Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Spring Has Sprung

It amazes me that a plan of mine actually has been working .. so far that is .. I am a bit hesitant to say all clear yet.
The bulb circles are actually CIRCLES !
How could that finally work for me ?? .. there is a "but" though .. and not the one you are sitting on .. I did that planting "over lay" thing .. I have these giant allium in the middle .. actually I have an assortment of them but I have the BIG 'UNS buried underneath these cutsie Spring flowers, and they are waiting for their time to conquer the circle growing space ... crash of thunder in background .. skies have darkened .. all mood setting techniques for the finale which will be a little while yet .. but they "are there" like "JAWS" ... hear theme music in background ?
Be one with my circle guys .... altogether now .... oommmmm !
Funny how little splashes of colour can makes us all gushy eh ?

I know .. how many pictures do we have to suffer through ? .. I waited all winter to do this folks !
This group is "Red Riding Hood" and half the "wow" factor is the marking on the foliage !
OK .. so there were these three irises ... there has to be a joke some where with that beginning !
Even the new deck has been bulb "friendly viewing" with the thin slats, so we can see the circles from our kitchen .. nice touch : )
Winthrop has been a bit contemplative .. he knows that there are changes coming with the landscaping .. only little by little, due to "Cha-Ching" that raccoon family from hell" factor .. it costs money to be kind to animals and the environment (wooden ties have to go to special dump another $ factor) along with repairs from said raccoon factor .. well , I think you get the idea ?

It is all worth it though .. a clean conscience (I just can't get over how that word is spelled) makes it easier to snore at night ... and I know eventually my garden will be a paradise if only in my eyes ;-)


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your circles are very nice. Each of us love our little paradise. Pretty as can be.

Carrie said...

Super duper bulb planting there!!! Circles, perfect circles and Illiums to come as well (they're my fave). Well done you xxxx You deserve something to go right, hahaha

Ben said...

It looks awesome. It's always a treat when things in the garden go as planned.

Anonymous said...

They certainly make me gushy! What a pretty, pretty little circle of blooms, and you couldn't have chosen better colours to plant together. Love the shot from your deck...I'm going to remember this!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Lisa .. I am shocked they still look like circles with our winters .. yes, we all know our little gardens are a paradise to us !

Hi Carrie girl .. I am so hoping the BIG alliums do their job and look amazing .. and yes, by now some things should be going right ? haha

Hello Ben ! Thanks for stopping by and it truly is a treat when a plan actually follows through as we "see" it in our heads ? ;-)

Hey Nancy girl .. funny you should say that because I was wondering what your view is like from there ! Can you see my flowers ? LOL

Anonymous said...

You did a superb job, Joy, congrats on passing the geometry part of the gardening test! LOL We loved seeing your circles and did sense the impending doom, er delight of the Alliums. :-)

Deborah at Kilbourne Grobe said...

Joy the circle look wonderful, can't wait to see the eruption of giant alliums! I was wondering what varities of helleborus you were showing on your sidebar. Very curious about London Fog (just love the name).

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

Wow, Joy, how awesome. I can't wait to see everything in bloom. I have the same tulips (red riding hood), and you're right, the foliage emerging looks like it's going to be amazing!

I'm working on an email to you. Things have been very, very busy for us. I'll explain on the email what we've been up to and what's going on with us.

As for the garden, we picked up some soil this past weekend, and I'm going to get out there as soon as I can (weather permitting) to start turning the soil and getting it ready for planting. Most of the work was done before the fall and the planting areas are quite clean; it shouldn't require that much effort. Still. I just want to get out there and get my hands in the dirt!

Unknown said...

Did you use a hula-hoop to make those circles perfectly round? :-)

I've not tried layering here. I think the alliums, which are now showing buds for bloom would have already pushed up anything else. My allium foliage emerges here during the winter!

Northern Beauty Seeker said...

Hi Joy, your circles are adorable! Love the idea of the "Jaws' alliums lurking underneath!

Enjoy these first beautiful splashes of colour!

