Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Micro Mini Pond ?

I had a "garden mission" a few days ago that was a must achieve status I set for myself and the "Mission Impossible Garden" here .. a some what new venture that would keep me wondering all winter until next year ?
One of our garden centers ( an arm of the parent grocery store .. aka Loblaw's) had two special items that pressed the GO Get !! button for me.
A container pond (which I will dub Micro-Mini Pond) which now is the residence of two very cute but VERY shy goldfish (Ernie and Bert) my apologies if said goldfish are of the female nature but hey .. maybe we can say those names are now unisex in this crazy wacky world ?
The container and plants (4or 5 unusual but awesome greenery to me !) were the package deal but finding Bert and Ernie was up to me .. they were highly suggested though , to make sure mosquitoes would not be multiplying like rabbits .. ergo floating resteraunt ?
A friend was worried about the "pond" theme because of the two years worth of raccoon adventures we had here.
Apparently we were advertised as a "5 Star Raccoon Tourist/Nursery Bed and Breakfast"
I have to explain that said pond is totally a "dish with water, some plants and 2 VERY shy goldfish"
Moving on to container gardening .. in terra cotta .. which dries out like lightning and there for initiating a bead of sweat on upper lip trying to estimate if I can get away with one day of NOT actually running out with water can in totally shocking pajamas that should not be seen in public .. not even if the house was on fire type of shocking worn out rag pajamas .. why are they always the most comfortable ones ?
Plants are new and skinny, BUT will get older and FULLER eventually .. some what like me ?
Speaking of fuller .. husband likes "hosta-in-a-pot" look .. and so it is done .. "blink blink" .. just like I Dream of Jeanie ?
Lavenders on the other hand enjoy suffering .. terra cotta is perfect for that .. dried out but never frazzled look ?
Whats up with those strange garden balls ? .. on sale .. go figure ?
My Celtic knot look for the garden and deck !
Ahhhhhhhhhh ! Still blooming in the circles .. I wish it would never end .. but it will and I will have to control myself as the leaves draw in the energy the bulbs need .. BIG sigh !
How about "make up" for gardens .. cover those ugly lines while you wait sort of thing ?
Now for the other must get feature ..
Fred .. Red Dragon Japanese Maple ... Husband says "Fred isn't a very Japanese name" ..
I say .. FRED was born in Canada .. in some Canadian nursery .. from Canadian parents so shouldn't we go that route ? .. Husband " naming a tree Fred ? isn't that a little strange?"
I say .. "how long have we been married and you think I am still normal ?"
It was one of those discussion that you had to be here to really get it .. aside from the snickering and snorting as punctuation ...
In respect of Fred's heritage .. I planted a Japanese fern next to him .. which by the way I have not named ( although Little Fred sounds good ?) and most likely is totally Canadian .. EH !
This morning's sky was a flash of colour and gone so quickly if I had blinked (not as many as I Dream of Jeanie) it would have been over ...
Then a VERY "Outer Limits" type of sky happened mid morning ..
I don't make this up folks .. this was one weird sky !
Beyond the fact that it was a pajama day and I should be hiding indoors .. I had to take these pictures because explaining this would be unbelievable .. so SEE and BELIEVE .. or is that "Seeing is Believing"
I had to throw some normal garden pictures in here .. did I say normal .. how about a few plain Jane garden pictures .. oops ... there is that strange ball again ... step away from the picture !
There ... just an average garden picture .. from an average gardener .. why do I keep hearing that over and over again in my brain ?
OK .. Winthrop wraps up Happy Hour so I can go to bed now .. safe in the knowledge that he is looking out for randy raccoons and strange Celtic balls .. rolling around in the garden .. on their own .. or all together ?


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I really like the look of your garden. The chartruese really shows up on these overcast days. I name my plants too.

Dave@TheHomeGarden said...


You had me laughing with this post! Love the circles and the mini-pond is a great idea. My girls would love it!

"It's so nice of you to provide appetizers!" says the raccoon...

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

Oh my goodness, Joy, your garden looks fabulous! I love those curves! And that bulb circle? Are you teasing me here? Doesn't matter anymore because hubby carved out a circle for me this weekend that I will fill with bulbs this fall!

