Saturday, 10 April 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday

It is almost Shadow Shot Sunday again .. well it is for Harriet on Hey Harriet so I will join the gap and post now .. besides .. it is almost bedtime for me .. sad , yes ... I know !
I caught this light in our family room illuminating the painting over the fireplace and I thought it was just plain pretty : )
I don't usually do multiple shots for this post but I caught the sun looking more like the moon a few days ago ... this was mid day and it was hair raising .. some times Kingston is just like the Twilight Zone of weather and if you are fast enough and have a camera at hand you can catch some incredible moments ...
These pictures gave me goosebumps ! So I just had to share them with you : )

No they were not shot in B & W .. they just look that way because there was no colour at all to the sky other than dark gray tones .. neat eh ??


Sylvia K said...

Really terrific captures! The first one is so beautiful and the other two are fascinating! We've had a few of those colorless days recently -- as a matter of fact today is one of them! Really interesting. Hope your weekend is going well! Enjoy!


Gemma Wiseman said...

The fall of sunlight over your wall is magical! Love the tones! And the sky can be such a wonder of incredible shapes, patterns and colours! I never tire of watching it!

Northern Beauty Seeker said...

Your sunbeams on the painting look like they are landing on the water in the painting and lighting it up. Lovely shot, lady!!

Have a great weekend!

Laura said...


Cassie said...

Very neat indeed! Eerie, yet captivating.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Very nice photos GJ4M. I have seen those b&w skies a lot this spring. It could foul up your body clock. Sweet dreams.

our friend Ben said...

Gorgeous shot of sunstripes on your painting, joy! I often wish I could photograph the rainbow lozenges that spread over my office when the sun strikes the amethyst crystal hanging in one window. It's so delightful, and I can look forward to it every sunny day! Love your hellebores, too, btw. Mine are nodding hello!

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

that is pretty

Cat said...

Nice work!

Hey Harriet said...

Nice shadow shot and I really enjoyed your other photos too! Quite eerie looking! It's never a dull moment looking up at the sky. Often magic can be found up there. It's just a matter of remembering to look up in my case ;)

Have a great week ahead!

Spadoman said...

I like all the shots.
The sky photos are amazing. Some days are just black and white days, aren't they?

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Great shadow shot for this week. And of course you had to sneak in a few sky photos, which are lovely. Have a great day.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Sylvia !Thank you : ) Hope your weekend is going well too !
It was just a fleeting moment for the painting to look so special .. we have to be quick don't we ? and those colourless days are something else eh ? sucks the energy right out of you !! LOL

Hello GT : ) Thank you so much !
I am a total sky addict .. sunrises are my specialty when a good one happens I have tons of pictures .. it is impossible for us to tire of the sky isn't it ? : )

Ms S girl ! Thank you .. it is a thrill to see how light reacts to different things .. shapes , colours . degree of illumination .. I love watching it almost as much a gardening and taking pictures ? LOL

Thank you Cassie (I never tire of seeing your pup ! : ) .. it was captivating indeed !

Lisa girl how true is that ! The sky and degree of light each day impact your mental and physical well being so much .. kind of scary in a way isn't it .. to be so open to influence like that ..sort of TWILIGHT ZONE !!! LOL

Hey there OFB : ) Have you no pictures of the lozenges ? It must be so darn beautiful for that moment in time .. I always mean to pick up some crystals to hang in the kitchen and see what kind of reflected light I can get there .. hey .. take some pictures if you can OK ?? : ) How is Linus been behaving ? .. no attempts at escaping again ? LOL

Hey Debbie girl .. thank you ! more BBQ happening at your place ?? : )

Cat girl .. how are you feeling ? I have to pop over to your place and catch up !

Harriet thank you ! .. I really look for shadow shots now when I take photos .. I love this meme : )
The sky is forever changing .. some what like gardening ? you just have to keep watching and loving it ! : ) I am envious of the gorgeous place you live and the access to the beach .. enjoy !

Anonymous said...

I like the first shot, and believe or not, I posted an almost black and white today, too. Did you take yours on Friday? I did.

RURAL said...

Amazing! Looks like you also got a touch of what Mother Nature dropped on us the other day.


Anonymous said...

Great photos with great sahdows!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Spadoman .. some times comments get stuck in space ? LOL
I just had a quick look at those amazing buffalo shots you took .. it had to be incredible seeing it in person .. great shots BTW !
Thanks for stopping by my blog too : )

Linda you got caught as well in limbo .. I don't know what blogger is up to some days ? Thanks girl and yes .. I had to get some sky shots in ! LOL

Hi Sandy and thank you ! isn't that funny .. I have to get over to your place and have a look again ! I loved that forsythia post : ) .. I took my B&W almost shots on the 6th .. what the heck day was that ? LOL

Hi Jen girl .. we are having gorgeous weather again (not as hot phew !) but the garden is going crazy and I only did a couple of hours in it this morning .. I have so much to do I'm CRAZY ?? LOL

Thank you Tina : ) This is a fun meme isn't it !

Sarah said...

Great pictures of the midday sun-I can see what you mean about the spooky feeling! I also love your hellebores-beautiful!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Sarah and thank you ! .. it was a little eerie but knowing Kingston for so long it is a natural event here ? LOL
I have a little collection of hellebore on the go thanks to a wonderful friend who sent me some awesome ones : )

Anonymous said...

Beautiful shots, Joy! I have a sunset photo, taken at the beach a few years ago, that looks for all the world like a full moon. It is rather creepy. :) And your Hellebores are gorgeous!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Nancy girl thank you ! I wouldlove to see that shot !! .. I am into the "strange and unusual" like Wednesday Addams but not the headless doll etc .. LOL
So far the hellebore are doing great .. I have Apricot Blush coming in a mail order from Henry Fields I have never ordered from them before so fingers crossed !