Jess said...

wow. that is almost a perfect circle. I can't even keep a bulb in the ground overnight without squirrel pillage, so the idea that you could not only plant them, but do so geometrically is fantastic!

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

Gorgeous pictures Joy! You have such a great combination of colours and your circles are so pleasing. Little Red Riding Hood has such beautiful foliage, and blue irises are always divine.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Frances girl no one could be as surprised as I am that these are actually circles ! ... and now that I mentioned the theme music from Jaws ? .. I can't get the damn thing out of my head every time I look at the circles now !EEKKKKKKKKK !!

Thanks Deborah : ) I can't wait to see the BIG alliums too !
On my sidebar the first 2 pictures are Orientalis (the tag didn't get to the individual cultivar of it ) it was my first one and it has been fabulous even through our hot humid weather !
The "bud" one is Ivory Prince which was one of the few that were planted in Autumn .. London Fog is actually in the ground opposite and I'm a bit worried with not seeing foliage from it .. Golden Lotus sent out a beautiful perfect single leaf so far .. fingers crossed !! Onyx Odyssey is another one I am waiting to see .. I love them all !

Martha girl .. please don't worry about e-mail (I know we are the same about it remember ! : )
I send you some updates with garden information so you know where we are with your adoptees ? LOL .. I need to do those things too but my landscaping guy is thinking a couple of weeks before he actually is going to get to it .. he is dropping by hopefully on Friday with a cap stone sample for me to say "all clear" ? LOL
I NEED TO WEED badly .. all the Maple tree wings think they can invade my garden and that is a BIT NOT !! haha

Freda .. I know you are going to find this hard to believe but it was all done by eye hand coordination (which for me at best is shaky !) I must have had a garden angel looking after me as I did thi ? LOL I am AMAZED TOO !
This is my first try at layering so I am anxious to see what is going to happen .. after it is all done I have to take it apart to do the spiral garden .. always something new eh ?

Hi there Ms S .. Thank you !
That theme music will NOT stop in my head now that I said it .. typed it ? LOL
I am a very happy camper with how it is coming along : )

Hello Jess and thank you ! I did a lot of kneeling and standing up and walking back and forth to get this planted as well as I possibly could .. I am so happy it is working !! phew : )

Rebecca girl .. I can't get over how well this has been coming out .. one of my more successful projects finally ? LOL
Yup ! Little Red Riding Hood is an amazing gem in all forms : )

Gail said...

WOW...I had to say that for the Red Riding Hood tulip...I have it and love both the bloom and leaf! I planted the overlay way in a few spots and it does work! I will do it again...and it saves having to dig a lot of holes! gail

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

Joy, how smart you are! Circles rule!

Pat said...

I really should visit you every day...always make me laugh !!
The Red Riding Hood is very cool.
Everything looks wonderful !
Been watching Nurse Jackie...but haven't seen True Blood...what's with that ?

CiNdEe said...

(-: Awesome! I love when things work out the way you planned. The flowers are looking great!
As for the varmits hopefully they have found new digs and won't be scoping out yours anymore(-:
They even have Raccoons on Farmville if you can imagine! You have to scare them away from your crops(-:

Skeeter said...

At first, I thought you were going to show us Crop Circles! With your recent raccoon issues, I would not put it past them to call in aliens from another planet to freak you out with strange circles. Hee hee, I like these circles and love looking at pictures. If anyone shows too many pics, that would be me so don’t worry, I enjoy our pics so keep em coming…

The Saint says I am jealous of his snoring. He says he has a clean conscience and that is why he sleeps so well at night. I say he will be really enjoying that clean conscience with a pillow over his head if that snoring continues….

Kate/High Altitude Gardening said...

Love your bulb circles. I tried a layered look of bulbs last fall. In high hopes the critters wouldn't figure out some yummy tulips were in the midst of less appealing bulbs. We shall see...

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Gail girl .. YES a WOW to Red Riding Hood : ) it is such a pretty plant from foliage to flower I have had them before but I forgot how striking the foliage is .. and fingers crossed the BIG allium will come through without blowing every thing else out of the circle !

