Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Wednesday Sunrise Shimmer

I would like to be in on Wordless Wednesday but too many people KNOW I can NOT be wordless even if I sit on my hands ?
This mornings shimmer sunrise was unique to most that I have ever seen .. so quiet and snow falling slowly .. those are the flecks you see in the pictures ..

Yes .. yet again I was standing on a chair at the deck door .. indoors this time .. still bugged by the bug only now it is the noro-virus in the house (not me yet .. phew !)
Beautiful eh ??
A tribute to Ms. Rosemary .. even though she is not green she is still a pretty thing.
The "boys" preferred to say no comment ... a quiet dignity surrounds Dave and he expects the gargoyles to follow ... stiff upper lip and all of that ?


Anonymous said...

Hi Joy Girl~~ Amazing photos! They look somewhat mysterious like we should be anticipating MORE than a sunrise, as if the sun rising isn't enough.

Notice you don't see me doing Wordless Wednesday. LOL

Kyna said...

Hehe, that last pic is my favourite :D They're definitely Wordless Wednesday pros.

Andrea said...

Hi Joy, as beautiful as it is I am so ready for warmer weather. We are having one heck of a winter over here this year. It would be nice if summer was as hot as this winter has been cold. Greetings from across the ocean. Andrea

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Great series of sunrise shots Joy. I was out taking some sunset shots this evening while I was supposed to be doing the dishes.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Beautiful sunrise photos. I am sure the "boys" are gossiping as soon as you turn your back. That is probably why the snow melts around them first. All that hot air.

Weeping Sore said...

Breathtaking! I can almost hear the soft sound of falling snow and smell that clean silver scent of untouched fresh snow.

Northern Beauty Seeker said...

Joy, Your shimmering sky looks like it is made of satin - beautiful! And the sun looks like a giant candle. A sunrise to remember.

(and no, I cannot imagine you wordless!! :) )

CiNdEe said...

Beautiful pictures(-:
Snow always looks so pretty(-: Just cold(-:
Jack did his post for wordless wednesday. He pushed the mute button for me(-:

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hey there Grace girl ! I'm sure I make my neighbors a wee bit paranoid with my camera pointed at them so many times .. but as the sun shifts , other neighbors will join the club ? haha
Yes .. this was an amazing show and I thought more might happen .. and YUP ! I can't see yo are wordless either girl ! haha

Hello Kyna .. the boys just seem silently stoic .. but as soon as my back is turned they CHAT ! haha

Hello Andrea ! YES ! I know you have been locked in an almost Canadian winter over there .. it has been harsh this year for sure .. I can agree it is time to start the big thaw : )

Linda I was wondering how nice a view you would have with the sunset .. forget the dishes woman .. get out and enjoy the sunset !! LOL

Lisa ! You SO know how the boys behave ! that was hilarious and so TRUE girl : ) thanks for the laugh this morning !

Hey there WS (your name still cracks me up : ) .. but yes .. that perfect stillness and the snow falling .. it is very special indeed !

Ms. S .. I thought that too .. especially as the sun was just over the tree tops .. like a flame ! and too true .. I could never be wordless LOL

Cindee girl .. Jack sure does come in handy at times doesn't he ? I just couldn't get either of the girls to do that for me ? : )

Victoria said...

very beautiful pics! So it! Wonderful when you catch perfect moments like that! nature is inspiring!

Gail said...

beautiful and please don't sit on your hands! I love your commentary. I tried being wordless, but who am I kidding....gail

Rose said...

I have trouble, too, Joy, doing Wordless Wednesdays:) Glad to see Dave and the boys are faring well this winter; I've been wondering how they were doing. Hope you are feeling better!

RURAL magazine said...

We are trucking in snow for the Olympics, and seeing the crocus bloom. And you are getting the most amazing sunrises.

And no, I don't want to switch. Remember me complaining about last year, when we had more snow than you guys?

I couldn't do a wordless Wednesday if I had to. Can we say loquacious.


Skeeter said...

I could never partake in Wordless Wed either. I would be typing with my toes if I sat on my hands! My mom calls me the Mouth of the South! hee hee...

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Kiki , I absolutely love seeing sunrises like this .. they are so mystical and beautiful you have to feel some kind of thrill watching them unfold and then fade away .. I watch the sky all the time that I can : )

Gail girl : ) I can't see/hear you being wordless either .. you are always trying to talk to everyone of us and that is so nice of you .. even with your poor hand, which I hope is feeling better !!

