Monday, 28 June 2010

Helenium Sahin's Early Flowerer Smiles !

Yesterday I finally had the opportunity to take some pictures of my most favorite (what should be an early Autumn) flower.
Sahin's Early .. hum .. I guess it can be safe in being early with the word EARLY in its title ..
BUT this IS TOO early !! .. sort of a Twilight Zone early ?
Little Joe Pye weed is behind this gorgeous group .. he is doing well as are his BIG brothers on the other side against the fence ..
OK .. I will drop the uneasy feeling of this garden season rushing by totally off schedule.
I will say that these gorgeous flowers make me smile so much when I see them and when I can catch great pictures of them .. don't we all feel that way too ?
We love to garden but the icing on the cake is taking wonderful pictures so we can see our hard work paying off in some way .. and being able to keep those moments alive, almost?

I think of these flowers more so in 3 "D" .. their individual structures and colours are amazing .. they pull you in to look at them much more closely don't they ?
They contrast very well against other garden plants like this Nanho Blue buddleia .. which is more in its time frame than the Helenium .. and that little white echinacea is peeking up to watch this beautiful group of chatty girls flouncing their skirts ?
Then there are the "visitors" .. an alien ring to it right ? .. come on .. you know it is true in some sense ?
They are so busy feeding or collecting they will let you snap away without caring too much how close you get .. so far I have been lucky ! phew !
Can you believe all the pollen this little guy can fly with ?
Talk about mini muscle power ? and enjoying the flower so much !
Living in the moment .. something we should all try to do once in a while ?
Then there is my friend ... truly an alien visitor with that colouring on its body !
Take a closer LOOK !
Flashing metallic body armor ? or trying to flag down a taxi ? or maybe it is sending out a code for the invasion ?
.... and so there this visitor sits in reflection .. theoretically and literally ?

These pictures are totally mine and if there are any thieves out there ? .. I will hunt you down with my Wiseguy Fly !!!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

The muscle man and the aliens almost stole the show. You better watch out.

Unknown said...

Joy -- I looked these up and think that the deer will them alone!

Love the photos. Are you printing these out and posting a gallery to look at in winter?

I just had to tell yet ANOTHER nursery that they can't use a photo of mine without permission. This one promptly took it down and even offered to pay me, but I let it go.

The other one told me that if I didn't want them to use my photos from the web then I should put my name on them. Well, sometimes I'm too busy to take the time, but ya know -- I wouldn't steal one of their plants because their name wasn't on it. What's the diff?

Carrie said...

Heleniums are some of my favs, those ones are gorgeous, I'll have to remember that name and try to grow them here. Cool fly!!!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hey there Lisa girl .. I find a lot of aliens in my garden just when the flowers are really revving ? up ? there is something about these metallic looking flies .. did a post last year with the same guy ? LOL

Freda you really have to have these ! They are just so gorgeous and cheerful : )
I keep a copy of the full pixel count with the ones I really like so I can print them off (when I get my office .. when number one son finally flies the nest ? LOL)
I understand how you felt .. I have to export to another program .. then import back and some days I just don't have the energy and I wouldn't post anything because of it being too much work ! Yeah ! what would they THINK if some one took their plants is right girl ! good for you ! ;-)

Hey Carrie girl ! This cultivar is my favorite of the Helenium, thus two patches of them ... but it is so strange to see them THIS EARLY .. kind of odd to say the least .. just like my fly wiseguy ? LOL

Anonymous said...

Yes, these flowers make me smile. Don't they look like twirly skirts??

meemsnyc said...

Those are pretty flowers! It does put a smile on one's face. It's great to be able to get such nice photos!

Lona said...

Hi Joy. Your Helenium is just so pretty. I love it. Looks like the small critters love it too. The picture with the green fly on the green bud is gorgeous. Seems to be a lot of that stealing of pictures going on. Make you want to reach out and touch someone. Really hard LOL!

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

That green fly chose a beautiful garden and lovely flowers to hang around! Your pictures are great, Joy! My new monitor (my DH decided that I need it) shows them huge in great detail.

Katarina said...

Your Heleniums are stunning! Isn't it funny how we garden freaks run up and down our gardens, bending, stretching...trying to catch the moments. I've been wondering whether I'll ever get tired of taking photos.. and i h ope i never will.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Sandy girl thanks ! ..if I was pressed to name one flower in my garden that makes me totally smile and cheerful ? it has to be these girls in their twirly skirts for sure ! LOL

meems thank you ! it was a gray day .. but no wind and that makes a huge difference .. gray days are tricky .. but I managed to take loads of helenium pictures and that was wonderful satisfaction for me : )

Lona girl THANKS ! .. you have made me laugh here ! YES ! I would reach out and TOUCH some one if it were possible and they did that !! My "wiseguy-fly" would drive them crazy for life ! haha .. I do love my helenium .. it is one of the flowers I so look forward to seeing and these beauties have not let me down : )

Tatyana thank you girl : ) I am hoping for an actual desk top pc near the end of this year or early next year .. all depending on number one son finally moving out ? LOL so I can understand the wow factor of a new monitor : )
That fly was not camera shy at all LOL .. too funny he was ;-)

Hello there Katarina ! I can say a resounding NO ! We will never get tired of taking pictures .. it has a connection to our garden side .. we want to freeze moments in time to go back and look at gorgeous plants : ) no worries there girl !

Floridagirl said...

Ooh, those 3-D heleniums are lovely! (I wonder if they can be grown here.) And so are the bee shots! Wonderful creatures with their pollen pockets full.

CiNdEe said...

Wow love those flowers!! SO pretty and Fallish too(-: I am thinking ahead too but trying not to(-: Trying to enjoy the days of Summer but on Sunday it was 106+ degrees and that was miserable for me. Thats when I think of Fall cool weather...(-:
I do love seeing the pictures of the hard work we all do(-:
The alien bugs can stay there. Or load up on the Space Ship and sail away!

Lynn said...

Joy- I'm glad I'm not the only one that thinks it is freaky that things are blooming really early. Really Early!!! I just wonder if anything will be blooming the end of July at all. I'm glad I planted so many new annauls this year...
Have a great week!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Floridagirl !
I'm not sure if they would survive your heat down there ;-) but hey, it is worth a try right ?
YES .. these little insects are amazing and work so very hard .. it makes me tired just watching them ! LOL

Cindee girl I wish you could have felt the weather this morning here .. it was just like an Autumn morning .. almost too cool in fact ! .. I don't blame you for wishing away that terrible heat .. I would melt in it .. we do have intense heat and humidity but not as long as you do .. phew !
YES ! I love looking back at great garden pictures too : )
I won't let the alien bugs take off eh ? haha

Lynn it is so strange to see certain plants leap forward like this .. I'm hoping to get another flush of flowers with dead heading this beauty but it makes me wonder as well if I will have anything blooming in the Autumn !
BUT .. I have great trees that will change colour .. I HOPE !!LOL

Anonymous said...

Oh see now I have to add this to my wishlist, wonder if it would be happy in my hot & dry (no rain for weeks :( ) garden. Gorgeous!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Racquel girl we can have that weather too ! .. it just slows them down a bit but doesn't kill them .. so I would give it a try ! .. I would also recommend this one because it is so pretty : )