Hi Tatyana : ) Yes there is something about circles that are easy on the eyes and the mind !

Patsi girl I have been glued to Nurse Jackie with Eddie right in there house !! eeekkkkk ! True Blood hasn't started the second season yet .. hope there isn't a problem ? Thanks girl ..I need to WEED the garden but the last of the raccoon adventures are wrapping up tomorrow from inside the attic in any case ;-)

Hi Cindee girl and thanks ! Raccoons are trying to live any where they can .. buildings going up every where and their natural homes disappearing .. I feel sorry for them but they can't live with me .. they don't pickup their socks !! haha

OMG Skeeter girl you made me laugh with the possibility the Saint might just cough up some feathers some night when you have had enough ?? LOL .. as for the crop circles YUP .. I made my own because the alien were frightened of the raccoons (who seemed to give them the finger for some reason .. go figure ?) .. I can't get over how a plan from last Autumn actually worked out .. I'm in shock girl ! haha

Kate girl I have never planted so many bulbs so close together but so far , fingers crossed things seem to be going according to plan .. so far ?????????? LOL

Connie said...

Love your bulb garden. Those irises....gorgeous!

Amy said...

Ommmmmm.....i like that! Very pretty and you have a great view of them from your deck. How did you make them so perfectly round? Enjoyed your post...funny. :)

Kyna said...

LOVE the 'Red Riding Hood' foliage! :D I can feel your excitement! I love when things turn out (more or less anyway) how we want them to when we plant things LOL :D

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

I love your bulb plantings! You have been waiting a long time, and I'm happy to see the pictures! I planted some Alliums too last Fall, my first time and I'm anxiously awaiting some flowers from them.

debsgarden said...

The foliage on the red riding hood tulips is amazing! i think your bulb groupings turned out really well. Your garden is beautiful!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Connie thank you so much girl ! Those irises are tiny ones but they are so darn cute aren't they ? I have regular Siberian iris too but these cuties start the season off with Easter : )

Hello there Amy ! My husband made the first circle for me and then having too many bulbs I made the second but the planting is what shocked me .. I did that on my own and I can NOT believe how well it turned out ! LOL

Kyna girl .. I had so many jokes in my head but posting has become a "lets get to the point" lately or I would never get it done .. so minus so many more joked because of so little time and YEAH !! I can't believe it worked out so well .. and that I have to move them all ? BIB groan

Catherin girl .. Thank you !
You and I are "allium virgins" waiting to see what our first experience is going to be ?? LOL .. I so totally love your gardens and pond ..I love my little patch but I have dreams of grandeur ?? LOL

Thank you deb ! I was so surprised to see how well it has turned out .. the downer is I have to move it all with the landscaping plan in the next month .. I have the spiral garden to create which is really exciting : )

joey said...

Winthrop is very fortunate ... fun to see your bed from his point of view. Enjoy the the gift of spring!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Joey and thank you ! I thought it would be interesting to show Winthrop's point of view too : )
Ahhhhhh ! Spring !!!!!

Kathleen said...

Lovin' the bulb circles Joy! That's a great idea ~ and a visionary delight. I never think ahead when I'm planting bulbs. Usually by the time I get around to planting, they sort of just get stuck in the ground haphazardly. No thought at all to what it will look like come spring. I need to change that.
'Maypop' is doing nothing. I really was not very optimistic about its return. Maybe it's still too early tho???? How's yours? Any signs of life?

gittan said...

Is there anything looking better than springflowers? Don't think so!!! I just love this time of year and your garden looks great! Do you want to see more, take a look at my latest post / gittan

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Kathleen girl I was just teasing you about the Maypop vine ;-)
It is way too early to see anything yet .. especially today when it is so windy and COLD ! But I have to say lots of plants are stirring in the garden .. it is amazing to me every year : )
The bulb circles .. it was a first for me and for it to work was a true surprise ! I usually do what you do and most of us do .. at that time of the year we are TIRED and we get those bulbs in any way we can ! haha ..

Hello gittan and YES !! we love to see life happening in the garden finally : ) I'm coming right over girl !!