Oh, how I laughed with that comment about the clay pots. I too wonder if I can get away with watering the plants in them for one day, even those sunny ones. Ack, they dry out so quickly! Darn it.

Anyhow, I think Fred is a fine name. I used to work with a guy who moved here from China and his name was Fred. So there... Ha ha ha...

I've got the giggles tonight...must be all the sun that's been beating down on the head in the garden the past few days... The result: fried brain :)

Kyna said...

You know, I've never met a chick named Ernie. But there's a first time for everything, and that would be pretty awesome :D

And a Japanese maple named Fred? Even more awesome. It's original ;)

Kerri said...

Joy, your spring garden is looking beautiful! And Winthrop looks good posing with it as a backdrop :)
Love the little water garden, and that lovely hosta looks great in that pretty container. I must try lavender in a pot. Maybe I'll have better luck with it that way.
The little coneheads are adorable :)
What a strange sky! Pretty though.

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

Wonderful post Joy! And there is absolutely NOTHING average about your lovely garden!! Your new pond is great, and might be something I would take on. I think Fred is a find name for your maple, and might I suggest 'Barney' for his little sidekick? What is it with terra cotta pots? It's rediculous how fast they dry out! Blink Blink. :o)

gittan said...

Good mornign Joy. Thanks for making me smile! I love your posts and do recognize somethings in your way to garden. Take good care of Ernie and Bert / gittan

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hey there Lisa girl : )
Those plants look even better in real life/real time ? LOL
I don't know what it is but some plants just have to have names ;-)
Glad I'm not alone on that one ?

Dear Dave (I actually have a question for you so I will have to get over to your place !)
It is such a great way to teach kids about different yet dependant "biological systems" that can flourish together .. I bet your girls would have a blast watching it happen ! .. I'm sure you are going to put one together for them .. right ? wink wink blink ? LOL

Hey Martha .. I know you have your bulb circle all ready for the BULBS girl ! haha Is George sore from all that garden work yet ? LOL
Actually there is a trick with the clay pots .. you line them with plastic bags but a hole cut in the bottom for drainage .. but I was in a hurry and most of the plants are herbs that like it on the dry side .. but keep that method in mind if you are planting a more moist ? loving plant : )
OMG ! You knew a Fred from China ? how cool is that !
I had those giggles .. well outright laughing, snorting fit the other night .. the tears were running because I was laughing so hard .. go figure .. hard working the garden ? ;-)

Hey Kyna ! Yup .. sometimes you just have to push the envelop a little to shake things up ? But I know you know all about that sort of thing .. you are a living on the edge sort of gal ! LOL

Kerri girl thank you ! and YES ! if you have trouble with lavender try it in a pot and let it stay on the dry side a bit .. I am using Provence lavender in these ones and I will transplant them into the garden at the end of summer .. I have been able to over winter some before. Yup ! Coneheads and that weird sky .. it was an Outer Limits type of day ? LOL

Rebecca girl thank you ! : ) and I will take that suggestion on board .. Barny is a great character name too .. now I have the Flinstones music running through my head ? haha
Yes ! this little pond in a bowl is a fun thing : ) You would enjoy it too girl !

Hello there gittan and thank you : ) .. it is a bit of stress being a goldfish mom .. I haven't seen these guys come out of hiding yet .. but they are allowed to be shy .. I'm patient ! LOL

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

You are developing quite the 'pot garden' on your deck. I'm just getting started with mine. Your garden looks wonderful from Winthrops point of view.

Diana Studer said...

You have captured the 'Seven Steps to Heaven' clouds I saw, but they had dissolved long before I had the camera ready!

CiNdEe said...

You crack me up and that is a good thing(-: Wait I am already cracked you say? Well adding a few more cracks is good too right?(-:
Everything is looking outstanding there! I love the water feature! Dinner in a bowl...what more can a raccoon ask for?(-:
What am I doing you ask?
Fighting with cows. Everyday someone we won't mention who...(daughter) I didn't say that...leaves the gate open and guess who shows up? 20 or so big grown up cows with babies. Who I may say love my garden! )-: So far we won't even discuss how much damage they have done. So I am in a bad mood.
I did however unload 2 yards of compost around and it looks nice(-: I planted some geraniums and I bought two flats of marigolds to plant. I keep waiting till the cows go home but I guess that is not happening soon enough so I may plant them today(-:
I might thow a cowpie on my (daughters) bed. I didn't say that out loud...(-:

Rose said...

