Thursday, 28 January 2010

Suggestions for an Ornamental Tree ?

I'm having one heck of a time trying to track down (locally that is) a tree that I would love to have replacing my poor mangled lilac ..
I have become fixated on the Korean Maple aka Acer pseudosieboldianum .. but the chances of finding it here are going to be zilch to NONE !
If you have a suggestion .. for a smallish tree that will be happy in zone 5b .. I would love to hear from any and all of you, that drop by to read this .. just take a few minutes and tell me what you might just recommend ?
I would appreciate it very much !! : )


Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

Is Woodbridge, ON too far?
I don't know if they are regularly stocked, but maybe they have a supplier they can order from? Talk to your trusted garden centre, they can sometimes do special orders (I know, it's risky if you don't like the specfic plant brought in).

Sylvia (England) said...

I know it isn't any help to you but I have just ordered Himalayan Birch
‘Betula utilis var Grayswood Ghost’ and vilmorin rowan ‘Sorbus vilmorinii’ for my garden. It is really difficult to decide on trees, its not like spending a few pounds on a perennial that can be taken out if you don't like it or it doesn't like you. Good luck with your search.

Best wishes Sylvia (England)

Gail said...

I like Amelanchier~4 seasons of interest and it produces fruit! g

Dave@TheHomeGarden said...

I like 'Forest Pansy' Redbuds for a smallish tree - up to 20-30 or so but that might be larger than you want. The Korean maple sounds good though, can you order one?

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Rebecca .. I have to look that up ! LOL .. I am so directionally impaired it isn't funny ? ;-) .. Kingston is having a small garden show the first week of March so I hope to see some providers there and see if any of them can swing it for me ... I am so stuck on this tree !

Hello Sylvia .. I love birch trees but for some reason husband doesn't ? I may revert to a tantrum if I can not find my Maple and may just get a birch if hard pressed (I took a look at that one and it is beautiful !!)
Thanks very much for responding : )

Gail girl I have Autumn Brilliance and I so look forward to it growing up and filling out a bit more .. it is a beauty indeed : )

Dear Dave .. that is such a pretty one too .. redbuds are very appealing ! I'm not sure about the suppliers for the area but you can bet that I am going to ASK/PLEAD with everyone I can ?!! LOL

Anonymous said...

Joy, in my uncle's garden there is a Weeping Pea Tree ( and we're in the same zone as you. It is a fast grower, but compact in size (his is mature at about 6-7 ft) with lovely yellow blooms in May/early June. Easy to care for as well. Something to consider. :)

Kyna said...

I second the redbud suggestion...they have such nice visual interest in spring, summer, and fall. :)

Carol said...

I am not certain it would grow there, but one of my favorite is Magnolia stellata... a true early blooming beauty!

Ben said...

Check out the Stewartia its a nice small ornamental tree with lovely flowers hardy to zone 5b. In winter it has a nice bark especially on older specimens. I'm not sure if it would do that well up there or not, but its another to check out.

Jean Campbell said...

I vote for the redbud, too.

Rosemary Waigh said...

Might I suggest some of our lovely natives?

Amelanchier spp. (serviceberries)
Cercis canadensis(eastern redbud)
Cornus spp. (dogwoods)
Hammamelis viginiana (witchhazel): nifty yellow flowers in late autumn when almost nothing else is blooming
Malus coronaria (American crabapple)
Prunus spp. (cherries, plums)
Rhus typhina (staghorn sumac)

Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center has a searchable database to find natives for each province and state.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Nancy girl : )Thank you !
I will put that on the list I have started .. I think I have seen a few around Kingston !

Kyna .. I have always admired the redbud trees .. that Spring show is absolutely gorgeous .. it will go on the list too ! thanks : )

Carol .. you will laugh at this. We had neighbors next door that had a magnolia and (I'm red faced about it) we hated all the dropped flowers that ended up in our drive way not theirs ? LOL I know .. I am BAD !!

Hello Ben ! .. I had not read about that tree before and wow ! the flowers are amazing .. but I am worried it might not like the position facing all day sun .. plus we have hot humid weather in the summer so it might be a bit touchy .. great suggestion on a tree I didn't know about though so thank you !

NellJean : ) Redbuds are beauties for sure !

Hey Rosemary ! I have serviceberry Autumn Brilliance (it was my object of passion last year : )
My Halloween tree is my StagHorn Sumac .. I pollard it and it looks amazing ! We have done the cherry and apple trees too .. I have had dogwood shrubs .. it is just that I am so in love with this Korean Maple ? LOL
I will check that site out thank you !

tina said...

Have you tried online sources for the Korean maple? I think they can be found. In fact, I would think they'd be easier to find up there than down here. I got mine as a famous nurseryman's (Don Shadow) nursery but that was pure luck. If that does not work perhaps a crabapple? Make sure it is a disease resistant one. It would tie in with your serviceberry and provide berries and bloom at the same time.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Thanks Tina : ) We have a small garden show here the first week of March so I know some providers will be around and I am determined to grill them for a source .. once I get an idea in my head ? haha
I was also thinking of Beech .. because of the Fall colour too .. if you know of a really interesting cultivar let me know ? Thanks !