Thursday, 21 January 2010

Defeated by sheer NOISE !!

OK ... I know when I have to toss the towel in on a project ... when it starts sending you over the ever present edge of insanity or lack of sanity ? it is time to check what is driving you there in a race car ??
My Christmas present of this (what I thought ... would be way too cool !! .. keep me in the garden mood apparatus , or at least from delving into the abyss of cabin fever ?) AeroGarden3Elite ..
Sadly the NOISE and VIBRATION have just about uncorked what was left of my logical brain cells ready for mass extinction at one more bubbly smirk from this machine .. I'm sure it knows what it is doing to me ...
So .. I unplugged the (blank) thing and now I am coming off the ceiling ever so slowly ..
My advice to anyone out there thinking of this THING .. if you are noise sensitive plus OK .. that damn search light was a bit too BRIGHT also .. well .. lets just say if you are of a sensitive nature do NOT get this machine from HELL !!!!
I'm glad we had this talk : )
Days of darkness seem endless ... but ... this afternoon some blue sky and sun did emerge thankfully ... lord how sad is it that we are so in tune with the weather as gardeners ??
Sunshine can make a light cover of snow tolerable .. even snail isn't so cranky ?
I think Ms. Rosemary has finally bitten the bullet after one heck of a fight to stay in the green ?
Hens'Chicks are hanging in there by Toad .. I think they cheer each other on ?
Three of my guys were in deep thought ..............
Mista G, from Cindee from Cindee's Garden, has a troupe` of becoming white matter on his head .. hum ?
Thinking gargoyle is THINKING ..... that is what he does ... no matter time of weather ..
HOPE .. gardeners are the most hopeful people on earth I think .. no matter the circumstances we still hope for the best outcome .. maybe a surprise out come ?
Like is this another shoot from my amaryllis ??? can this make another set of flowers ???
I swore I would not do seeds .. I swear that every new year .. apparently swearing does me no good what so ever ? because here it is and I have 3 packs to experiment with .. THREE years of trying the Moon Flower vine and still determined ? Then the "Tibetan Poppy" thing .. go figure ? everyone wants them and how many of us can succeed ? but yet I keep trying !
Double Click Cosmos ... I saw them in some ones blog and they wooed me completely .. I usually go with Sonata but this time I have to try these ones : )
Hope Hope Hope .... and the wheel keeps turning !!!


*~* Linda *~* said...

Oh how frustrating to see such potential in something, only to have it drive you nuts in the long run. Growing from dad used to teach me how to do this and as a child/young adult I LOOOOVED doing this. Even thought about doing it with my kids now cause we have a very empty sunroom and it would be so rewarding to them and me to see something they start from scratch grow into something that we could transplant into the ground later on. Of course i have to cheat and use plants that are very hardy and can be grown under the worst of care like sunflowers, marigolds, and a few other "easy to grow" sun lovers.
Grand intentions anyway...
And I'm not going to say much about weather because we've been very blessed and I don't want to rub it in *wink* so I will just be happy for you that you got a little peek of sun and some milder weather lately.
Hang in there...spring is just around the corner!

Barry said...


People who are sensitive to light and sound.... you count yourself amongst this group I would guess? I once had a gizmo called a rock tumbler..... rubber container, just add stones and some magical chemicals and let it spin non stop for 3 months and voila..... smooth stones! Yeah..... three weeks tops, not to mention a sharp increase in hydro consumption....

Think of it this way, with the money you are saving in hydro you can buy more healthy established plants....... now on to the Meconopsis seeds..... are you really wanting to drive yourself round the bend? Such astute bravery! Let me know how it goes.... or if you need a ladder to get down off the ceiling anytime soon! LOL! Seriously, good luck, just don't look at them for any length of time..... I've killed three trays worth of what I took to be green sprouts by lovingly gazing at them for too long! There is a book called 'Blue Heaven' that might offer some advice.

Anna said...

You have my sympathy Joy - I hate noise especially anything that buzzes, hums or is high pitched. I am intrigued as to what it is and what it does. Do enlighten me :)

CiNdEe said...

Poor Mista Smiley. He looks so cold(-: LOL Tell him its not much better here. Cold and windy and rainy!
I luvvvvvvvvvvvvv those poppies! I wonder if they would grow here? I have seen something like that for sale at the nursery but was affraid I would kill it for sure! Besides I think they were like 35.00 for a five gallon pot!
I can't wait to see if they grow for you(-: Also are they an annual?
They are so pretty!

CiNdEe said...

