Wednesday, 28 April 2010

By the light of the silvery moon ....

Monday night the moon was amazing .. I would have missed it if husband didn't say "LOOK at THAT moon !" .. and so .. I did exactly THAT !
Thus the picture taking was kicked up a notch and I have too many and can't decide what to keep and what to throw away .. it drives me CRAZY ;-)
I just now discovered how to export my Picasa edits to a folder where I can actually find them ?
There was an amazing mist floating in front of the moon .. remember Tuesday's wet snow and gale winds for all of us that live in this spot of Ontario .. it was "Spring Madness" ????
Unbeknown to me would be that weather the next day .. I called this photo as it stands.
My beautiful Pacific Sunset Maple was in bloom and the drop back of the silvery moon was beautiful .. so how could I resist ?
Now another kind of madness steps in to test what threads of sanity I have left ?
Millar & company ripped out the wooden ties .. drawn the curves in the borders and yanked out that poor almost dead lilac .. the rest of the work will be done Friday fingers crossed.
Mean while back at the farm .. where is lassie when you need her ? .. heaven forbid the girls heard me say THAT ?
In any case .. husband and I will do our very best to plant Ms. Flame Amur Maple and make her feel at home ... that is ... fingers crossed !


Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

Beautiful picture Joy!

Unknown said...

Beautiful shots of the moon. I have trouble selecting a fave!

Should be a full moon tonight...and frost! Can't believe it! NOT HERE!

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

Wow, Joy, those photos are amazing! They're pictures that should be blown up and made into frames. Very nice, indeed. Wasn't today a really gorgeous day?

Anonymous said...

I haven't even seen the moon this time around. We have had clouds or rain every night. I know that is good for the garden, but not much good for moon gazing.

All of these shots are great.

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Those are awesome photos Joy, you did great!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Very nice photos. I should have been out looking too.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful moon shots, Joy! Isn't she lovely...isn't she wonderful? La, la, la. (Apologies to Stevie Wonder!)

*~* Linda *~* said...

Your pictures after beautiful... they look like postcards. How exciting to see the real "work" begin in your garden. I can't wait to see it in person in July!!! :) :)

garden girl said...

That moon was awesome Joy! I didn't take any photos of it, so I'm happily enjoying yours - wonderful!

Connie said...

Love the mood of your moon photos! Beautiful.

Northern Beauty Seeker said...

Amazing beautiful moon photos! (that talent must come from your halloween-ey nature!! lol)

Anonymous said...

Gee Joy, if I didn't know better I'd say it's Halloween in April! Why not? There's a sort of pseudo-Christmas in July? Nice moon shots, dearie. I'm behind on your blog but I take it you're having your hardscape refurbed. Exciting!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Thanks Rebecca girl .. I was in my "nightware" when dancing on the deck doing this ? LOL

Freda : )I can't believe you would have frost either ! That has to be a record there ?? Good luck with the garden escaping damage girl !

Martha .. lord .. I am so tired and have this cold from hell that Teza gave me via e-mail, naughty boy ! It was a gorgeous moon indeed : ) and aside from the wind it was wonderful to see the sun again .. so much to do today it is scary but yippeeee !

Thanks Sandy girl .. it was wonderful watching it progress with mists in front of it .. I love seeing the moon : ) ahhh yes .. good for the garden not for the picture taking ? LOL

Thanks Linda girl : ) I am so busy with trying to get up to speed with the landscaping happening and we MUST get the new tree in today .. I have a head cold and a bad back groaning .. but I am so excited to see some changes here : )

Lisa girl .. get those binoculars out and start moon gazing ;-) !

Nancy girl thank you : ) and I'm walking over there to smack you !! Now I will have THAT song STUCK in my head all day along with the cold from hell .. you are VERY naughty woman ! LOL

Linda I am so excited I'm nearly nuts ! .. fingers crossed Millar will be back with the team on Friday (Saturday is fore casted as a rain day .. so the clock is ticking ?) It isn't a great deal of work to totally change things but it will make a difference .. this is done in stages and years .. next year I hope to have the stepping stone path put in .. so many plans so little budget ? LOL

Linda girl : ) I am very happy to share my pictures ! I love taking these ones and sunrises and plant pictures .. well you know I love it all ? LOL

Thanks Connie it did have a "mood" to it when watching it .. I was glad to get a bit of the mist in it : )

Ms S ;-) I think you are totally right about the Halloweeny nature taking over ? bring on the mood music too .. Beetlejuice ?? LOL

Grace girl .. I am very excite to see the changes .. nothing grand mind you and this is spread over a few years due to budget woes .. but every change makes me do the happy dance in side : )
YES ! Halloween in April/May since they need some weird connection to Xmas in July ... silly people !! LOL .. bring it on ! ;-)

Kyna said...

Those pics are amazing! I've never gotten such a good pic of the moon.

Last night I was driving home from work at about 11pm, and it was so bright!! I knew it had to be full moon time, because all the crazies were out at the bookstore last night lol :P

Carol said...

Wonderful moon shots Joy! I particularly love the one with the maple leaves ... oh the moon brings cold temps!

CiNdEe said...

love the moon shots!!!!!!
I missed it here since we had the storm from %$@# lol
Wind was nutsssss
I guess its a sunny day today!!! I might venture outdoors!!!!!
Lassie???? LOL
I won't tell the girls!!!

Kate/High Altitude Gardening said...

Wow! Those are beautiful. And frame worthy! :) I hope you print them and display them forever.

kd said...

Love the moon photos! They make me regret not having looked past the slushy snow which was covering the garden on Monday night & making the lilacs bend to the ground.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hey Kyna girl ! YES !! all the crazy people come out with the full moon .. like me in my "night ware" snapping pictures ? LOL
It was an amazing moon and I am lucky to have gotten some good pictures of it : )

Carol that is my favorite one too .. it was almost hypnotic watching the mist float over the moon .. the next day we got that wet snow and winds which were just plain evil , cut straight through the bone ! eekkkkkkkkk ! LOL

Cindee girl you have to swear NOT to tell the girls !! We had wind too .. with the wet snow it was almost a flash back to our winter state of affairs .. bbbrrrrr ! But now we are almost out of the woods .. hopefully ??

Kate girl .. Thank you : )
I keep meaning to load them and take them to Costco to print off .. I am going to do that some day ... when my head isn't in the garden ? LOL

kd .. was that Monday ? my god I may have mistaken when we got hit by that too .. I thought it was Tuesday .. lord .. if anyone finds my brain some where will you tell it to come home ?? LOL
Fingers crossed we will move forward with nicer weather ? Please!!