Sunday, 17 January 2010

What do you do ...

I know that March is considered a dreary month .. Jodie from Bloomingwriter usually has some VERY funny posts for that month to get us by .. I'm looking forward to them girl !
Mid January is making me CRAZY .. we get a little spot of sun and blue sky then it reverts to that mind sucking gray ............
As this looks dark, dull, and generally making me ready to put my head in the sink and run water up to my neck and get this over with .. but the girls would rescue me since they think water is darn good fun .. no chance of an accidental drowning in the sink in THIS house !
Is it me or do you think the second icicle from the right looks like a CLAW ? !!!!
I was going to say how these look like they have tiny diamonds inside each one but that "claw" thing has me thinking a monster is sitting on the roof !!!!!!!!!!
Appleblossom has bloomed .. even with the escape attempt from its box, and very bent stalk (I think most of our stalks are BENT by now).. but I was hoping to keep it off until Valentine's Day .. I think it was frightened by the atmosphere of the house (and the monster on the roof with a claw hanging down the gutter) so it made up its mind to bloom and get the hell out of Dodge City !!
It was a pretty break from DULL, BORING,..... WHAT THE HECK IS ON TV ???????
Emma thought if she sat by the door long enough it would have to open and voila` it would be Spring ... sorry girlie .. it doesn't work that way .. we all have to be driven to the brink of insanity and THEN maybe it might show up ?
That look .... is how I feel ... a cat can express the time and moment of one more cell exploding yet again !! zzzzzzzzz

or ... is she so annoyed with me she thought the "blank" look would get rid of the nutter with the camera who was desperate to SHOOT anything ??


Unknown said...

Poor Emma, she looks as stir crazy as I am. I stepped out just long enough to look for footprints for a couple of minutes until I decided I was going to head back inside before my new camera broke.

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

You need a good does of Homesense ... perhaps they have their spring stock out now! Come to think of it I could use a dose of that too.

RURAL said...

Sending virtual chocolate through emergency channels. Joy, you need chocolate!!

Loved the idea of the kitties attempting water rescues. Bootsie would probably just stand back and watch. He is not a big fan of anything new.

Cheer up, flowers will be showing up in the stores soon.



Unknown said...

If I could hibernate, I would! :-)

At least you have some indoor blooms and beautiful cats!


CiNdEe said...

Happy Mid January(-:
Its a happy time to stay inside and keep warm(-:
Crafts are fun this time of the year right?(-:
I know we would all rather be outside playing in the dirt!
Kitties are bored with the weather too! Poor things! They need a bowl of catnip to take their minds off it!(-:

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I think your cat has the right attitude for this month. Just relax and be happy. Hang in there girl. There is lots of winter to come along.

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

Sounds like a serious case of cabin fever!!
I think your icicle looks like a fang...............!!

Unknown said...

Aww, thanks for the shoutout, Joy (I'm trying to write just as Spunky has landed on my lap and is trying to knit on the laptop, the duvet, and me). I shall try to think of something entertaining to get us through that interminable abomination known as FARCH.

gittan said...

Good morning Joy! I would love some grey sky just to get rid of that snow we've got. Normal winters we almost never get any snow. But this winter has nothing normal in it at all! I'm sick of snow! Isn't there any magic formula we could use? At least you have a green lawn, lucky you!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Oh no !! Cinj what happened with your camera girl ? DARN !! and YES ! cabin fever is a problem now it just goes through every fiber of our being .. I need to get my mind off of "ME" ? ;-)
Hope the camera can be fixed quickly !

Linda I think you are completely RIGHT ... I DO NEED a does of Home Sense ... hum .. maybe today : )

Thank you Jen .. Valentine's Day is one huge build of of all sources of chocolate ? LOL
Bootsie is one smart cat .. be a bystander in all situations to avoid trouble !! LOL
I'll be looking for those flowers girl : )

Freda what about Charm ? how is she doing and she must be keeping you company and I know you have to have indoor plants too ! ;-)
This time of year until mid March is rotten to the core ;-)

Cindee if I could get a great reaction to cat nip my head would be in that bowl all the time girl !!
Hey .. you are the "Craft Queen" of that department .. I have to keep an eye on you ;-)

Lisa girl .. don't I know it ... so much more winter to survive beyond this point ..BIG sigh !!

Janet I just knew you would think that icicle was a dangerous character too ? LOL

Jodi girl just saying FARCH makes me laugh every time .. Spunky sounds a lot like Sophie .. when she wants attention she GETS it one way or another ! That is serious duvet activity over there !haha ..