Whoops I meant Mista G(-:
Mr. Smiley is safe and warm in my kitchen(-: He just laughs when I tell him that Mista G is out in the cold snow(-: He has an attitude I think! Yikes it must be the California influence!
WEll I read up on the poppies. Guess they won't go here. Its way to hot...heres what they said...
Tibetan blue poppy needs a cool, rainy summer, as in the Pacific Northwest, coastal California, the mountains (will grow in NC mountains, for instance), Canada, or the UK. They suffer if the temps go over 80F. They can survive harsh winters if they have a good snow covering, but if the summer is hot or dry, they will only live one year.

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Glad you had yourself a trip to HomeSense, but too bad they didn't have any gardening stuff yet. But that means you can go back again! That looks like quite the contrapion you've got there. Like you I've said no seeds this year but as soon as I see those racks out in the store you know I'll be looking and tempted to buy some. Better take my husband along as he has better will power at saying no to seeds than me.

Dave@TheHomeGarden said...

I didn't realize those things created such noise! Is it some sort of water pump inside? I thought they just wicked up from a reservoir in the bottom. I've not really been inclined to buy one but it's good to know I shouldn't!

RURAL magazine said...

I would be one of those who you peel off of the ceiling also. I never thought that not every other single person in the world was bothered by those kinds of noises.

The banging as the automatic doors shut in our condo hallways is driving me totally off the wall. So no way for a humming light emitting buzzer machine.

Go girl, with the double click cosmos. I just discovered them last summer, and ohhhhhh my. I had people asking if they were double roses, not simple little cosmos.

They are too precious for words, every garden should have some. And they are drought tolerant.


CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi there Linda .. I was just over at your place ! Hey I play with seeds .. I don't take them too seriously ? plants are my main driving force (you have to have real patience with seeds .. something I lack BIG time !!)
Spring is around a HUGE corner that is bent more than a few times ? haha .. BUT .. our little city is having a garden show (very tiny but I'll take what I can) early March so I have to go and see what landscapers are there to FIX my garden .. I need HELP big time !
PS .. do not go there (with the weather !!!! LOL)

Pats .. rock tumbler ?? WHAT ?? LOL
seriously ? .. haha .. OK .. I am so NOT serious about the Meconopsis .. I have started out young plants years ago and they failed .. my plan is to scatter the seeds in my cool shady area and forget about them for a few years while they conspire to wait "me" out too .. we will see who wins ?? LOL wink wink

Anna .. it is a planter with a grow light and for some reason it has a low key vibration to stimulate the roots of these seed pods (sounds like Day of the Triffids ?) anyways they bypass the vibration and noise factor in their description of the machinery .. so you don't know about it until you plug it in and then go insane ? so much for that one !!

Hey Cindee girl .. Mista G is truly going Canadian now : ) he doesn't mind the cold at all .. he thinks it is a fair trade off from earth quakes and tornadoes ? LOL
I did have young plants for a few years but they never took .. so the seeds are just a fly by night ? experiment .. Kingston gets very hot and humid believe it or not but I'm hoping my shade garden will promote a cooler atmosphere and they might just make it ?? PLEASE ?? LOL

Linda .. you should have been with me in Canadian Tire .. that is where hubby left me for a few minutes and I fell on the seed racks and packets tumbled into my hands .. getting the picture now ? LOL .. I sort of knew Home Sense wouldn't have anything but I just had to go in ? wink wink

Dear Dave .. there is a wick action stimulated by this vibration thing going on with the grow lamp too .. I had no idea of the noise factor so now you know NOT to buy this thing .. instant headache and insanity ensues !!

Jen we should form a club with "sensitive people" noise and light really bother me to no end .. I think the fibromyalgia and the affect it has on the nervous system along with all the other tag along conditions I have .. well .. I'm more insane than sane most of the time with sensory overload .. that is what they call it .. you are in the club girl !
YES !! I don't know for sure where I saw them but I knew I had to have some because they looked so beautiful : ) I can't wait to see how they look this year for me : )

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

Ha ha... Oh Joy, I'm not laughing at you; I'm laughing at the thought of you up on the ceiling. I also can't stand too much noise from machines and such. I've tried an assortment of waterfall type gadgets only to pack them up and put them away within a couple of days. It's the constant buzzing sound that drives me CRAZY!

Anyway, it won't be long now. Spring is on its way. Once we get January out of the way, we can start pushing February along. Then March will arrive and spring will, well, spring... Oh, I cannot wait!