Thank you Rose ! : ) with all the responses of bloggers who can't imagine being wordless .. I am wondering if we should try out "Wordy Wednesday" ? haha .. Dave does some complaining .. he can't help himself .. but he keeps the boys in line most of the time and this winter hasn't been so bad .. so far ? haha

Jen .. funny you should mention that problem with these wonderful Olympics and the WESTCOAST ? LOL
I do remember a certain some one saying they had too much "winter" last year is RIGHT ! haha
Now loquacious is now running barefoot through my head for the rest of the day .. THANKS GIRL ;-) I owe you for that one ?? hehehe

Skeeter .. you had to make me totally adopt that name for you now "Mouth of the South" !! LOL
I love it and now I can't see/hear you as anything else LOL .. and some how the picture of typing toes is stuck in my brain ? thanks a BUNCH girl !! haha

Christine said...

Why try to be wordless when your words are so delightful? :)
I love these sunrise photos - so serene. I especially like Dave and the gnomes.

Cat said...

Love that the boys keep each other company!

Anonymous said...

Isn't that just a stunner?! Beautiful, Joyous. :)

Cat said...


CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Christine and thank you so much ! The 'boys" have quite a presence in my garden .. or should I say THEIR garden ..I'm just the gardener ? LOL

Cat girl .. they are perfect for each other .. such different personalities eh ? wink wink .. I may be adopting another gnome or gargoyle this year ..I think they need fresh company ? haha
I'm checking on that address you sent Cat !

Nancy girl ! Thank you : ) it was a beautiful stage of events with the sun shimmering in the cloud cover that way : ) I can't wait for the really dramatic ones soon to start end of March into April : )

tina said...

That sunrise is indeed soft. You do such a good job painting a picture with words it would be sad if you were wordless.

P.S. Thanks for backing me on the litter thing. You should've seen the first draft. I toned it down a bit.

Anonymous said...

Just beautiful, Joy, and of course you cannot be wordless! We are glad of it too. Dave and the boys are always a joy to see. Glad too that you were inside the house this time! :-)

garden girl said...

You're an ace at capturing beautiful sky shots Joy! Loved these, and the wolf moon shots too. Hope you're feeling much better!

Kathleen said...

I love that you CAN'T be wordless Joy! I don't think I could be either!
Fabulous sky shots I've missed lately and the moon too. You do such a superb job with these. For the life of me, I can't take a moon photo. It's totally hopeless. I have cabin fever like crazy right now too. I hope we can get out soon and that you are feeling much better.

Carrie said...

Gorgeous photos. I can't do a wordless wednesday either, I try but always end up writing a little something ;) Get well soon xx

Anonymous said...

Your shimmering sunrise is beautiful Joy! Did you see my striped sunrise? Go look!

lisa said...

Beautiful!! I've seen this before, it's a "sun pillar". Great capture!

Anonymous said...

Dear Joy, Not quite wordless (!!) but a series of magical photographs which I have so enjoyed looking at. Incidentally, and far from the subject, I think your cats are adorable.

CiNdEe said...

Jack wants to know what you are up to...(-: He said to tell the Girls hello too(-:

garden girl said...

More beautiful sky photos Joy! The sky was beautiful here yesterday too - it was wonderful to see the sun, and nice to see it back again today.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Tina girl thank you ! ... and of course I will be your PA when it comes to "yelling" about litter .. I can NOT stand seeing people do that ! aarrgghh ! .. don't worry about toning things down .. you are RIGHT about something so go to it girl ! haha

Hello Frances and thank you .. things have been a bit disastrous here so it is wonderful to read such nice comments : ) .. the boys love it too ! haha

Thank you Linda .. I do love the sky and try very hard to get the perfect shot but there is always something you like to tweak ? LOL

Kathleen girl ! I hope you are getting over the cabin fever ? I know it can hit hard .. I have been lucky with my shots .. you have to take a lot just to get one you think is almost alright ? LOL Just keep aiming and shooting girl ! : )

Thanks Carrie .. hope you are feeling a bit brighter too ? and I can't imagine you being wordless either ? LOL

Hi Robin .. I have been out of the loop for over a week .. had to go to the hospital .. been sick with the dreaded Norwalk virus .. I'm just up for a bit right now but have to keep going back to bed to rest .. makes you appreciate your own bed after the hospital ;-)

Lisa hello there ! Thank you .. I will have to follow that link and have a look : )

Edith thank you so much ! I have been away here so I am very slowly catching up .. missed "talking" to you all and of course missed taking pictures to share : )Thanks!

Cindee girl and Dear Jack .. I have been really sick .. so I have been out of the loop. But I am slowly coming back to life and the girls have been asking about Captain Jack and his adventures ? LOL ..

Linda .. today is like Spring !! I know winter is not done with us but on days like this is truly gives you hope that Spring will come and it isn't that far away : ) phew !! LOL