Friday, 29 January 2010

Waiting for the April/May Fire Sky

I have to give credit to Jodi of the Bloomingwriter for sparking my hunt to see what I am waiting for with the movement of the sun and more fantastic sunrises to see in a few months.
These shots were taken in April and May 2009, when the sun moved much further left and I had my markers (specific trees .. neighbor's trees .. but I don't think they have caught on to me using them ?) to measure up my focus catching the sun smiling at me or to its self ?
This is April 09
The sky can be so amazing with muted colours
See "my" pine tree to the left ?
This sky was heralding a major sun affect .. it lead to me becoming far more intense with sky shots ..

I was so grateful to have a new camera then , with a 26 x optical zoom .. I love my Olympus for showing me what I could see when we were in sync !
Drifting further into late April .. to early May
I leave these pictures with a remanence of where I shoot from to make sure it has the distinction of being mine .. but I suppose if some one is determined enough .. well you can guess what I am thinking about pictures going astray ?
The tiny fireball to the left is hard to imagine as a huge fiery sun in this shot ?
Look into the picture when it is enlarged and see the rough twigs highlighted .. it surprised me too !
Again muted colours and clouds .. so soft and appealing ?
Abstract pictures but with individual sharpness .. especially that wonderful pine tree
I don't know what I would do if they ever cut that beauty down .. I truly think I would be so sad .. pines live a long time ? right ? they do , don't they ????? ;-)

I can't wait for these skies again : )


Barbee' said...

I remember those - Thanks for the memories! :) As pretty as ever.

CiNdEe said...

Those are beautiful! I love the sun and moon shots. Tomorrow is a full moon! I will be ready with the camera incase we get a clearing! Its cloudy here now so who knows! Sun keeps peeking through though! I was hoping to get a shot of the mountain with sun shining down but didn't happen.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

What an interesting series of shots. Can you see the Wolf Moon tonight?? It is too cloudy here. A winter storm is blowing through.

Carol said...

Great sky paintings Joy! Pretty magical time sunrise... like so many wonders it fades so quickly... good that we can be up to be witnesses! A great way to honor a new day. Your photographs are all stunning... I love the effect with the black etched trees and how the sun plays with them. ;>)

Unknown said...

These are so great, Joy (and thanks for the link love!). I have to confess I rarely see sunrises, because I go to bed so late, and when I get to sleep, Lowell leaves me to sleep undisturbed unless I have an early appointment. We'll get there, weatherwise, one of these days. Today we're being clobbered royally by a honking big storm, featuring galeforce winds. But that's okay. It's late January, not April, so I won't moan about it. Much. :-)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Barbee' Thanks girl ! .. I really have to take them off my lap top soon to save to a CD because room is valuable with a smallish memory here .. but it is hard to do ? LOL

Cindee I saw it last night and I was floored ! .. I ran around like that "chicken story" ? trying to adjust the camera to night mode .. well, you would have laughed at me .. today/evening I know where to look and how soon to look and I will be ready for it damn it !!LOL

Lisa girl I was just telling Cindee I saw that fabulous MOON !! I want a better shot at it tonight so I am writing myself a note and being ready this time .. it was outstanding : ) Hope you get to see it too !!

Thank you Carol : ).. I have a separate folder with just the sky and cloud shots and I am overwhelmed with how many I have .. I love those shots and it does move so quickly it is almost impossible to get the "perfect" shot .. I get so excited ? haha
Like a kid seeing a Christmas tree first time ?

Jodi .. I understand about how precious it is to get sleep .. I have been able to keep the morning side of me (the only time of the day I can almost function surprisingly enough .. after 12 noon .. not so much ? LOL) each of us struggles to get quality sleep when ever we can;-) That storm was here two days ago and it was a doozy ! good luck with it and time is truly moving quickly : )

CiNdEe said...

Yikes its cold there! I just saw your weather thing and it says -23 degrees! So that is like -9 here. I hope you have a warm blanket(-:

Kyna said...

I love your sunrise pictures! :D

I never got see enough sunrises or sunsets when I lived in the city, because there were always too many buildings in the way. Now that I live in the country, I can see what I was missing lol.

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

Joy, if they (I don't know who exactly,someone!)will find your blog in 3010, they will think that we worshiped sun! Gorgeous pictures!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Cindee girl it is a bit chilly here I have to admit ;-) and I have two cats with a blanket so I am getting the heat ? LOL

Kyna I am so grateful to see a reasonable horizon with the sunrises .. sunsets are blocked off by houses .. but there have been amazing skies here and I am loving all of what I can see : )
I'm glad you were able to move and see beautiful skies too !

Tatyana .. so many times I have wondered , "what if these pictures are seen by "others" and they wonder what all the fuss was about ? It is fun to think that might happen ?? isn't it ? ;-)

Corner Gardener Sue said...

Wow, look at those gorgeous skies! I love your moon photos, too.

Thanks for your comments on my kitchen posts. I am so excited for the kitchen to be done, and for spring to get here!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Sue and thank you !
Those are two great things to look forward to : ) .. we love the "after" of a remodle even though we get stressed with the "during" ? LOL
And Spring ... come on over ? : )