Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Live Post .. as I speak ?

This morning was BLUE ....... heavy frost on the roof .. COLD dark blue sky ...
Tiny shot of colour escaped being swallowed by the clouds .. but the clouds won out for the day.
Stark trees are more like November than the end of March ?
The forecast is most unbelievable tough .. saying we will have a high of 20+ on the weekend ? YEAH ... pull the other one why don't ya' !
Make you shiver a bit ? .. between the weather and our situation with Raccoon City ?
That is above our front door .. her expanded route of escape so she can take her babies with her.
Gratuitous picture of hellebore flowers ... a need for something pretty and Spring like is eating me up ?
Old fashioned Bleeding Heart poking it's fingers up from the cold cold soil
Monk's Hood ... also testing the waters ...
Shot of raccoon wrangler doing his thing ...
Also shot of husband shooting raccoon wrangler .. we both looked like Asian tourists then and there ..
Free advertising of said raccoon wrangle company .. ? Critique to come later ?
Look to the left and above the door under the little eve .. that is where the opening is to let mama and babies get the heck out of Dodge !
OK .. raccoon ridder fellows are here .. they have put the "not nice smelling' stuff to cause mom to think of eviction notice shouting at her by way of smelly business .. it is cloudy and cold and windy out there so I am in here waiting .. listening .. cooking chicken for supper .. girls are cozied up in my bedroom with big quilt to comfort them .. what the heck ?? I should be under said quilt in flannel pajamas .. resting my poor weary headachey head ... maybe I should stare at those liquor bottles again ??
Wait .... I think I here a thump .... nope she isn't moving very much at all .. I can't blame her .. it is daylight .. it is cold and windy and people are WATCHING the area she needs to come out of ..
This has been one for the books ...
It may take another 24 hours or so for the whole scenario to play out .. even though she is offended by the "eviction urine" she is gambling with how hard it will be to take her young out and where will she take them .. makes me feel sad and sorry for her but she can't co-own the house with us can she ...
Flour has been dusted on area that she should step her tootsies on so we can see if she really is moving out .. after all ... it is the end of the month when all good renters should be MOVING OUT right ??


Lona said...

You must have the best 'tree' house in town.I cannot figure why a raccoon would even choose a house to nest in. Maybe warmer than a real hollowed tree? Good luck with getting rid of them.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Lona we seem to NEED a whole load of good luck with this problem .. even the raccoon man/company is scratching his head over this case .. I think we should get a discount and be used as a teaching tool ?? haha

Jess said...

I sympathize with you. If you move it might not save you anyhow. :) I live in a city. Concrete and all, I have twice had squirrels eat through the fascia boards and live the high life in my walls and attic, chewing wires and ripping up insulation. I've been here less than six months, so I'm guessing this is a lifelong problem. Granted not quite as vicious as a raccoon can be, but when they like you're digs, they like them.

I am crossing my fingers for all of you still in the grips of winter that this will be the week where it will be banished for good. (til next year).

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

Ha ha ha ha.... Joy, your comment about you and hubby looking like Asian tourists with the camera snapping has me in stitches! That is just hilarious.

Your neighbours must be freaking out with what's going on over at your place, no doubt worried that momma raccoon might move into their place after she's evicted from yours!

I sure hope this craziness comes to an end soon. I do feel sorry for the mother raccoon who is trying to keep her babies safe; unfortunately, the inside of your house was not a good choice to raise a little family.

Grasshopper said...

Wow! That's a major repair there. Maybe the raccoon just need a place to stay for the cold weather. I hope she would get back to where she was. Maybe you can build her an alternative home? I don't know. That's a serious case. Here in Florida, we found a bobcat in our neighborhood!

eric @ my First Garage said...

I don't want to get all political - but it seems like your 'coon was a victim of a bad sub=prime mortgage, and now has to move in with you.

Deborah at Kilbourne Grove said...

I hope she decides to move them tonight. Keeping my fingers crossed. After all, I do not want to see that mans ladder in your garden again, were you watching where he stepped?

Northern Beauty Seeker said...

Oh Joy, I would be feeling sorry for them, too. But best you part ways and the sooner the better. Hang in there! ;-)

gittan said...

I hope that it's so. Being the end of the month. Sending A LOT of hugs to make you feel a little bit stronger / gittan

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Jess .. I have heard some really BAD stories about squirrels so I get the picture you are painting ! UGH !!! and expensive to boot!
I am also hoping this switch in weather is going to encourage mommy raccoon that is is safe to move the kits and stop having to put up with us trying to get her out ? LOL

Honestly Martha .. John and I looked like Asian tourists .. I am not sure Curtis thought it was funny .. he was too busy on the ladder making sure he was paying attention to what he was doing ? *SMIRK* I told you at least two different neighbors came by and asked for this company to take a look at their problem (squirrels) so Our problem is generating more business for this company !

Hi there Grasshopper .. yes ! I remember stories of a lot of different animals in residential areas .. poor bobcat a little confused ? LOL This seems to be a weird year altogether !!

Eric .. I am beginning to get the "handle" with you .. political commentary along with a few pokes at overall views of how we live sneak in here and make me laugh ? : ) .. Yes .. the mortgage drama may very well have affected this poor creature .. she just found out her bank failed .. she may have to hit the liquor bottles and not just stare at them ? haha

Deborah girl .. believe me they are being careful but I have been wincing and watching just where they are going .. I have a lot of plant switching to do in that area .. heuchera have heaved .. but so far they have been VERY good at not stomping on any plants ... so far ..

Ms. S I feel the need for a huge celebration once this is truly done and dusted .. we never thought we would have to go through this again after the last time ? JEEZ !!!

gittan girl .. thank you .. I think you understand why I have fallen back on a lot of my garden administration now ? LOL I will get those things done !!!