Sunday, 25 April 2010

Wrapping it up ....

I had to jump for the camera this morning .. well ..OK .. NOT jump, but move a little quicker than is safe without first having the java jolt ?
Not a dramatic sunrise but hey .. pretty all the same .. while I am still hoping the rain will happen .. they promised for tomorrow but I think they are saying that to cover their collective weather-people derrieres ?
Close up of fireball sun turning the sky my favorite HALLOWEEN COLOUR aka ORANGE !!
I know you must be wondering why is it that Dave and the boys have been so quiet ?
I snapped a shot while they were discussing the attributes of my little green house adventure here .. whether they could all sneak in if it does really rain tonight ? .. just in case I will leave the flap unzippered .. I wouldn't want them to catch a cold and sneeze all over the plants !
The tulip sisters are winding up now .. I have enjoyed them so much !
I had no idea this little circle would work and stay to give me such pleasure : )
The BIG alliums are coming next as are the daffs in the other circle so there will be plants and colour smiling for a while longer ;-)
I just couldn't resist one more close up of their silky complexions .. they are exquisite aren't they?


Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

I would love to see your alliums, Joy! I planted a lot of them, in front of the house and behind it, they are such great plants1

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

Those are amazing (Halloween) type pictures, Joy; love the colours! And that plastic-covered greenhouse is such a neat idea; it's a great way to bring annuals home a little early without worrying about the weather getting cold enough to hurt them.

The more I see your bulb circle, the more convinced I am that making one this year is a must. Those tulipe are really lovely; can't wait to see all the other goodies that will spring from that circle! So pretty.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Tatyana : )
I can't wait to see these alliums too .. I have been so happy with how this bulb circle has worked out .. the only thing is having to be VERY patient while the foliage dies back and feeds the bulbs for next year .. the alliums are like icing on the cake though and I'm going to be ready with the camera !

Hey Martha ! .. I took the day off from gardening but I thought about it all day ? not much resting happening because all I can think of is getting Millar here and getting those jobs done ? LOL
That little green house was only $29 at Princess Auto across from Costco .. John thought of it first and I thought YES ! perfect for just as you said .. buy our annuals fresh and big and save them until we are ready to pot or plant them !
You have to have the CIRCLE Martha !! and I can tell you what type of tulip they are so if you see them late summer/early Fall you can snap them up !

Pat said...

Love your new layout and color for your blog !
Just realized you have a sky watch blog...must take a look see.
Dave and the boys are probably just meditating.
Nurse Jackie is getting interesting!

Northern Shade said...

Those tulips look good with the Muscari, a pretty colour combination. I like the painterly effect of the the white tips on the petals.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Patsi girl .. my sky blog has sat there for over a year because it some how competes with this one .. I can't run the two together without them interfering ? DAMN !!
Thanks girl .. it is one of the new temp pages .. I like it a lot : )
YES !! I wonder how they will leave it for next season ? a real shocker ? LOL

Hello there Northern Shade : )
I picked up those tulips from some store here last year and they have captured my heart .. I love them .. now when the alliums start .. that is going to be something BIG too : )

Gail said...

Our tulips are faded memories and we are into allium time...The Purple Sensation is first! They may be the only ones to show...they are so reliable. I love sky shots and, as you know, I wish we had a better view of it past all the trees...But I can certainly enjoy yours! gail

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Gail girl good morning !
I have Purple Sensation in the mix of alliums that are getting ready to show off : ) .. and the really BIG one .. Globe Master ? not sure right now what the name is but I am waiting to see how it does .. I love my sky .. except for the utility poles but the sun will shift away from them for better pictures soon : )

RURAL magazine said...

Good morning Joy, that's what it is here, morning. But without your brilliant sunrises to photograph.

You should collect your favorite photos of sunrises and make a photo book of them. It would be beautiful. I know of a really good local photo book company if you want the web site.

You always have such stunning photos of the sky, it's my favorite site to visit.


Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

Great post Joy, it really is a Halloween sky. It is very kind of you to leave the greenhouse unzipped for the boys, it could be a nice retreat for them. The tulip sisters are stunning, and I would also be photographing them like mad. I would be lovely to have a bunch of enlargements done of them, say at 3 or 4 different stages and printed on canvas. Then you can enjoy them year round. One more thing, I'd love for you to visit my blog (sorry for the shameless plug), there's someone that I'd really like you to meet....

Dawn said...

The tulips about town are starting to bloom, so pretty as is your sky.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Thank you so much Jen ! You take such beautiful photographs that saying mine are so good, well that is a wonderful compliment girl : )
Actually a lot of them are a bit rushed .. I get up just in time to feed the girls then realize the "show" has begun .. so a mad dash to grab the camera .. no jolt of java in me .. so a bit shaky with some of them .. I do save the full format pixel ones that do look really good .. husband said to load them on my memory stick and have them printed off .. maybe I will do just as Rebecca suggested .. it would be so nice to see my own pictures on my walls ! : ) Thanks for your suggestion too Jen : )

Rebecca girl plug away there is NO shame in that at all ! LOL .. I will be right over as soon as I finish here ! .. Yes .. the boys appreciate the greenhouse unzipped even though they have survived yet another winter they like the choice of the green house ? LOL
Yes .. I will be looking into doing that with my pictures : ) Thanks girl !!

Thanks Dawn : ) .. the show should be starting in Ottawa with their masses of tulips .. it is awesome!