that ?
One minute I am closing the blinds and squinting .. the nest I am turning on a light .. then thinking "open the blinds you dummy !" .. trying to be green minded and not wasting resources?
It was all very confusing to my brain and eyes ... lets rest on some rosemary in the late afternoon sun ?
Yes .. my pots are still alive and trying to stay that way ? The oregano is holding on for dear life!
I heard some "clucking" from the Hen'sChicks but they are still keeping up .. to the snail ??
Juts one more round shape to remind you that there is a full moon in the skies .. have a look and enjoy how gorgeous it is ?

Interesting ... isn't it ? .. this is going to be one of those weird winters when it starts late but with one heck of a bang I am afraid ;-)


Lisa at Greenbow said...

We have had about the same weather. I will have to get out and look at the moon. I haven't seen it lately. It has been so cloudy.

Anonymous said...

Hi Joy~~ The fog lifted here today so maybe I'll get to see that full moon after all. Your photo really is magnificent. Nice job! Maybe I'm weird, but I've never been able to see "the man in the moon."

I do hope Hen is keeping her Chicks in line. Maybe she's getting help from Snail. :)

D said...

A great moon shot! I see "her" more clearly. ;) We too had our first frost yesterday and fog which doesn't seem to want to leave. Speaking of darkness...

RURAL magazine said...

Yes, it is December, and you have been moved to BC. Ha.

This is what our December is usually like, oh well, at least with more of the liquid snow version that we get.

Lovely shots, those point and shoot cameras sometimes take better shots than all the DSLR's.


CiNdEe said...

I saw on Lindas blog, the snow(-: It looks cold!(-;
The plants are doing great for the cold weather. They look great(-:
I saw the full moon when I took the dogs out to walk. It was sure pretty!
Your pictures are the best(-: I didn't take any today.

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

Congratulations on capturing such detailed moon shots, such a difficult subject, that moon! Your herbs still look great, as does the handsome snail.

Deborah at Kilbourne Grove said...

Joy, the year we purchased Kilbourne Grove (2006) the snow took forever to come, yah! We actually planted some of our cedar hedge on New Years Day. It was so mild.

Anonymous said...

Dear Joy, your moon shots are magnificent! Well done and great detail, I agree. I have never been able to do that, but only have the puny 20x zoom. Your still greens look great on the deck, and clucking at the snail, who wouldn't cluck at him, he is so cute! Weird weather is getting to be the norm. :-)


CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Lisa ! .. we have had a lot of cloud at night too .. this was such a fluke on the evening of the 30th to get it with general light conditions and when it wasn't too bright shining back at me .. I will only get one time a year when I can get a shot like that : )

Hey Grace girl : ) .. I don't see the man in the moon either, so you are not alone in that quandary ! .. I do see a lot of craters and strike marks (kind of scar with that thought eh ?)
Hen definitely has help from Snail keeping her chicks in line girl ! LOL

Hi Di .. she went to GLOW mode so quickly yesterday evening that I didn't get more shots darn it ! But she was gorgeous in the sky and hard to tear myself away from looking at her : )
Ah yes ... that darkness ...

Hi Jen girl .. I remember a year when we were living on Vancouver Island (Comox/Courtney) that it actually snowed just before Xmas .. we went out and made a snowman and played with our son .. it was amazing : )
We have had years like this too which were great .. made the season a wee bit shorter ? I am still interested in the DSLR though .. curiosity ? LOL

Cindee girl .. Thank you girl ! Mista G has been asking after you !! .. I have been lucky the past few days to get a few different shots of things .. but my red sky mornings .. I have no idea where they have gone to ?
The cold and snow are COMING girl ;-) LOL

Hi Rebecca .. I keep some herbs outside as long as possible (helps with my garden frame of mind a lot !) I love my snail , but he is the only snail I do love ! haha .. I was very lucky with the shots of the moon : )

Deborah now isn't that funny for an Ontario winter eh ? especially further north ! .. But what a nice thing to do in your garden and remembering that for NY : )

Hi Frances and thank you ! I used to get some with my 18 x OZ but this has a wee bit more detail .. lighting has to be absolutely perfect and you know that doesn't last very long .. being quick about things is hard for me so the fates were with me that time ! .. Yes .. I hope to add to the slow snail collection next year : )

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

I thought of you last night (Dec 1) when I was trying to get shots of the moon rising. I have a few shots that may be usable, but then I only have a 3x optical zoom. Your pictures are amazing.

Victoria said...

Fantastic moon shots..soooo magical..what a treat! yay! And I love the snail shots..gorgeous!!I love your garden ornaments..Great post!!

Northern Beauty Seeker said...

Hi Joy, those are truly fabulous moon shots! I was admiring the moon in a pale pink sky early this morning on my daily commute and was hoping someone would get a pic of it – glad you did!
Your oregano is still stunning. It’s amazing the enjoyment one pot can give us.
Here’s to hoping winter doesn’t turn on us too much before Christmas :)

Kate/High Altitude Gardening said...

I'm afraid you're probably right about that weird winter thing. I hear my deep freeze is coming soon.

Love those full moon photos! And, we have a blue moon on New Years Eve this year!

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

Beautiful moon shots. I usually end up with a blurry bright spot when I take moon pictures.
We had our first frost today which seems late, I hope our winter is better than the last one. Hope the sun stays out there.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Janet girl , my gosh thank you !
Moon rises in a dusky blue pinkish sky are amazing but I understand your frustration about trying to capture it .. conditions have to be so special for me to get this type of picture .. the timing is everything .. and so the neighbors keep seeing this flash of me in my red penguin pajamas .. what can I say ? LOL
Thanks for thinking of me girl !

Hello there Kiki! Thank you girl : ) .. I hope to add more garden ornaments in the early Spring .. I am addicted to the heavy ones of iron and concrete .. they usually stay put ? haha

Ms. S thank you so much girl ! .. I always keep looking outside to try and catch special skies .. I was out yesterday taking a few pictures of plants that want to spring back to life with our weird warm weather .. it is raining today ..very wacky indeed .. I now "it" is coming though ? LOL

Hello Kate girl ! I don't think I have ever seen a blue moon .. I wonder if we will see anything of it here .. I will be watching especially now for it , so thank you for the heads up : )
It is raining here .. what can I say ?? LOL

Catherine .. I am worried about how fast a bad winter will sweep in here .. must likely when son is on the road to and from Syracuse to pick up girlfriend at airport and driving in bad weather will have me worried for them of course .. mom jitters ? LOL
I hope for a mild winter too Cathrine ..I need Spring already: )

Rose said...

That's an amazing moon shot, Joy! We were supposed to have some snow last night, but it didn't materialize--just gray and gloomy weather for now. Let's hope we have a short winter! Are your pots still sitting on your deck?

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Rose girl and thank you ! I am amazed myself at the shots I got : ) .. we had driving rain last night and gray gloomy weather today .. no snow .. maybe in a few more days then we have to remember WINTER driving here ? LOL
YES !! I still have two pots with herbs .. rosemary, parsley, golden sage and that amazing oregano !!

Gail said...

I love these shots dear! ...and was excited to see that your new camera has such a wonderful zoom! They look marvelous with the blue background of your blog. I hope that Dave and the Benchwarmer boys aren't too miffed that you are paying so much attention to Snail, Hen and her Chicks. gail

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Gail girl and thank you !! Can you believe how long it is taking me to become friendly with this camera .. I still use my other one (I know, I am spoiled ? ;-)
Yes .. I think the gang can get jealous about how much time I do spend with specific members ? haha
December here is STRANGE so far !!