Ah, Joy, I am still chuckling at the sight of you in your shocking pajamas:) We would make quite a pair out in the garden--my favorite comfy blue robe should really be tossed on the trash heap:) I love your new mini-pond! I've always wanted a pond, but Mr. Procastinator, aka Hubby, well...enough said. So a container pond sounds like the perfect alternative for me. I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to keep goldfish, though. Tarzan or Sasha would no doubt find them very quickly:) Hope Bert and Ernie enjoy their new home!

Amy said...

Average? I don't think so!
I have gone outside many mornings in my pajamas sneaking around. You are too funny!
Also, I like the micro-mini pond. I might have to start one of those. Beautiful garden!

Carrie said...

Looking AMAZING and in no way average at all! The pond is very sweet and maybe Ernie and Bert will gain confidence soon and we can say hello.
Fred is a perfectly good name for any tree, I bet if you asked, you'd find a Fred in Japan!
And celtic balls, I like, but that's obvious :) xx

Anonymous said...

Your last sky photo is amazing! I don't think I've ever seen cloud formation like that. Your containers are lovely, Joy -- I look forward to watching them bloom and grow. :)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi there Linda girl !
I know I will regret having so many clay pots .. when the heat is cooking us and things are droopy and I'm so tired .. then I will be saying "Was I completely NUTS !" LOL .. Winthrop has a great vantage point because he DEMANDS it ! haha

Diane it was eerie watching this sky in mid morning .. no rain came but there was a thickness to the air .. well it could make the hair on the back of your neck stand up !

OMG Cindy !! can I call you cowgirl now ? haha .. I would be so darn mad at said "person" who didn't shut the gate !! JEEZ !! haha .. the cow patty on some one's bed sounds good to me so saying it out loud is perfect therapy .. I don't know how you do what you do girl ! what kind of vitamins do you take ??? LOL

Rose girl .. the two of us would look smashing in our shocking attire but heck who bothers to look at a nutty gardeners while watering their garden ?
Bert and Ernie only come out when husband is looking ! so I have not seen the slightest tease of a fin yet .. husband says they look fine and are having a blast hiding under the lily pads .. some day I might catch a glimpse ??

Thank you Amy ! I think it should be a rule that we are the only ones allowed to go out in our PJs .. because we are GARDENERS ! haha .. and YES ! this is such a simple yet fascinating little world to create ! I love looking at it even though Bert and Ernie won't say hi to me .. I think they are mad I broke up the party in the pet store ? hahaha

Carrie girl I did think of what you would say about my Celtic balls ? haha .. even saying "that" makes me laugh ? I have had the giggles for a couple of days now .. I think I am over tired and can't help myself ? LOL
Fred just had to be named Fred .. no other name would do .. now every time I pass him I say "Hello FRED !" hehehe

Hi there Nancy girl ! .. that sky sent chills up my spine and I am not kidding .. I keep wondering doesn't anyone else look at a sky like that and are amazed too ?
Thank you : ) I hope very much that I can keep everyone alive in their clay pots .. it is a gamble but I will try VERY hard ! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Wow, do you have a pretty yard! It must take you an hour a day just to water pots.

Sky wise, I love that silver shot with the ladder clouds.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Sandy .. Thank you !
I really go overboard with the pot thing .. husband says why do you do that ? LOL
The sky was amazing that morning .. like Outer Limits ! I swear .. Kingston has a very weird atmosphere at times and I am too happy to catch it with my camera !

Gail said...

My dear there is nothing average about you (ever) or your garden. You are way above average~approaching superior! You are the Queen Of Vignettes. I know, because I crowned you that two years ago and you still hold the title! I especially love the vignette you labeled average.

Fred is a good looking tree and Little Fred is a perfect companion plant~See more proof of your superior QoV.

Thank you for the sunrise photos! We are sunrise challenged here...Trees block the light~I wonder how Mr I would feel about clearing just a small view;)
xxxxoooogail ps finally over jetlag!