And as for your Amaryllis: sometimes these plants do produce a second flower stalk. If you have a nice big, healthy bulb, there's always the chance at a second display of gorgeous blooms. Keep the bulb; it will grow bigger in time, and it will produce baby bulbs, which you can plant separately to make more Amaryllis plants. And so on and so on...

Unknown said...

Wow, who knew, Joy? I'm sorry it was such a flop for you. Have you checked with others who have these gardens to see if you have one that is faulty?
Meanwhile, yeah, we're in tune with the weather, and this seems to have been the dreariest of Januarys. My advice is good chocolate, warm socks, and kitties. And take comfort that there are only 9 1/2 days left in this damn month.

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

Oh, by the way Joy, I meant to ask you if Mista G is getting into Tim Hortons. That would be a sure sign that he's becoming 'truly Canadian'... LOL...

Deborah at Kilbourne Grove said...

Joy, I am glad you tested this before I bought one. I am very sensative to light and noise. I have to put the alarm clock on the other side of the bedroom, as I can hear it ticking, drives me crazy. Sorry to hear about the demise of Rosemary.

Carol said...

I would be falling from the ceiling too! Noise gets me down... I hear too well. Glad for it with the birds and bees but machinery! Maybe there is someone who would love your gadget ... good luck. With your seeds too. I love you collection of gargoyles ... wonderful quiet creatures. Sunlight does help us even though cold days.

Barbee' said...

Hi there Joy, I am a Fibro patient, too, and am hypersensitive to EVERYTHING! My husband said we should make the Touch Me Not our group's flower. Sorry that you, and anyone else are in the group. The little fan in this computer nearly drives me nuts and my ears are ringing like crazy. Grrr! I would unplug your machine, too.

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

Joy girl, I hear ya!!! I bought a small relaxation fountain...except it had the opposite effect. The water sounds were nice enough, but the buzz of the pump sent me into orbit. I also find that with some chargers (cell phone, laptop) around the house, when plugged in they emit a very quiet but very annoying high pitched buzz, no one else can here it, but really, it IS there.

Great choice of seed packs, we continue to have more plants in common!! I bought a single cosmos mix, and will order some Meconopsis seeds when I get the plants this spring.

Take care, and you can stop by my blog for a bit of sunshine. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Joy Girl, :) You're not alone. I'm noise-sensitive as well. Hubby and I have fan "fights" in the summer. I loathe the sound of a fan while trying to sleep. He loathes the heat. And this is just one example of my noise sensitivity inconvenience. You're also not alone on the swearing off of seeds. They're such a hassle but darn if those seed packets and need for green don't get me every time. I grew Double Click Cosmos last year and was extremely delighted. I think they're much better than the single types. I'll be interested in your take. Moonflower vine: I gave up. Most years it wouldn't bloom at all. One year it put out a single blossom in like, late October or something. Minutes before a frost killed the whole thing.

We're a lot alike, girlfriend. A scary thought for you, I bet. :)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Martha girl .. honest to god I am still just barely getting off the ceiling (your e-mail helped thank you !!) Funny enough I have to run the fan at night for white noise to keep me from going bonkers ?
I am really surprised and happy about this amaryllis ! I want to keep it as happy as I can so lots of advice is more than welcome : )
Thank you !!

Jodi girl .. now only 9 days ? I swear this month has been the suckiest ? in years .. every January is but this one ? YES !!
Well .. I'm not sure what Canadian Tire is going to say to me BUT I want my money BACK from this insanity producing machine for sure !!

Martha .. didn't we just chat ? haha .. well I see him moving closer? to the deck door if he sees a Timmy box in the house .. I think we will have to keep our eyes peeled when we have our treats ? LOL

Deborah .. I have an LED clock incorporated in the cable box so I can know what time of the morning the girls start trying to get me up .. 5:45 this morning !! haha
I knew this would happen to Ms. Rosemary eventually but it was fun seeing how long she did last .. yes ! do NOT get this crazy plant promising machine girl !!

