Friday, 14 May 2010

Moods of a Garden

Yes ... we are still in Spring here with menopausal weather that can NOT make up its mind what to do .. reminds me of ME .. so I can understand this state of affairs .. some what ?
Primula still hanging in looking cute ?
Colours are a bit washed out when I insist on taking pictures in bright sunlight .. DUH ?
But .. what about that Pinot Gris and the transplanted irises .. hum ? .. I wonder what colour those iris are ? another DUH?? moment in my life captured in pictures and ramble ?
Still .. they are pretty companions : )
TES .. aka Tiger Eye Sumac .. looking gorgeous in so many different hues of reds,oranges,yellows .. well you name it and it has a finger on the pulse of colours !
the Ostrich ferns are a wonderful foil in simple green.
Ahhhhhhhhh ! calm serene meditation Buddah and variegated Solomon's Seal : )
These pictures seemed just right .. almost peaceful !
Like .... silk ?
Pink Skyrocket .. getting to feel its age I think .. it is one of the older plants in my garden and facing the fact that plants have a life span too .. well it is kind of sad.
They are cute little flower cones though ;-)
Freckles violet still makes me snort .. they are too cute but they are dangerous ....
Click on the picture and look at those TEETH ! eeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkk !!
Fiddle heads ... people who eat fern babies .. well ... I can't even imagine !! wink wink
The soft green gold with the weathered gray .. beautiful : )
OK .. who reading this doesn't know I am a cat person ? stand up ;-)
OK ... who reading this doesn't know I am a frog person ? .. sit down ! wink wink
Bed in transition .. notice other frog ? dancing ? ballet ??
Bittersweet vine .. a great performer .. but also a bit of a battle .. chair and whip time is coming up soon ... for now it is just pretty !


Anonymous said...

Yes, those top photos are very soothing. I can't believe your garden is so nice this early in the season. Can't wait until mid season.

Do you ever just sit outdoors and enjoy it? Without getting up to pull a weed, or fix something?

Anonymous said...

Your garden just looks so beautiful, Joy! The violets would have to be my favourites, I think, though I love that Heuchera, too!

Bonnie said...

Why is it that so many of us gardeners are also cat people?? Your pictures are beautiful and I know EXACTLY what you mean by menopausal!! The weather, the gardens, and us.

Lona said...

Oh, girl I love your Freckles violets. They are so cute.Have a wonderful weekend !

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

Oh, Joy, how lovely everything is! Looks like your garden is waking up. Are you still going nuts over there? I am really exhausted! I am so busy these days that I don't know if I'm coming or going! I'll get to an email for you soon to share my news!

garden girl said...

Your garden's looking great Joy. I like the sunny photos! The sun's been in such short supply around here lately, it's a joy to see, even in photos from across the border!

gittan said...

A great post that brought me a lot of joy =)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hey there Sandy !
Mid season will illustrate the heat and humidity wear and tear on the garden if it follows the usual path of events here girl .. so this is almost the best bit ?
Good grief NO !! haha .. there is always something that catches my eye and I have to FIX it ? haha

Hi Nancy girl .. those violets put up with a lot of punishment .. they are almost a decoy plant for me .. heuchera .. well they are always on a favorite list for me .. especially from the order of Floral & Hardy .. can't wait to see how those babies turn out : )

Hello there Bonnie ! I have wondered that too ! and even if they are more a "dog" person .. well usually they do have a cat in the background ? LOL
Ahhh ! misery loves company with this menopausal thing girl .. glad you are on board ? LOL

Lona girl .. aren't they just too cute ? LOL Hey .. the weekend is going to be gorgeous .. next weekend is a long one .. Victoria Day .. so watch THAT weather suck ? LOL

Martha .. I figured you are spinning like a top girl .. John and I can't get over how much you do and George too of course .. did he cut out the bulb circle yet ? LOL
No worries about e-mail .. I know you are busy ! Get some rest in between all that busy schedule !

Linda girl ! Thank you and hello there ! Hasn't the weather been weird ? I'm hoping we are in the clear now .. I'm trying to make up the coleus planter after loosing all of them in that last frost .. DUH ? LOL

gittan : ) hello way over there ! I have to get my self in gear and make that list out for you .. I am so far behind projects like that ..oops ! ;-)

Northern Shade said...

Those variegated Solomon's seal look fabulous in front of the statue. I'm pretty sure that Buddha is bending over to sniff the blooms. I really like the combination of Pink Skyrocket with the Brunnera (and sliver of driftwood), pretty flowers and leaves together.

Vetsy said...

Hello joy... I feel ya, It's been a very Manic by-polar spring here In Michigan, Cool over cast days and lots of rain with lows in the 40 and 50's Brrr..Not nice!

Loving the photos! everything is so tidy and colorful... Love the plants, love the little garden statues, love, love, love, it!

The Buddha looks nice and serene sitting amongst the Solomon's Seal, I haven't decided where to place mine yet..

I dig the disco frog and like what you did with the cat.. Lol! too' cute"

Very pretty!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there NS ! and thank you : )
It takes a while for the Solomon's Seal to have "presence" in the garden but it is so worth the time .. it looks good all season long ! My Pink Skyrocket is about 8 years old now so I know it is getting a bit tired .. but I cross my fingers every Spring ? : )
Husband has brought back many pieces of driftwood and I do love it in the garden .. it just looks like it should be there ? LOL

Hello Vetsy ! and a big YES about this weird and wacky weather eh ?
Starting end of January .. into February, I haunt our Home Sense store for little pieces of fun ? to put in the garden .. it really livens it up and brings character to mix with the plants .. my Buddah was a pure luck buy just in the nick of time .. they had seemed so hard to find anywhere for a couple of years .. then the funny bits .. well, a gardener has to have a laugh eh ? ;-)

Victoria said...

What a magical post..your photos and writing had such a poetic enchanting flow and lovely!! Gorgeous shots by the way...a joy to visit!!
Have a sparkling wkd!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Thanks Kiki ! The weather people have been wrong yet again .. not such great weather ? lets cross our fingers for next weekend ? ;-)

Dani said...

so joyous garden! i hope i'll have one day such!
i found it so interesting i recognized some of the flowers my mum has in her garden, namely hearts on their sleeves, never knew what their name is even in macedonian, let alone in english.

joyful greetings from a flower lover,
DAni, Macedonia

RURAL magazine said...

With a opening statement about the weather being like menopause... who could resist that one. I think that our weather is going through a series of hot flashes, and it isn't the only one. But aren't hot flashes all day and night long. Mine are only at work, LOL. Maybe I am just allergic.

Anyways, the garden is looking lovely, and I am happy to see that you can grow bittersweet there. I am supposing that anything that you can grow there, I can grow up country. Zone 5, so I am increasing my collection of available plants.


CanadianGardenJoy said...

Dani, thank you so much for stopping by ! I'm glad you recognized plants from your mom's garden : ) we gardeners share so many loves of the garden and that is a precious bond we have : )

Aunt Jenny said...

I have agree with Bonnie on gardeners being cat people.

I love the pictures of the girls. I adopted 2 boys, the shelter said they were girls, my vet said otherwise. LOL

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Aunt Jenny ! I had to snort reading about your boys : ) that is too funny ! .. I wonder, are they brothers ? maybe a blind date with my girls ? (they aren't sisters .. wink wink )
A BIG YES ! I know there are dog gardeners out there but I think we out number them hugely ? ;-)