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

It's fun to visit your garden, Joy! You are a very creative gardener! Hosta in a pot is a great idea. I have one, and it looks nice combined with mondo grass.

Racquel said...

I love the circular shaped beds and the wavy one to the right is cool too. Your conversation with your hubby cracked me Joy. I could just imagine being a fly on the wall during that talk, lol. ;) Why does it not surprise me that you named a tree Fred? Ha! ;)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Gail girl ! It does take some time to get over that jet lag, it truly shakes your system up .. imagine being on a house hunting trip with only 8 days to seal a deal let alone pick a house out of about 40 seen in two days ? LOL
No wonder I am loopy ?
I will have to get a special tiara for that title ;-)
I so hope that Fred will over winter here .. he is on the zone but you know how things can just fall through .. I am trying not to get too attached and emotional with him ;-)
YES !! You have to have a clearing so you can see that morning sky !
I am so grateful that I can .. it makes my day when I can capture a beautiful sunrise !

Tatyana hello there ! It does make a lush planting with a hosta .. Black Mondo grass and Gold Creeping Jenny is another combo that is a wow factor for sure !
The great part is you can plant them back in the garden when summer is over : )

Racquel girl .. I am laughing here imagining you with a human head but the body of a fly like in the 1950s classic "The Fly" ? LOL
It would drive you bonkers listening to some of our conversations here girl .. we are certified NUTS ! haha
I can't put my finger on it but he ? just looked like a FRED to me ? ;-)

EG CameraGirl said...

Your gardens and pots look so neat and tidy! I'm impressed!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

EG hello there !
It is only the beginning of the season so things look good .. give it a few more weeks when the weather becomes hot and humid and you will see utter chaos and lack of care in no time ! LOL

Vetsy said...

Joy I'm a namer too" I name the birds that visit my yard.. My resident chickadees are Butch and Beatrice, Woodpeckers, Windy and woody to name a few, there's more but I'll stop there..

I have a jade who's name is Janet and a Ponytail plant who's name is Polly.. There's more but I'll stop here...

I like the little pond It's cute and serene If I was either Bert or Ernie I'd like it too"

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Vetsy girl you are the QUEEN of Naming !! .. I have only a few that just made me do it .. Robinator and kids ( plus generously sized Goldfinches named from a Mike Myers character .. Fat B." haha ..
You have a jade plant ! I do to and I'm not sure how to take care of it other than make sure NOT to over water .. any advice thrown my way would be great girl !

Anonymous said...

Joy girl you are in your element tonight!! How I do love your wacky sense of humor. You don't mind me saying wacky do you? I mean it takes one to know one, right?

Your garden is just lovely. The way your vines climb up the fence is just genius. I'm going to go back and click to enlarge the photo and get a better look-see.

I love terra cotta. You know what I do? I use saucers, deep ones. This at least helps keep things from drying out quite so fast.

One little heads up if I may... A little floating thermometer in your micro pond might be a good idea. I have a 30 gallon water bowl and in summer it can get really hot, as in fishes RIP hot. I keep mine in shade and check the thermometer on really hot days, adding more water if it's above the safe zone.

I hope that didn't "dampen" your spirits.

How's this for ending on a light note? The Celtic ball looks like green brains. LOVE IT!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Grace girl you may sprinkle "wacky" all around me like fertilizer because that is totally ME ! ;-) and yes .. I think it does take one to recognize a fellow nut job ? Ha !
There is that other trick to terra cotta .. lining it with a plastic bag but with drainage holes at the bottom .. but when I started potting up ? .. all logic went on vacation in those moments and the thought of dumping them out and starting again .. Nahhhhhh !
No damp spirits here girl .. I can use all the help available so throw it out to me and I'll have my catcher's mit on .. we wondered about that sort of thing too .. I add water as soon as I see a little dip going on but wondering about the temp was tricky .. number one son keeps testing it with "finger" and says it is body temp .. too many jokes .. too little space" ? but I will look for that .. it gets morning sun and afternoon shade but we really should not boil fish on the deck .. neighbors could complain ? ;-)
green brains ?? !!! eeeuuuwww ! .. hum .. good Halloween ploy though ?