Monday, 5 April 2010

The Stages of a Fireball Sky

This post is a quickie .. I have been knocked back from all of the raccoon adventures, but I still manage to point my camera to the sky .. it is therapy .. especially when I haven't been up to getting in the garden.
There is so much to do and I am happy to do it .. as soon as I can actually do it .. if you know what I mean ? ;-)
Meanwhile I have so loved the fireball mornings we have had here with such unusual weather .. actually HOT weather .. something I am not a fan of, and I am no way ready for yet !
So as you scroll down this short post you will see the sky and the sun as it rises .. in stages ...
You can say the sun "peeks" above buildings .. it looks exactly like that to me !
Once it gets it's bearings it becomes a little more bold ?
I love the little details my camera is able to pick up even through the bedroom window .. thankfully they are not too .. scummy ? phew !
There we have it .. the beautiful round fireball that keeps this earth going .. it amazes me all of the time .. I think if we ever lost that kind of "awe" we couldn't be gardeners could we ; )


Anonymous said...

I posted a fireball sunSET on my last post, Joy. Your sunrise is breathtaking. :) Hope you feel better soon...I feel your pain!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Thanks Nancy girl I am coming over to see your post now !!

our friend Ben said...

Beautiful photos, Joy! Anything to take your mind off those bad raccoons!!!

Gail said...

You know i love these sky shots...Now eat chocolate and rest up from your nature invades the 'burbs adventure! xxgail

Northern Beauty Seeker said...

I can feel that awe when I look at your magnificent pictures. Looking at such a sky is a great way to start your day!

Sunita Mohan said...

I thought it looked exactly as though the sun was peeking too! Especially with all those bushes in the foreground it looked like a little kid peeking through its fingers :D

Christine said...

Wonderful fireball photos, Joy!

Cat said...

Wow you've been busy, I've been beginning to get better.
Love your coon puppies!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hey there OFB !
Yup .. although the company has to come back and do a few more things .. at least we don't jump every time we hear "something" ? LOL

Gail girl .. you are so right ! Although I think I have fulfilled the chocolate quota (eeekkkk!!) the rest bit could only last for yesterday .. today and this week are busy .. but I will sneak a flop on my bed here and there ? LOL

Ms S .. I know it sounds corny to people that have no real connection to the earth (aka non gardeners ? :_).. and what a sad life that must be for them ? .. but when you feel such intense emotion to nature/earth .. it can be a profound way to start the day and I do love it : )

Sunita girl ! How are you ! Yes : ) that is it exactly .. just like a kid peeking through their fingers is right ! You got it too : ) I love that new flower avatar !

Christine girl it happened for two mornings in a row and I was stuck to it just like glue : ) my camera wants to take garden pictures now ? LOL

Cat girl .. I have meant to get over to your place and see how you are doing .. but this whole thing with the raccoons has been unbelievable .. I am so exhausted .. once we get the rest of the details finished with the company .. all I want to think is GARDEN thoughts ! LOL

RURAL magazine said...

Joy, I always look forward to seeing the sun rise on your blog. Living in a Condo, we miss out on so much. Most people wouldn't mind, but I do. So I live vicariously through yours.

Thanks for posting them.

Well, I guess I could get up super early and go down to the beach, but lately Bootsie wakes us up at 3, so I am just too tired.


CanadianGardenJoy said...

Oh no Jen ! Bootsie is very naughty ;-) Emma gets going a little before 5 .. I wait until 5:30 to get up though .. these early mornings make me go to bed at a ridiculous time .. so I understand how you feel girl.
Thank you ! .. I love seeing the sun rise and it makes up for not seeing a nice sunset I think .. I'm more of a morning person but not a 3 AM one ? LOL
Good luck with making Bootsie behave !