Monday, 12 April 2010

Seeds ? Twist'N'Shout what ????

Monday morning .. what can I say ?
It was a very clear sky with no clouds to reflect the sun's beautiful prism lighting .. so instead I took pictures of the budding pear tree that is such a straight laced character .. click on the picture and see the whole story ?
The shy princesses were hiding their faces from such bright light ...
They wore their petals like sun bonnets ?
Now for something completely different ?
I am NOT a seed person but who the heck invented these nifty all purpose peat pots and handy greenhouse thingy ?? How totally cool is this !
I have to thank Carrie from Grow Our Own for the Shamrock seeds .. see girl I am trying very hard to "grow my own" ? : )
Plus the Moon Flower vine that for three years I have NOT been able to grow .. maybe starting them out like this I will have a better chance ?
Gail girl .. I still have your seeds too .. I am doing direct sow with them and my Cosmos : )

So .. covered up with the DOME until some one pops up their head .. on the top of the fridge with Bella .. no, it has nothing to do with that movie aka Twilight (although I have watched it a bazillion times ?)
Now for something completely different AGAIN ?
Dave is having his issues again with that cracked mushroom he sits on .. note to self, ask husband about the crazy glue again ?
The blue pot is my first new plant of the year for the garden .. it was one I researched during the winter and LOVED ! even with the crazy name "Twist'N'Shout" .. I can't say much because I am still a Pinky Winky fan .. go figure ? Husband still laughs over that one ;-)

So .. tomorrow is a garden day .. I have so much to do it is a bit scary but if I can make a dent in the "To DO" list .. well .. what is that saying about the first step towards how many ?? JEEZ !!

The front garden is almost going to become a hydrangea collection .. sort of ? wink wink


Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

What a fun post, Joy! This is when all that gardening happiness begins! Poor Dave; I feel sorry that his mushroom is cracked...LOL...

I didn't get much time in the garden today, but tomorrow, I will be out there working on the soil. I have one area left to clean up; we did manage at least to put a border around it and section it off (I'm so pleased with the way it's going). And I do have another area to carve where I'm going to plant the raspberry and blueberry bushes.

Isn't gardening so wonderful? This time next year, I hope to be able to share MY plants with YOU!

Northern Beauty Seeker said...

Joy, A front yard of hydrangeas sound perfect to me! I clicked on your sunrise - that is one nice pic!

Enjoy your day in the garden :-)

Carrie said...

The first photo is fab!!
I have a picture of a hellebore to upload today (not one of mine, I have the touch of death) from Rowallane Gardens, thought of you when I saw it, looka the same as your first one in the list.
Glad you a getting your Lucky Shammrock growing, you can always do with a little extra luck xxxx
Oh and I saw a front garden in Belgium that was totally hydrangeas - it was stunning!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Martha girl Dave and his mushroom always becomes a huge issue at certain times of the year ? LOL
I so wanted to work in the garden yesterday it was just perfect for doing that but we took so much of the day up running errands .. today I NEED to get things done but wow it is cold this morning and FROST ... brrrr !
I will let you know when I have the plants for you !!

Ms S girl !Thank you so much : ) It was unusual ? LOL I am really looking forward to rearranging the front bed with a good hydrangea section .. and finding this one right off the bat was a great way to start !!

Anonymous said...

It took ten hours on Saturday and another four on Sunday to make a dent in our garden to-do list! But we did. Still working on re-trenching all the beds. This project lasts many weeks each spring because it's such a HUGE job. Who's idea was it not to use some type of edging? Mine? Bad Robin. Did you chip away at your list?

Skeeter said...

Twist and Shout, I love it! I had to put the green house up high due to kitty paws. How about you? Seen any raccoons lately? I backed away from the computer when asking that for fear of being slapped. I am still giggling over that raccoon episode and I miss the live action so I must rely on reruns in my head, hee hee…

My hellebores did not bloom for me this year. I took them out of a soggy ground last year and moved them to a pot. Recently planted them in a planter and making a slow comeback for me but no blooms.

Sorry about your cracked mushroom. The Saint knocked a frog off his stand and broke him while I blew a bunny off his perch when taking the blower to the pollen on the porch. Poor critters dont stand a chance with us around. Thank goodness for Super Glue!

Lona said...

Girl if you get that Moonflower growing let me know. I have tried everything for two years to get one started too. Soak them armor coated seeds, nicked them and even begged them, nothing.
Poor Dave. It is no fun at all to sit on cracks of any kind LOL!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Carrie girl blogger hid you on me .. it happens a lot here I have no idea what the heck is going on as it is ?!!
I do love my hellebore and I will have to get over to see that picture ! .. I'm a little frightened about me and seeds .. I don't have the best of luck with them so fingers crossed : )
I loved the Dutch and Belgium gardens .. there were awesome !!

