Tuesday, 12 January 2010

My Collection of 2009 Heuchera/'ella/Tiarella

June (2009) is the most beautiful month to show off my heuchera & co.
The slugs have not yet gone on full force attack mode .. constant battle, but I try to stick to thick ridged hosta to discourage the little "you know whats !"
Mint Frost heuchera upper left corner, down past August Moon hosta is Pinot Gris (I bought several because I flipped for them .. go figure ?) across is Stop Light .. then Gypsy Dancer .. down from there is Lime Ricky or possibly Key Lime Pie (oops on my part)
I love the mix with hosta and that amazing dicentra that blooms its little heart out all season for me : ) The Pinot Gris colour pops amongst all the green and blue hues doesn't it ?
Gypsy Dancer being a bit smaller can be over looked .. but that dark colour draws your attention to it .. especially against Stop Light. August Moon hosta is a beautiful back drop for them.
That mix of colour and texture is actually soothing when I look at it : )
The marble affect of Mint Frost charged with the pink pop of the dicentra cooled by August Moon and then Pinot Gris smiles : )
A blue hue also blends wonderfully from a siebold hosta .. elegans ? perhaps .. must check on that !

Gypsy Dancer's colour truly stands out between these two ! The gold barberry brings a smaller leaf texture to the group and then this wonderful geranium with interesting leaves that are fuzzy to the feel .. I can't think of its proper name at the moment .. arrghhh !!
Marmalade heuchera is one that I have divided a lot and it seems to like that .. it has heaved a bit on me some years but then I take that cue and divide and it is happier after throwing some babies ?

Another green marbled one is Harvest Silver .. one of those late season bargains I couldn't pass up .. it blends in nicely !
Now for Geisha's Fan .. the back garden .. usually there is more of a marble affect but it goes back and forth with the weather and timing of the month .. sounds like a woman right ?? ;-)
Dale's Strain is across from it .. holding the green tone.
Tiarella Pink Skyrocket after blooming .. it's sharply cut leaves are beautiful against Jack Frost Brunnera and Beauty Colour heuchera
Throw in those soothing hosta lines and that colour with some rain drops.
Korean Yellow Wax Bells .. Casa Blanca lily , Silver Scrolls heuchera (my first love of them all) with Dolce Peach Melba for that zing .. gold Creeping Jenny .. blue crested gentian .. Filipendula Rubra meadowsweet .. another little dicentra .. Wargrave Pink geranium ..waterfall campanula .. a primula here and there .. a bit of bloody dock (decoy plant for bugs to eat that instead of garden babies I love ? go figure .. army tactics to avoid me crying in garden when seeing ragged plants ?

Now you know how far I will go to pack in the plants I love ?? ;-) If I list them all it might be too scary for ... me !!! LOL


Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

Wow I'm loving all those combinations! I'll take one of each :) This post shows exactly why foliage is just as, or even more important, than flowers!
I bought Marmalade this summer and glad to hear it likes to be divided.

Anna said...

Get thee behind me temptress:)

Anonymous said...

I'm not usually into foliage, it's all about flowers for me, but you know how to do it right, girl! Your foliage combos are fabulous. Kudos! Is your passion vine dead yet? I'm too scared of the snow to go look, but I think it's finally sleeping for the season. Whew, thought it was going to eat me alive!

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

Great pictures Joy, you have such a beautiful collection of happy, healthy and nicely arranged plants. Stunning. Gypsy Dancer is so very pretty, and I love the face in the garden. Great post! :)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Catherine .. yes! my Marmalade had enjoyed the garden a few years before I bothered ? her about babies but I did get lots of them to spread around and that was great : )

Anna ... LOL ! Come on girl , you know you have to have MORE !! haha

Hey there Msrobin : )Thank you girl ! These beauties in the front are my favorite combinations ! My Maypop looks like it is finished but you are so right .. we never know for sure .. and what about Spring ? how crazy will it get again ?? haha

Thanks Rebecca .. I thought I'd better show my collection after drooling over the ones I would love to have from the cyber ? world .. where I will put them is going to be tricky but I still WANT them BADLY ? LOL

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

I know how you feel. Perhaps more grass will have to go? ;)

Dave@TheHomeGarden said...

Nice! Hostas and heucheras make great combinations. I like the blue-green hostas with the lime green heuchera-heucherellas. Great ideas!

Unknown said...

What a fabulous feast, Joy! You have such a good eye for colour. Like you, I'm very, very fond of foliage, and I think posts like yours are an excellent ambassador for others to embrace the glories of foliage plants.

RURAL said...

You have such a pretty collection of texture, and colors. Love it.

I have always been a fan of foliage.


miss m said...

Now I ask, how can anyone go wrong with such wonderful plants ? Great collection, Joy and lovely arrangement !

Rose said...

Joy, these photos look like they came from a nursery catalog! Every leaf is perfect! I love the way you combine colors and textures; I think I should spend a little time studying all these photos again to learn a few tricks about combining plants. You are also a master at taking advantage of every space available!