Carol girl you are so right about what sun can do for us even on cold days .. and YES ! my boys in the 'hood are quiet gargoyles thankfully .. Dave on the other hand (he wouldn't pose for the picture) grumbles .. but gnomes do that don't they ?
Yes to the birds and the bees .. nature sounds are wonderful except for cicadas too much like my tinnitus .. go figure ? LOL

Barbee' girl .. I'm sorry you are "one of us" too and phew ! I didn't want to say the fan in my lap top is a pain but now that YOU mentioned it ? LOL
This has been quite an experiment but now I know NOT to go down this road ever again ? LOL

Rebecca ! Me too !! and I don't own a cell phone because I would not put it near my head (our regular house phone does it to me anyways ?) haha .. Yes we do share a lot of common plants is it our personalities or knocks in life that make us choose them I wonder ? haha Coming over for some sun therapy girl !! ;-)

Grace girl I am laughing here .. I actually have to run a fan all year for white noise or my tinnitus would drive me nuts during the night (and what ever random noise would happen in or out of the house .. so your hubby and I could sleep .. not together ? haha)
I am really looking forward to these Double Click Cosmos .. I do love the Sonata ones but these look FABULOUS ! and what is up with Moon Flower vine you also have had flops too ? jeez ! and yet I keep trying .. duh ? LOL
The same darn thing happened to me as well .. not scared girl .. relieved there are more LIKE ME out there ? LOL

Unknown said...

Maybe someday you'll get lucky and they'll develop a silencer for that beast of a machine. Eeek. I don't like lots of noise either, so when the troops quabble it makes me want to run out into the silence of the snow filed outdoors. At least until I get a look at the thermometer outside the front window. Good luck with your seeds, I'm also going for my third seed starting attempt this year.

Lona said...

LOL! I promise not to get one of the monsters from hell.You had me laughing so. Who would have known that a little thing could cause such annoyance.

OMG! I cannot grow moonvines either. I have tried everything. Soaked the stupid seeds, scarring them, everything but taking a hammer to them and they will not grow for me. There is a pretty new pink one now that is so tempting but if I cannot grow the white what is the use. ;-)

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

PS. Take back the infernal machine and buy one of these instead, the band is ladies length and I smile every time I check what time it is.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Cinj .. some days a drop of a pin can push me over the edge .. go figure ? haha .. so hearing any spats from even my girls can have me yelling from the bathroom as they thump against the door. I just have to try one more time with this Moon Flower .. it is supposed to smell so beautiful and look so awesome ? Jeez !!

Lona I haven't seen the pink ones yet but why the heck I am driven to do this god only knows .. you would think by now with so many failures I would quit ? That machine was truly from HELL ;-) LOL

Rebecca thankfully CT did take it back without even a comment ! Phew ! .. I have to go check your site to see what it is now : )Thanks !

Barbee' said...

Hi again, Joy, if you have not already watched this video you are in for a smile or two. I think you will enjoy it, of course the girls will want you to play it over and over and ....
Watch for the switch from grape jelly to strawberry jam; it is in a shadow and too subtle. Don't give up on it, it gets better as it goes. An Engineer s Guide to Cats CLICK HERE

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Barbee' girl ! I loved that video : ) .. cat yodeling was my favorite and some times the girls will cooperate on that account with us too : ) Those boys have a wonderful cat family there ! thank you so much for sending me the link I really enjoyed it ^..^

Burr Oak Beginnings said...

Ok I geuss I'm the ignorant one here but I keep looking at the machine and I don't get something suppose to grow in those clear looking upside down cups? Sorry not laughing at your pain (holds hand over mouth trying not to let smile show).

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Jo Ann .. I just popped over to your blog to explain how this machine was supposed to work .. I know it is difficult to see the fiber seed plugs from this picture .. it would have been a lot of fun if it wasn't for the NOISE and vibration ! LOL

Nell Jean said...

I wouldn't turn on another noise even if it meant glorious plant life. Plants will have to enjoy the sounds of planes overhead and tractors on the highway.

I mute the TV when DH talks on the phone (I pretend it is because he's hard of hearing, but it is really because I hate that drone of voices in the background.)

I hope you get sunshine soon, and little seedlings from your packets of promised wonder.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Nell-Jean ..I am the same way, sometimes I jump out of my skin with sudden or loud noise .. thankfully there is a mute button on the remote ? LOL
No extra noise for me and that is a certainty ! Thanks girl : )

Northern Beauty Seeker said...

Oh, I gave the "machine from hell" to a family member for xmas! They haven't said a word. Dare I show up at the next family gathering?? lol.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Ms. S !!!! You very naughty girl !
Now wouldn't THAT be a hoot if each of you pass it along to another family member ? it could happen girl and you would all be sharing a guilty secret .. sounds like there could be a "book" about this ? LOL

Sylvana said...

What exactly is that thing? A grow light? A SAD light? A disco? A transportational device?
Hmmph! I'm stumped.

I hope this year is your year for Moonflowers OR Tibetan Poppies!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Sylvana !
Yup it is a "beam me up Scotti" device haha .. grow light that some how has a vibration attached to the system that just about drove me NUTS ! .. so beware of these naughty machines ;-)