Monday, 1 March 2010

What is going on ? wink wink

A few days ago .. the boys were in a foul mood ... I can't say that I blame them .. this seems to be a never ending winter right now .. and cabin fever roars amongst us all !
... so much so we are only seeing the "backside" of Winthrop who is totally disgusted ...
But .. I can't help but admire the "sticky snow" .. it is beautiful in the garden ... the pictures look like they are black and white ... don't they ?
The bittersweet vine is gorgeous dressed in white .
That corner of the garden will be under a lot of thought and reconstruction .. it will be a cool shady retreat for everyone ..
My meditation buddha is smiling at the thought of it all soon to come ?
Those few nights ago I saw bits and pieces of a beautiful sunset .. but the houses on this hill cut off a great deal of it .. still I am determined to capture some of that colour and drama.
My neighbor's tree .. well we are sure it has been dying for a while .. it was such a gorgeous tree .. so graceful , so much character ...
When I see it here it keeps reminding me of Wuthering Heights for some reason .. the wind ? the arching limbs .. it is just STUCK in my mind ...
The drama ?? .. colour ? ... OK ... I quit .. it just reminds me of the story of wildness almost contained and yet not ... go figure ?
There was so much more colour in that sunset but the camera did not pick it up for some reason.
Now for some guest shots ?
The tribe which is the furry family of Martha & family from Water Roots
This little girl is the most beautiful black cat called Nacho .. shy at first then look out ! she wants to be front and center ?
Then Bailey figures out "hey ... I want to be a star too ! ... should we do lunch and talk ?"
But not to be left behind comes Clair .. little girl with darker fur, petite build but huge on sweet gentle character .. as were all three of the tribe : )
This was my first "meeting" of a ferret clan plus cutey cat" .. I have to say they were so amazing .. so inquisitive yet so gentle and careful with getting to know me .. and picking up my girls scent from my camera bag ..
Nacho is so photogenic isn't she ? .. her sister and brother in a broad sense of the word .. were just so busy investigating EVERYTHING ! they couldn't pose like Nacho seemed to know how to do ?
How cute is this I ask you ? .. they had play time and then they needed their nap and Martha had it down pat for their schedule .. she is an amazing ferret/cat mother to the "Tribe" .. they are such lucky creatures to have such a loving family .. they "pay it forward" by behaving so sweetly I am a convert to ferrets ? LOL .. seriously .. I am no longer a ferret virgin and first impressions were "WOW !!"
Some how ... I think Sophie has found out about my rendezvous on the side .. she is not having it .. extra loving is on the menu for my girls to make up for my indiscretion ? hehehehe
So ... March .... well ... how about some "natural" mini lights on the trees in celebration ??
Or .. an update on my sprout adventure ?
These alfalfa sprouts have been growing in record time and ready to harvest for salads .. sandwiches .. even just by themselves they are delicious !
This method couldn't be easier .. if I can do it .. ANYONE can crack that whip and muster up fresh greens in your very own container .. notice three levels .. I think we will all claim a level each ?
How cool is this ? ... they reach for the source of light so I give them a turn every once in a while and talk to them a bit .. I think they appreciate it ? .. seems kind of mean that we eat them after a conversation eh ? ... eeeekkkk !!
This last picture is of the sun trying to rise above the clouds .. the big deal is the position .. it is shifting to the left and that is where I want this baby .. I am waiting ever so impatiently for those astounding fire red sunrises .. ROLL ON SPRING !!

Many thanks to Martha and her little tribe of furry souls willing to let me take pictures and post about how wonderful my first up close ferret experience was : ) and yes ! Nacho too .. she will be my Halloween Cat poster kid, don't tell the girls !


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I had a rental house once and the people living it it had a ferret. They didn't take such good care of them. I didn't like the mess left behind. I guess that gave me a squed opinion of them as pets. You have been a busy girl.

CiNdEe said...

Wow ferrets! I have heard they are fun pets! I know Jack would not approve at all though!!!
The tree is beautiful(-: I love all the snow scenery(-:
I am still healing up here watching tv and sitting around(-: I want to be outside working in the yard!!! )-:

Gail said...

I am ready for March to march in and bring some sunshine, warmth and a few flowering bulbs...

The tribe of ferrets and cat are very entertaining. I can tell you with great assurance Monsieur Coal would not like them.


Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

Oh my goodness Joy, what a wonderful (and hilarious) post, from top to bottom! I laughed with the boys, I laughed with my tribe, I laughed with Sophie (please tell her not to feel left out, and that she's welcome to come visit!) and I laughed with those little sprouts of yours (yes, it is kind of mean to eat them after you've shared a conversation...LOL).

Thank you for adding my tribe to your blog; I'm honoured! And like I told you, they really liked you; they went to you immediately. Animals have a great way of telling the good people from the bad.

Oh, and I won't be showing them this post, so egos don't inflate. You know how these furry souls can get :) Next thing you know, they’ll be demanding room service, and expecting me to cater to all their needs. Hmmm...I think they already have me doing all that :)

By the way, I'm overdosing on all the magazines you lent me. My list of 'wanted' plants is getting dangerously long. My garden anticipation is reaching toxic levels...LOL...

Unknown said...

It's so good to see you feeling better and posting more regularly again, Joy. (and yeah, woo to the HOO for that hockey game). The ferrets are charmers--I know people who have them and love them as pets, but I'd never seen them with cats before. Sophie does NOT look amused, however.

Cat said...

How cute, but, yes the girls will be sulking!
Glad your sprouts are going for it I am over run with spinach and lettuce at the moment.

Northern Beauty Seeker said...

Loved all the pics - Nacho is gorgeous! My fav pic this time tho' has to be the "mini lights" on the branches - what a great photo! Hope your March is very lamb-like this year :)

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

Love the picture of your girl giving you her back;)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi there Lisa ! It sounds like you got off on the wrong foot for as ferret experience .. and it is the "owners" fault .. it is like being given a blank slate with a little creature .. they pick up how you treat them and can't help but behave in reaction to that treatment. I think any animal would behave that way really ..
YES ! I have tried to be a little busy because I am so near to "crazy" with thoughts of getting in the garden and getting things accomplished .. enough of winter !!

Hi there Cindee girl and OMG !!!
I had no idea about your finger getting sliced .. ugh !! That must have been so painful and wow to getting it looked at (hate the needle thing too girl !) Hope it is feeling much better .. and try to stay away from the mower girl !!
You are right about Captain Jack .. not a meeting of the minds with the ferrets ? haha

Gail girl .. I knew Sophie KNEW something happened to me with how she reacted to my camera bag .. then the cold shoulder ? LOL
Sir Coal would be greatly annoyed too no doubt ? ;-)
YES !!! Roll on SPRING !!

Hey there Martha girl !
I have been pouring over your books & magazines too and we share the author Jeff Cox .. I have Perennial All Stars from him : )
I thought those nursery books just might drive you a little nuts with so many fantastic choices !!
I really had such a great experience meeting the gang there .. being a ferret virgin I was a little nervous but they are simply wonderful little souls .. and Nacho is so sweet and such a beauty !
Yes !! Hopefully we can get started THIS month on GARDENING missions : )

Jodi girl .. I'm sure the whole neighborhood heard number one son cheering on the team for that game (and he is usually so quiet you don
t know he is in the house ! haha)
That was WONDERFUL and that song "We Are the Champions .." kept playing in my head for some reason ? LOL
Sophie's nose was out of joint for a while then she relented .. near supper time ? ;-)
It was amazing to see all three little furry souls get on with each other so well .. as if they had been born together : )

Cat girl ! do you use some of them as "Micro-greens" that seems to be a big trend now too .. I love the sprouts and it is so easy it is amazing .. I just wish I had done it earlier ! Emma didn't care a hoot over the different scent of my camera bag .. but Sophie .. well there you are ? ;-)

Ms S girl how are you ! .. thank you : ) Yes .. Nacho is a beauty of a black cat : ) I thought the mini lights were fun too : )
Now I want to see leaf buds SOON ? LOL

Debbie girl .. I just knew of all the pictures I posted that YOU would think THAT ONE was the BEST ? LOL

Anonymous said...

Oh the tribe is Sooooo cute, Joy! Nacho is very sweet to allow so much investigation too. LOL The wuthering heights reference seems perfect, perhaps it is the dark and unkempt hair look of the branches, I see it! Good deal on the shifting sunrise, it has been so long since we have even seen the sun, it is not known if the rise has moved at all, or if it is even there somewhere. I feel like Winthrop. My daughter Chickenpoet once brought home some ferrets and let them loose in the house. They were able to squeeze under closed doors, a big NO reverberated through the house and back to the pet store they went. HA

Unknown said...