CiNdEe said...

Just amazingly beautiful(-: I love the colors and textures of the foilage! I wish they would grow here for me!
It makes it all worth the wait just to see it all growing so lovely!!!(-:

gittan said...

Sigh... What can I say? Lovely combinations, just the way I like it.
Now I've read that other Heuchera post closer and I realized that they where some of the Heucheras you want =) I'm still interesting in swaping seeds if you are.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Rebecca girl .. that is my "mantra" more grass MUST GO ! haha .. I have to write my plans down this month for sure or I get totally off track .. but YES ! grass good-bye ! ;-)

Dear Dave .. thank you : ) .. I have great fun with these combos and they do look wonderful early summer .. but you know what slugs can do and it can go downhill VERY quickly from that point on ! haha

Jodi girl thank you ! : ) I think my foliage fascination came from being a child who was very fortunate to spend a great deal of time in the woods .. I loved ferns and their kids (fiddleheads: ) the smell and look of forrest plants were my favorite .. I think that draws me towards foliage more so than flowers but hey .. flowers can be fun too ? LOL

Jen girl .. I'm thinking we should have a foliage fan club soon ? wink wink .. now if only we had a foolproof way of dealing out the slug issue ? ;-)

Miss M thank you very much .. I am so happy to have these pictures to keep me from going too crazy over the winter .. amazing what looking at your garden in its prime can do ? LOL

Rose girl thank you so much ! I do have a weakness for these combos and when I began to think of how many heuchera I have and how many more I want .. well .. I better polish up my tactics to making more space and cramming more plants in ? LOL

Cindee girl .. hey I have been jealous of plants you can grow there as perennials and I only get to see them as annuals if I am lucky at all ! You have beauties there .. too bad we can't have it all eh ? LOL

Gittan .. I should have combined these two posts together so you get get a better idea of what I was thinking and doing here ;-) Hey .. I am game if it is possible .. I will drop by your place and leave a note there for you : )

garden girl said...

Heucheras have quickly become favorites in our shade garden Joy. One of the things I love best about them is how they keep their foliage over the winter (that is, when they escape the chewing of the bunnies.) For most of this winter they've been buried in snow - I'm looking forward to the thaw in the next few days so I can see some green (and purple, silver, etc.) in the garden again.

Pat said...

Have to admit...that is a very artsy bed...great creation. Even the little stone happy face head.

Those 0 or below temps aren't so's the wind :(

F Cameron said...

You have a beautiful heuchera garden. The companions are perfect... now, we just need the warm weather!


CanadianGardenJoy said...

Linda that is such a wonderful quality of heuchera and family .. they do look amazing for so long .. and Spring time .. well that is how they hooked me too .. the first love I started with was Silver Scrolls .. amazing ! : )

Thanks Patsi girl .. I know exactly what you mean .. it is the wind that cuts through us .. if you ever have -32 windchill factor .. then you would REALLY KNOW ! LOL

Freda that is the aim I am holding on fro .. Spring seems so far away yet for us Canucks .. it can be quite a tease too .. we have rain and 0 to +2 temps now but that is going to leave very soon .. I'm trying to hang in here ;-) yikes !

tina said...

I saw this the other day on Blotanical and I tell you I was positively drooling. You know I love all those heucheras and the way you've put them together make for such a nice design.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hey Tina girl ! Thank you : )
I have to say as much as I love all of my garden (which is always changing too ;-) I do favor the front for looking like this .. it is my "baby" ? LOL
You have to get more of these Tina !! ;-)

Kathleen said...

You are the best at packing them in but keeping everything SO tidy Joy! It's a beautiful collection.
Hopefully 'Maypop' won't come back to life and smother them all!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Kathleen and thanks girl ! .. that period of time during June is when they look their best so it is neat and tidy .. Maypop is restricted to a raised bed by the deck in the back .. so no danger here for these guys to sweat it ? LOL

Corner Gardener Sue said...

Hi Joy!

I have had your blog up much of the day, but our grandson was over, and got some of it read, but was unable to get any comments in.

I'm still debating in my mind the answer to the question in your latest post. Your beautiful foliage in this area make me want to have some shade. I love how you arranged everything!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Thank you so much Sue ! I have to say I do love my front garden (even though it does need a lot of tweaking come Spring) but the Crimson King Maple does cast quite a bit of shade around it (and stops the rain so that is tricky) .. I think I am keeping up with it pretty well though : )

Kerri said...

Joy, your pretty patch looks like a little bit of paradise to me right now. What beautiful combinations and some gorgeous plants you have there! You've done a marvelous job at putting them all together. Very inspiring! Methinks I need more heucheras and hostas....

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Kerri girl thank you so much !
I have to admit I can't wait to see my front garden come to this climax again .. June is its best month for these with the slugs not quite getting to the hosta yet.
You can never have enough hosta and heuchera/tiarella/heucherella
girl ! Get some this Spring !!