Saturday, 6 March 2010

Wishes and Dreams

Well ... what do you think ?
Would Dave and the boys be intimidated by this handsome creature ?
Would Winthrop feel over shadowed by this charming fellow ?
I didn't even have the heart to look at the price tag to tell you the truth .. I would have fallen over , then poor hubby would have to drag me around to the other booths ;-(
So logically the next step was to toss a few coins into the fountain and think BIG ?
This was a cute little scenario greeting people at the door .. immediately falling water is a soothing element to entice us further ..
Plus .. since I have a stork at home , how could I not help but admire this beauty by the falling water ?
Now this is where those tossed coins would really come in handy for those BIG wishes ?
I can safely say I would be able to roast quite a few marshmallows in this baby !
Lots of great garden art to wish upon as well ? Notice the cats ?
What would a garden show be without a display from Lee Valley : )
Now for the wood influences ...
Kiki from Awake with Charm and Spirit would have enjoyed seeing some of these I think ?
Twig furniture is rustic right ?
.... but look at these characters ? now that is living art !
OK .. tell me this doesn't sort of put a Halloween twist on things with the SPOOKY foggy water ?
I could really use this all year round but especially for Halloween ?
Less than 238 days away people !!!

I should have tossed a coin in here to see if it might work better ?


Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

Great post Joy! I love the first gargoyle, but he might have been to frightening for the boys. I could see them running for cover! Just a few more weeks til our show, I'm really looking forward to it! :)

Unknown said...

Oh wow, what a nice trip. That isn't like any home and/or garden shows they hold in our area.

Carol said...

What a pity you could not make a deal for that dragon... he would be happy in your garden! ;>)

Northern Beauty Seeker said...

Looks like a fantastic garden show - just what we need right about now!

Yes, I think you should get yourself one of those smoky water features. Most mysterious...!

Kyna said...

Oh, I love the garden art! If I let myself get some, if would push out the flowers in my garden LOL!

Town Mouse said...

Well really, you can't have to many fountains. And probably can't toss coins into too many fountains...

CiNdEe said...

cool stuff!! I love the gargoyle(-: I wonder what the price was. I always have to look(-:
Those are cool fog makers. It might be an ultra sonic humidifier. You just put it in your pond and it makes that fog like mist(-:

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Rebecca girl !
This has been the first really well presented garden show I have seen for Kingston : ) it is small but well put together this year and I'm glad I went !
Yes .. the boys would be running here and there to stay out of the new guy's way ?
hey don't forget to take pictures when you get to see your show !!

Hi there Cinj .. other years it was VERY bedraggled .. put this year they did a fantastic job and I can't believe I got out of there without buying something !! LOL

Carol .. girl my budget is to funneled into the hard scaping area I am driven to be GOOD and not fritter away (yet ? LOL)

Ms S : ) it was really nice to see and one of the garden center managers was so pleased to hear positive feedback (I was glad to give it too since it was truly a well put together job !) YES .. I have a thing for those mystery foggers ? hehehe

Kyna .. girl I have a fetish for art in the garden too and I truly had to keep a hold on myself .. I think husband was SURPRISED we got out of there with nothing in tow as well .. budget for hard scaping cracking my inner whip ? LOL

Town Mouse you are so right .. the sound of water is so enjoyable that we all should have a fountain tucked away in our gardens right ? : )

Cindee .. I just couldn't bring myself to look at the price .. not with the last leg of renovations to the garden .. maybe next year ?
I am so curious about the fogger .. it would be so cool for Halloween right ??

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Great garden show to visit. I wonder if the dragon found a new home?

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

Oh my goodness Joy, what cool stuff! I love that gargoyle (first it a gargoyle?). Anyway, I'm going to be there today with hubby, and maybe even my daughter (she said she MIGHT be interested in coming...would be nice if she inherited her mother's green thumb!). I can't wait. Just looking at your photos has caused heart palpitations...LOL...

Unknown said...

I like the gargoyle! Look like a great show.

(sidebar: When I was photographing Notre Dame Cathedral last May, I was stunned to see--when I reviewed my zoomed photos--that the gargoyles had different facial expressions!)

Deborah at Kilbourne Grove said...

Was that the Lung Association garden show?
When I was at Trugs, we were invited to do a talk one year, it was so much fun. And Ed Lawrence was there, yum!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Linda I will be constantly thinking about that dragon now .. wish I had peeked ? at the price at least ? LOL

Martha I meant to tell you that it was a good one this year .. I sent an e-mail explaining our week and lack of brain cells working too ? haha .. Hope you go and you have a nice time wandering the displays .. John knew well enough to cut me loose and let me be ? LOL

Freda YES ! I noticed that was well and it is amazing the work and detail .. plus .. Rosslyn Chapel, Scotland .. the faces there are overwhelming .. friends were there and picked up a beautiful mossy stone for me .. my father's family is from Scotland so I had to have a little piece of it ? ;-)

Deborah, no it isn't the Lung Association .. it has been taken over by multiple sponsors and I have to say out of the near 10 years of going to this .. it was the most professionally presented and sophisticated than I have ever seen it .. well worth the effort in going !

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I am sure the boys would accept the mighty dragon once it was ensconsed in your garden. It looks like there was plenty of inspiration at this flower show.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Lisa girl I should have been brave enough to peek at the price tag at least ? LOL .. The boys would have had it trained in no time I am sure too ! ;-)

our friend Ben said...

That dragon's just the greatest, Joy! You should have bought it for Winthrop to ride when he's not at his post watching over things!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hey OFB : ) I am sorry I didn't even dare look at the price of it .. and YES ! Winthrop would have LOVED having him for his own pet ? LOL

Vetsy said...

Joy.. I know you had a lot of fun out on the town thinking big about your future purchases on your wish list...I was out doing the same the other day.

I had fun day dreaming about all the stuff I need to think big about at the stores and garden centers that I visit..I have got to photo and blog some of them the way you have.

I got my eye on a garden Buddha, a Stork and a couple of frogs..I'm thinking Big!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Vetsy girl !
I have a meditation Buddah which I love .. such a peaceful expression on his face .. in the shade part of the garden (it took me forever to find just the right one .. they seem to be scarce for some reason!)
The metal stork I found a couple of years ago by sheer luck and I love him .. I just have to find the right spot .. with the landscaping on the horizon I hope to find a more natural "look" for him ? .. and FROGS !! I wish real ones had a place to stay here but I do have a lot of pretend ? ones to keep me company .. I have a thing for them : )
Yes !! .. blogging helps keep a record of what you have found and what you are looking for .. this is "Christmas" time for me .. the beginning of garden season ! : )

Victoria said...

What a fun beautiful spirited post! aww..i totally WANT that dragon in the first photo..I am in love! Ths is so cool..and I chuckled when you mentioned me..ha ha..YES you know me well..kindred! AW..lovely lovely..beautiful wood spirits and so much to enjoy! It is pretty amazing the beautiufl things pople create! Awesome post! this was such fun!!
Have a super fantastic day!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Kiki girl I so loved that dragon too but I was spooked by the possible price ? LOL .. with the landscaping I want to get done all these other toys have to stay on the shelf ?
I thought of YOU immediately as soon as I saw these amazing faces .. husband actually said "you really should have one of these dear !" .. I was so tempted but the issue of the landscaping bit at me ? LOL
Glad you enjoyed this post : )