Oh, we have a grand-ferret! :-)

The son in pharmacy school has a funny ferret named Gus. Gus is so inquisitive. Son's girlfriend has a designer cat (one of those with spots instead of stripes) and the cat and ferret have a great time.

Loved your story and photos!

Anonymous said...

The sprouts look great, and the ferrets look sweet.

By the looks of Sophie's ears, I think she suspects your Halloween plans with Nacho!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Frances girl I laughed so much at the reverberating NO ! .. I can well imagine it all .. if number one son had been that brave ? to bring any home .. haha .. they can squeeze just about any where can't they ! .. We had some warm weather today but I think it is only a tease .. "in like a lamb out like a lion" might just apply here .. you can never depend on the weather .. go with the flow. I have no idea what our neighbor is going to do about this tree .. I'll miss it when it does have to be taken down .. it had character !

Hi Freda and thanks ! Glad to hear another positive note on the ferret subject .. i was truly amazed with Martha's tribe .. they really were so gentle and sweet with me .. love the name Gus ! and wow with those designer cats eh ? They are beautiful and what a pair they must make;-)

bloominrs : ) You are TOTALLY right about Sophie .. she KNOWS something was up and she is NOT pleased with strangers making nice with her mom ? haha
I have started my second batch of sprouts .. they are addictive ? LOL

Skeeter said...

The Saint and I were watching a program on TV this past weekend of ferrets. Did you know they actually have ferret shows like dog shows? I thought it funny when I learned about cat shows but here they have ferret shows as well. Anyway, the program on TV had us rolling on the floor with laughter. Those little critters look like so much fun. I am not sure my girls would be as nice to them as Nacho is but it would be fun to have one visit us for a bit to see how things would go. They would put a smile on a stressful day for sure. The sprouts look yummy!

Kyna said...

The alfalfa sprouts pics are so cool! I've never seen them grown before :) I'd like to try that lol

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hey Kyna girl ! I can say they tasted delicious and FRESH ! like tasting summer is about the best way to describe it : ) I have another crop growing but this is a mix with some radish and other "greens" so it will be interesting how long (not long really no matter what sprouts I do according to the instructions) this takes and what it tastes like .. I wish I had done this earlier in winter !!

Skeeter girl .. you can't tell me you didn't know about cat shows !! My goodness they have been around as long as dog shows and earlier .. I think the Egyptians displayed their favorite friends even back then ? LOL
I can honestly say these little guys were so friendly and gentle .. my first ferret experience was wonderful : )
I can well imagine the circus you would have on your hands THERE ? haha ;-)

Kathleen said...

omg, I've never known anyone who had ferrets either Joy! How interesting, especially that they get along with the cat too. I don't think I'll disrupt my happy household with an introduction tho!

You have some lovely snow & sky photos but I'm ready to see green! Especially if it's your 'Maypop.' I am going to be really surprised if mine makes it thru the winter.
Happy March Joy!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Kathleen girl no one could be more surprised than I about these little creatures .. Martha had explained it all but being up close and personal .. well it is so TRUE !! they are gentle sweet natured little ones .. but I am like you .. my girls think the world revolves around THEM ! haha
YES !! I am so curious about our Maypop vines too : ) can't wait to see what happens !
March is finally HERE ;-)

Rose said...

I guess I'm a ferret "virgin", too, Joy:) I'm surprised Nacho puts up with them, but they do look like they're all best friends. But you'd better give Sophie and Emma some extra attention before they get the wrong idea about where you've been:)

Those sprouts look delicious! And yes, I think those tree photos would make the perfect book cover for Wuthering Heights. Now that I think about it, Winthrop even looks a little like Heathcliff...

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Rose girl (I have to get over to your place too .. I have been so occupied by my body going bonkers lately .. I want to put up a "for sale" sign on it and move into another one .. oops .. there could be so many jokes about what I just said ? LOL)
If you had told me I would become a ferret admirer ? I would have laughed .. but these little souls are so sweet it was an amazing experience .. and Noacho is young enough to adopt them both as "friends" .. you are right about Sophie and Emma .. especially Sophie .. she was NOT pleased ? haha
The sprouts are an adventure : )
And my neighbor's tree .. it is seriously sick .. I love it and I hate the thought of losing it .. it just nailed it in my head with WH .. and Winthrop as Heathcliff ? PERFECT dark and MOODY !! LOL