OK gittan what have you been drinking girl because my lawn is under snow ! haha I'm really surprised to hear you don't normally get snow where you are ?
This winter has been very hard all over the world with such wacky weather .. it can't roll into Spring fast enough for me ! ;-)

Dave@TheHomeGarden said...

I understand how you feel but we get more relief here in TN than you do. 55 F is the high for today and Saturday is said to reach 59!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Dear Dave
You are VERY naughty for telling me THAT !! .. we have small breaks or TEASES and then back to the great WHITE north we go again ;-(

Helen said...

Joy, you're giving new meaning to the expression "under the weather!" Maybe this will cheer you: what's soft, grey and likes to hang around near your windows? Cats! That's just a bunch of playful kittens up there. So don't think of the day as being over*cast*... think of it as under*cats*. A simple rearrangement of letters. Why do you think they call a group of cats a "clowder"? Does that help? At all? (If not, see you at HomeSense.)

Kerri said...

I do what you do...take pictures of cats! And yes, mine give me those looks too :)
Icicles can be fascinating subjects;)
My "Appleblossom" is still in the beginning stages since I just repotted it last week. I'm looking forward to those glorious blooms.
At least this forced indoor "rest" period is a good time to do all those indoor chores that need catching up sorting and tossing some accumulated "stuff"....a job I avoid with a passion. It's a good feeling to get it done!
We're at 40º here today...a veritable heat wave! ;)

VW said...

Appleblossom is very pretty, Joy! I gave an Appleblossom bulb to a friend this year and enjoyed visiting to see it bloom. Hang in there, winter's almost over . . . I mean, almost half way over (for us, hee hee).

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Helen girl you did make me laugh with this .. being a cat person I totally approve of your new "fore-cats" ? haha ! I meant to go to Home Sense today but couldn't .. but by golly I will make it there some time this week for sure !!

Kerri I'm glad of the company of cat people who do this too : )
The big clear out (as my UK friend calls it) .. I think if you ever watch that show on TV called "Hoarders" it scares the heck out of you and you really mean business when doing a "get rid of the junk" mission !
Cats can give us so many "LOOKS" ! can't they ? haha

VW .. you naughty girl you !! Tease me with the bit about you getting to see Spring before I do and I will hex that with a snowstorm on the west coast ! LOL
Yes .. Appleblossom has been very pretty : )

Anonymous said...

Oh your kitties are quite calm and peaceful, in spite of the camera toting lady. Do hang on Joy, no running water in the sink just yet. Think of those heucheras waiting for you outside! That looks like an icicle tooth to me, possible from dental work from your boys on the bench? :-)

Anonymous said...

Yes Joy, it's the constant gray skies that sap our spirits in winter. If I could just see the sun I'd be happy! Just checked the forecast, no sign of the sun for at least a week. ARGH! Checked on the passion vine today, it looks good and dead. But who knows, it could reawaken at any time.

Cat said...

Maybe it's time for a winter craft excursion?
I've been staying busy and trying to focus on what I can do at the moment. Our winter storms have hit and we are expecting winds of up to 200 mph in the sierras this week. I went to the chiro today and my volvo wagon was getting blown around a bit, not the norm at all. But we saw Avatar this afternoon and you have to go see it if you haven't yet it is amazing.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Frances girl you have made me laugh ! I love the idea of the "boys" doing a bit of dental work for the monster sitting on my roof ! perfect ! ahhh ! YES ! the thought of those new heucheras awaiting me might just keep me going : )

Robin !! I think you are more paranoid than I am about Maypop (now that is hard to imagine !!) but mine also looks properly dead with dieback of the foliage .. hope root is hanging on ? haha
The no sun or pretty skies saps my soul .. we should form a "soul sapped" club ? LOL

CAT !! I have been watching the weather warnings and mud slide pictures in your areas on TV and wondering how you have been doing !
It is all so violent and extreme ... so even this Canadian is wondering how you manage to pull through it all .. hang in there girl !
And YES !! I really want to see Avatar : )

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

Hey Joy, I feel your pain! The drab grey is almost too much to take, and with seeing gorgeous (& current!) pics in other blogs, one does ponder moving to a better zone. The claw is quite threatening, and seems to be another message from winter that 'you can't have your garden back just yet'. How are the boys doing?

Your amarylis is impressive! My little grocery store pots of spring have helped me feel better, might I suggest that you buy a few too?

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Rebecca girl that is exactly what I intend to do tomorrow .. grab some "LIFE" in pots to cheer me up .. but I do have a special Xmas present that I am in the middle of setting up too .. I always wanted one of these little light gardens .. I must take a picture of it even though it isn't quit ready to go yet .. I think the boys would scurry inside and use it as a sun lamp if they could get away with it ! haha