Robin girl I feel for you ! I only did about 4 hours and I am aching like mad .. but I did make a small dent in the to do list .. although I think I may start screaming when my mail order plants arrive .. I have a little time to go bonkers looking for space and curving my beds out more .. I am getting rid of the wood ties so now I will be an "edgeless" gal too .. eeekkk !!
BIG groan .. how did all of this happen ?????? LOL

Skeeter (snap ! you got on my last nerve !!) I am going to AIRMAIL that slap right over to YOU !!!
You are not the only one having reruns of that whole episode in their heads .. get in line !! LOL
What can I say about your poor hellebore .. I may have to call the "hellebore protection agency" and report you girl ;-) !
OK .. stop making me laugh .. every muscle in my body is screaming from this morning/afternoon work in the garden and I can't afford to laugh with the pain issues .. but that poor frog and bunny NOT FAIR !!! yet another report I will have to make on you ?? Super glue who could know how handy that is unless they are a gardener ??? haha

Lona ... good grief i am laughing still .. because I just know that is still going to happen to me too .. all this work and no results I am sure but I swore I would try this one more time then I QUIT !!!!
Dave definitely needs to be super glued again .. or his mushroom .. or the both of them !!!

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

Great post Joy! Your shy princess is beautiful. Love Twist & Shout, I'm having a very hard time choosing between Endless Summer, Blushing Bride, & Twist & Shout, and to figure out if I can commit to keeping it blue (not that there's anything wrong with pink). I have my mini greenhouse on top of the piano, so far, so good!

Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

Fun post Joy and I'm glad to see that you have discovered the joys of sowing seeds. What fun it will be once they germinate and poke their little green heads out of the soil.

BTW gorgeous pic of an even more gorgeous sunrise.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Rebecca girl ! I had two in hand (hydrangea) the other one was Lets Dance Starlight which I really loved too .. I think Rose has that one .. but T'NShout I ran across during the winter and was fascinated with it .. so it bit me completely : ) On top of your piano girl !! I better any music played would enhance the growth : )
I have to check mine to see what is going on now LOL

Yolanda I am rather "seed weary or wary ?" LOL .. I feel like a failure if it doesn't work out .. so taking a chance means having to endure possible disappointment too .. BIG sigh !
Thank you girl : ) I Love my sunrises : )

Kathleen said...

lol Joy you gave me a smile thinking the hellebores are like sunbonnets! I like that visual.
Good luck on your seed starting. I hope it goes well. I've started a few things but not much. I'm trying moon flowers again this year too. I started them last summer but they never really got going. I'm hoping it's a lot hotter this year and that will help as well.
ps no Maypop here ~ if yours doesn't make it ~ no chance for mine! You had the rock star vine last year for sure!

Anonymous said...

OMGosh, Joy! I didn't have you on my Google Reader... what the hell is wrong with me? Well, I'm back now and not going anywhere.

Good luck with the seeds. I haven't heard of 'Twist and Shout' but it sounds interesting.

I know what you mean about having so much to do it's almost scary. Me too!

My apologies for missing so much of your goings on. Bad me! Grace

VW said...

I love the hellebore shots on your sidebar. And I have a jiffy mini-greenhouse on my kitchen windowsill right now. Problem is, I had to put the snapdragon seeds in the fridge for a few days before planting them, and now I can't remember which side of the container I planted the petunias and salvia . . . they'd better sprout soon so I can plant the snaps on the other side. Labels would have been good . . .

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Kathleen girl I am wondering if maybe we might see new shoots from the root of the Maypop ? I'm not totally giving up yet .. even though I'm thinking it went to Maypop heaven .. just watching and waiting .. and this darn Moon Flower thing .. is it because we want them so badly they won't work for us ? I just checked my babies on the fridge and NOTHING yet ;-(

Grace girl .. I thought you were mad at me !!!! hahaha .. nah .. just kidding .. I know when I am tied up with too much to do my reading other blogs suffer a lot .. so I cut slack to people .. I'm not perfect ? eeekkk ! so no one can be ?? haha .. you need a nap girl .. go lay down ! LOL

VW (thank you : ) ..girl .. I have almost done the same thing .. I have blue poppy seeds on one side and some shamrock seeds .. and those Moon Flower seeds .. hum ? which is which ... tarnation !! why didn't I label anything either eeekkkk !!!

Rose said...

I see you've caught the bug, Joy! It's hard to resist trying to start some seeds indoors, especially when it's cold and dreary outside. Now that it's so warm here, I'm tempted to put all my little "babies" outside, but I know we might get a late freeze. So I've been coddling them and trying to tell them to be patient:)

You can't go wrong with a hydrangea garden!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Rose girl thank you ! I am really curious to see what happens with these two projects .. I hope to see some seedlings grow .. but that is always a bit tricky eh ? LOL As for the hydrangea portion of the front garden .. I am hoping for some really pretty flowers and a definite impact zone ? LOL

Katarina said...

That was a perfect description of the petals of the Hellebores!

tina said...

Awesome first picture. I have to smile at 'Twilight'. We just got it in the mail from our queue and can't wait to watch it. The teenaged son says NO to watching it. Says it is a teenaged girl movie. What does he know? I think it will be good and you just reaffirmed it. Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Poor Dave, hope that crack isn't making him too uncomfortable. ;) Your Hellebores are glorious. I was thrilled to get some blossoms from mine this year. They were planted last fall. Happy gardening!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Katarina ! I am such a fan of hellebore that any and all that I see are special : )

Thanks Tina girl .. and I watched it a bazillion times .. now I have to go find "New Moon" to watch that another bazillion times .. teenage girls and menopausal women have to love it ? LOL You will like it too girl : )

Racquel girl .. once you are bitten by the hellebore bug .. well , you are TOAST ! You love them and want more and more : )