Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Look out here I come !!

Well did this guy scare you ? .. I have quite a few more enjoying the fennel and dill and getting bigger and bigger and bigger ! eeekkk !!
Meanwhile back at the farm .. Lassie barks out a special code saying "the front garden is too big to believe and some one has to get the whip and chair out now !!!

It doesn't look like it is a problem but to the untrained eye .. well it is hiding more poor plants that are being smothered .. they are screaming for a space of their own , NOW !!
So there has been a great deal of gnashing of teeth and pulling of hair and saying "I will be BACK !!!"
I can't get used to this new post option with Blogger still .
My pictures have a life of their own and the print is going every where it isn't supposed to .. so just enjoy the pictures and ignore all the dribble I spit out here folks .. that happens when baby hasn't been sleeping well for a long time ..
How about these hydrangea ? they almost glow in the shade and what is with both pink and blue ! I thought the soil ph would keep one or the other reined in with ONE colour ? I'm not complaining at all : ) I think they are gorgeous !!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I think your hydrangeas are gorgeous too. I really don't care about the color. It is nice to have plenty of blooms though. Your garden looks so lush.

Unknown said...

I recognize that guy! :-) He's going to be turning into a butterfly soon (BST, if I am seeing the photo correctly).

Your garden doesn't look crowded, but if you say there some smothered plants under there...

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

Oh my goodness, Joy, is that a monarch caterpillar? It's so cute! I can't believe you have them in your garden. That is an amazing thing to witness, for sure! You lucky girl...

And your plants are growing like weeds. Looks like a jungle over there, albeit a very pretty one. Everything looks amazing! And whatever you have to scrap, ship it over to my place...LOL...

Rebecca said...

Your front garden looks like mine in many spots! I need to make notes to myself and do some serious dividing this fall and next spring! I've definitely crossed the line between (two's) company and (three's) a crowd!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Freda girl ! Yes you are seeing him in real life ? .. I switched options on posting in a new style and I'm not liking it a bit..
Yes from one point of view it does look lush but if you look under the hosta leaves .. you seeing lots of plants hiding ? LOL
I have to sort it all out soon !

Lisa I feel the same way .. I love the "whole plant" and colour isn't a huge factor with me either .. it is what the plant as a whole looks like to me ?

Martha girl .. I meant to e-mail last night but I was so tired .. I'm going to try and get one done this morning ! .. hey I have day lilies .. the nasty beetles never seem to bother those ones .. so I have to get you over here to pick you kids up girl ! and see our butterflies in the making !

Rebecca .. that is exactly the theme ! Two's company ... 5 is a crowd ? LOL .. I am going to start now because these are shade plants for the most part so they shouldn't "shock" too much .. and Autumn is my favorite time of the year so I want my plant kids behaving themselves ? LOL

Kyna said...

How come I never get the pretty caterpillars! lol I get the brown, hairy least if something's going to eat all my foliage, it had better be something cool looking! :D

Your garden looks so lush! I'm struggling to make mine even look semi-alive in this heat...

Diana Studer said...

BTW I was struggling to attach a caption TO the picture, I said, oh never mind, I have discovered Blogger is happier if you agree to centre the pictures. Who knows what gives in Bloggerland? Much hair-wrenching at this end too!

Anonymous said...

Everything in your garden is beautiful, Joy! And even your "crowded garden" doesn't look just looks lush. :)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Kyna girl you are cracking me up !..
I have planted a buffet for these guys for YEARS and never saw them .. so now this year a whole slew of them decide it is time to get cracking ? haha .. for some reason this year all of Kingston is looking good ? LOL ..
This is a mature garden and finally for the first time in my life I get to enjoy my work ? : )
I'll send you some good looking caterpillars ??? hehehe

Diane .. I know what you mean .. I tried the advanced editing and it is too picky .. so now I will go back to me normal post editing to save my sanity ? haha

Thank you Nancy girl .. the number of rain days we are having is helping a lot too .. it really takes a lot of water to keep my babies happy here : )

Christine said...

I have a fairly well-trained eye, Joy, and that front garden bed looks beautiful to me. I'd give my eye teeth to have my beds look so lush. Not sayin' I don't believe you ... :0
I love your caterpillars! Mine are the brown, hairy kind also. I have fennel all over the place and not one swallowtail caterpillar anywhere!

Unknown said...

my hydrangeas don't bloom much. I guess they need a sunnier spot to grow in.

I love the look of your front garden. If you need to thin some out, I know a spot where there's some room... ;)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Christine girl thank you ! .. I think it is the thing when it is your own garden you know or see all of the "faults" ? LOL
Don't get discourage about growing fennel and dill .. I have for years and years and not until this year have I had such amazing life spring forth ? on this mix of fennel and dill .. I love these plants but having these wonderful creatures too is icing on the cake : )

Cinj girl thank you !! I think hydrangea need a little more sun than we think it does .. and mine are getting less and less because of the huge maple tree there .. so maybe my blooms may not be as many soon too. Hey, if you were close enough girl .. you would get some garden babies from me ! LOL

Kimberly said...

Joy, your cat is so pretty!
Your front garden doesn't look overgrown, but very lush instead. I understand, though, as I just thinned out ground cover that was suddenly too much for my liking.

Your hydrangea looks very cool in the shade!

RURAL magazine said...

It looks cosy, everyone is touching elbows in the nicest of plant ways.

Lovely to see plants that don't have laced leaves from the multitude of sluggies that we have here.


CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Kimberly girl !
My girls are beauties this is true : ) because they tell me every day how much they think of themselves ?? LOL
Things are lush .. yes .. but I am waiting for the shoe to drop very soon .. aka Japanese beetles , slugs .. and all those eeeekkk ! creatures that will torment me and the garden ! LOL

Jen girl I remember how "moist" it was on Vancouver Island .. so I do understand about the slug population and the laced leaves ... eeekkk ! LOL
Yes .. elbow to elbow is actually a good thing : )