Saturday, 13 February 2010

Saturday's Sunrise Summary

I was hoping to catch more drama in this mornings sunrise .. but it seemed to know what I wanted and stubbornly turned heel and fled !
It began with a tantalizing layer of pink to blue ...
I loved the stark upright figure of my neighbor's pear tree .. so straight and upright .. it is a great contrast to the sky when it behaves itself and smiles at me.
This morning it stuck its tongue out and away it went .... BIG sigh !
There is something exciting going on though .. it is such a tease and making me so impatient.
The sunrise is shifting to the left and I am so happy to see this progress because soon there will be amazing sunrises to capture within my little vista ... I can not wait for that sky and those clouds that make the light glow from red amber to pure golden sunshine.
Meanwhile I constantly check the position from this roof and watch the painfully slow progress. BUT .. it is progress and I am smiling to myself : )
Yes .. same shot over a few minutes and unless you are as familar as I am with what is going on it looks like a very boring post .. that is ok .. you are allowed to think and say that ;-) for now !
It was a bit cold this morning .. and Frances if you read this post .. I have to confess I did run out in bare feet , but it was a good healthy dose ? of cold clear air .. for my feet and I ? ;-)
Next month is going to get busy .. I have to pollard my love the Sumac ... husband will "wince" once again I am sure .. he knows I know what I am doing .. I think it might just be a guy thing ? LOL .. cutting back limbs ? haha
Then it will be lining up landscapers for an estimate on the work to be done with the borders and pathways of the garden .. almost the last leg of renovating to just finally have fun with plants and not moan and groan about how chaotic and mismatched everything looks.

I know Winthrop for one will be happy .. being a care taker gargoyle, well he wants something good looking to take care of right ? .. Dave and the boys are turned around until things get settled, so he and they, don't have to be embarrassed by how things look ... Other chores .. how to turn off the local Tom Cats ? from spraying my deck doors .. leaving their calling card for the girls .. I wish I could tell those boys it is of NO use .. they are NOT coming out to play ! ... so pick on another house why don't you !!


Northern Beauty Seeker said...

Dear Joy, I think I am as interested in the progres of your sky as you are! I saw the sun actually *up in the sky* on my morning commute this week. Goodness knows, I may have to dig out the sunglasses again soon - yay! :)

Unknown said...

Your photos are always so inspired! It is time to start doing some shaping up of plants here, too, but we had more snow today. Surely, spring will be early!

Don't have a solution for the visiting cats except to put a pot of catnip down the street away from your door!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I can just imagine that tom coming to your door trying to court your girls. The toms are so onery.

CiNdEe said...

The sky is awesome and your garden is just beautiful! I don't think you need to change a thing(-: Of course since I am constantly saying the same thing I totally understand(-:
I have no cure for those pesky tom cats. Grrrr though.....

Gail said...

I love your sky shots! Any chance you can give us a tutorial on pollarding TES. One day my big girl might need the treatment! gail

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Ms. S !
You are sounding a bit chipper about that commute girl .. I know the sun is a huge factor for waking up and energy levels .. I am so glad we both see a real difference in the timing and intensity happening .. it is a relief in fact right ? .. now make sure you have good sunglasses at hand girl !

Freda : ) Thank you so much !
I can't believe all the snow you are getting there .. it really must be a shock to the system this year for you .. but YES !! hang on to that thought .. Spring is slowly but surely edging its way towards all of us .. you will be way ahead of me that is a fact .. haha .. how has Charm taken to the snow ? I was thinking about her with that ;-)
I am going to try a bit of research to see what exactly will repel the toms and not offend the girls because they so love looking out the door while I'm in the garden .. tough situation !

Lisa girl .. I am really annoyed with it all and as I said to Freda .. I have to find something to repel the toms without offending the girls .. almost impossible eh ? jeez !! LOL

Cindee girl .. you are a fine one to say that ? LOL .. I know YOU are the same way ! .. Did you ever go on that rock hunt you spoke about a couple of weeks ago ? any pictures of the new rocks ? I am really interested to know what you did with them !
Can you send Captain Jack over to chase those darn toms away please .. the girls asked me to ask you ! LOL

Gail girl .. thank you so much for that beautiful card .. she makes such detailed pretty ones !
That could be a good little post of before and after with my Staghorn .. I'm not sure you would be looking for the same affect with TES .. I am so curious to see how that does this year ! I can't wait to see yours too : )

Kyna said...

Haha, if someone didn't know what 'pollard the Sumac' meant, it could sound pretty amusing :D

Love the sky pics, they could never be boring :D

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Kyna aren't you sweet ! Thank you : ) .. I think you are right , about the term pollard .. it could be a little dodgy sounding for some people ? haha .. some gardening terms are a bit wacky aren't they ? .. I'm so glad to see the sky and not have my head in the toilet .. phew ! LOL

Cat said...

Glad your feeling well, What are you thinking outside in bare feet?
We use cayenne and lemon juice on our doors to keep the Toms away.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Thanks Cat : ) Well .. the moment just took over seeing as teasing pink glow to the sky .. what can I say ? LOL
Now that you have said that (lemon and cayenne) .. I think a dose of Montreal Steak Spice may be the answer .. I know it worked in the garden .. maybe at the door too ?