Monday, 25 January 2010

Sky Show

Sunday morning was finally a sky gift .. I would have missed it if husband had not mentioned the cloud reflection I usually hunt down was actually THERE FINALLY .. so many mornings without it I think I was giving up hope .. and .. I had not noticed that it truly was getting lighter out earlier and staying longer .. it REALLY IS !!
I know some of the pictures look the same but this sky changes so quickly I wasn't giving up any of it without a fight ... and many pictures to prove it !
See the rising sun to the right ? it will move past the roof top to the pine tree on the far left eventually and THEN .. there is an amazing show some mornings .. I can't wait !

I have a thing for colour in the tangle of branches ..
It is moving ... quietly and quickly ....
The bottom picture with the beautiful pine tree to the left and the stark upright habit of the pear tree in our neighbor's back garden .. two very different trees that lend a lot to my benchmarks for pictures in the morning.
Smudgy clouds with strokes of pink throughout ...
The big bank of dark cloud was the change in weather bringing us the rain last night and all day today.

I thought sepia was the best quality to illustrate how dark and gloomy the day became .
All those foot prints are not any of ours .. now how does that happen ?

There sits Winthrop in the middle of all the dullness possible at this time of year in the garden .. he is such a stoic gargoyle guarding my Eden for me ? : )


Carol said...

Great sky shots ... but I love ... I mean love that last photo... wonderful mood! ;>) Carol

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

You sure did get a nice show before the rain came. We finally had a short break in our rain today, but it'll be back for the rest of the week :(
I wonder who the mysterious footprints belong to?

CiNdEe said...

Pretty sky pictures(-: What a nice break(-:
The snow looks very cold though.
Rain here and cold but only like 42degrees(-:

Meadowview Thymes said...

Beautiful sky! You always capture such beauty in the clouds. It's a shame we all don't take the time to stop and enjoy them like you do. So glad you share! :)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Carol !
I was so happy to see a red sky morning .. these months (up until May really) nothing usually happens because of the position of the sun right now .. but when it moves to the left I get a much better view : 0
Yes ! I thought sepia expressed the mood of Winthrop and I ? to the tee ! haha

Catherine girl .. it was quick but gorgeous : ) it began to clear yesterday afternoon but a lot of rain and some places had flooding because the snow melted so fast with it .. no one is supposed to have "roaming" animals so I expect cat tracks but the bigger ones ... well who the heck is THAT !! haha

Cindee girl thank you ! .. I bet we will both be moaning about not enough rain this summer ? and think of now ? haha .. you will be into Spring way before me girl ! so those temps will be changing SOON !

Thank you Linda .. I know you do enjoy them too .. when I see a gorgeous sky and I don't have my camera .. it drives me NUTS ! or if by some chance I just missed the "show" aarrghh ! So I will share everyone I get : )

Anonymous said...

I am smiling at the thought of your excitement as you click the shutter, Joy. It is indeed beautiful and makes our eyes so happy to think the days and finally getting longer. We have noticed it here as well. Hooray!

Gail said...

I love the sky shots! g

Giddy said...

Joy, you and I are kindred spirits. You with the sunrises and me with the sunsets. Your photos, as always, are beautiful and leave me with a peaceful feeling.

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

Beautiful pictures Joy,k I love the tangle of bare branches, they are one of the few benefits to winter. :) Rebecca

Lona said...

Sue what gorgeous pictures of the sunset.Never tire of seeing them. With the different cloud formations each one is always different. I think the gargoyle is amazed by it too. ;-)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Frances and you are so right .. I was so excited it was silly .. I even stood up on a chair to get a better view .. my neighbors think I am wacky anyways so it wouldn't be a 'fall from grace" ha
YES !! light sooner and longer ;-)

Thanks Gail .. get off of here and rest your hand now !! haha

Giddy girl why thank you ! I do love your views ..I usually give a BIG sigh when I see some of what you see, it is so beautiful where you live .. come switch with me for a while ? LOL .. yes, the coming and going of the sun is so special .. I can't imagine not stopping to watch it : )

Lona .. Sue here ... aka JOY ? LOL
I just stopped by your blog and had a chat with you girl hahaha !
I love your roses header and asked if it was for Valentine's Day .. I have to think of something myself now !! Winthrop says THANKS ;-)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Rebecca girl I lost you in the fray of things ? LOL
YES ! tangled branches are truly gorgeous works of art .. even more so when you can see colours through them from the sun and clouds : )

Gail said...

You can't make me, you can't me me...To quote Gilligan to the Captain! gail

F Cameron said...

You must be having a fabulous time shooting the skies - the photos are stunning!

Those footprints... I'll bet Winthrop knows.


Northern Beauty Seeker said...

Yay! Light! Yay!

Your sky is warming up! During my commute home today there was some pink and peach on the western horizon - tres exciting...!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Gail " Listen little buddy ... " hahaha .. I had to think about that for a while this morning .. not enough neurons "firing" at this time of the day ? LOL

Freda girl .. Winthrop is VERY secretive about who sneaks in the garden like that : )
I was so happy to see a pretty sky that morning .. this time of year it is rare ! Thanks : )

Ms. S : ) I can't wait for the sun to keep shifting where it rises .. more to the left and I have a better view and pictures are even more beautiful : ) Yeah for the LIGHT coming back !!

Lona said...

JOY, I am so sorry I mixed up the names. LOL! What can I say some days the brain just checks out and goes on vacation. I am sure Sue won't mind ;-)

Cat said...

We had the prettiest rainbow over our house yesterday, I thought of you.

Skeeter said...

Beautiful skies you have there! And me does wonder about those footprints :) You have a guardian amongst your piece of Eden. ..

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Lona girl I laughed ! .. I have so many brain farts a day it is scary and I'm never sure when I hit the button "what did I just say ??" hahaha ! .. just go ahead and call me Sue ;-) LOL

Cat ! I'm glad you are having something nice to see in the sky aside from that scary weather .. was there a pot of gold at the end do you think ? wink wink !

Skeeter you would be amazed with how well Winthrop can guard my Eden .. he may be small but he is mighty .. plus Dave and the boys back him up when need be ? haha
YES ! I was so happy to see a beautiful sky finally .. we have rotten weather yet again .. SIGH !