Thursday, 24 June 2010

Sir Goats Beard and the Orange Princesses

This is a story of a young Sir Goats Beard who came to mature in his looks and personality.
His first impressions in life were with the company he kept .. very flirty poppy girls swooned and swayed against him in the wind. They thought him magnificent in stature and beautiful white plumage.
They whispered and laughed in the glow of early morning light.
Sir Goats Beard would bend down to catch what the poppy girls were trying to tell him.
So he could laugh at the appropriate times over their comical quips .. garden humour ?
Sir Goats Beard came to enjoy Ms. Flame's company very much as soon as she had arrived .. They some how shared a connection immediately .. perhaps it was because she was was also such a tall elegant creature ?
As Sir Goats Beard matured , they had shared many a conversation of what gardens expected of them .. and what they thought, they could contribute to the gardens that so yearned for their company.
Of course they were always flattered to be in such demand but they were choosy as to how they would behave .. whether they would get on with the gardener or not ?
He became more gorgeous every day .. the poppy girls had faded and were put to sleep until next year .. that is when Sir Goats Beard had begun to miss their flattery and company .. it was too quiet and dull even with Ms. Flames conversations.
The days rolled on and his beautiful beading was blossoming more and more ... he was truly aging .. and he had to come to terms with that.
Still though ... the morning light illuminated his stunning body .. a sight that was perfection indeed !
White on white .. bead by bead ....
... and then it was rumoured that princess sisters were visiting the garden .. that it was "their" time to bloom and glow.
They were shy .. and hid their faces for a while.
But slowly one sister after the other became bold and asked after Sir Goats Beard ...
They were curious and amazed with his impressive presence in the garden .. what did he see and watch for all the days he was here ?
Their exclamation over his handsome figure and mature ways about him .. well they fell quietly in love with him, as he did with them.
Once again there was such happiness in that corner of the garden much so that even the birds felt their contentment : )


*~* Linda *~* said...

Oh my!! What a beautiful short story! You have such a gift with words and I love how you've made your garden such a living entity! It gives it so much personality and guarentees that even if you are the only person standing in the garden, you are truly never "alone!"

Jennifer AKA keewee said...

Hmmmm! a romantic novel on love in the garden. Love your imaginative writing.

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

What a beautiful and enchanting tale of romance in the garden. Terrific post Joy, you had me hanging on every word!

VW said...

OK, you've convinced me that goats beard needs a place in my garden! What pretty pictures.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Linda and thank you : )
That is what happens when I have time to play on here while waiting for the painter to do his thing.
It is going to be a load of work putting things back .. but it will look nice !
Yes .. I always feel surrounded by plant personalities no matter when I am in the garden or with who ? LOL .. serious rain fall is happening today .. good for the garden ! : )

Thank you keewee .. Sir Goatsbeard always inspires me .. he is gorgeous !

Thank you Rebecca : ) I think the earthquake jolted a few braincells back to active mode ? LOL .. I just admire my goats beard so much he has to have a story written about him : )

VW girl you DO have to HAVE the full sized Aruncus Diocius .. it is truly a beauty .. but you have to give it some time and patience too !: )

Anonymous said...

Such a romatic! Great story.

Pat said...

What a great plant !!
Wouldn't mind having that addition to my garden.

ps...TB is really getting good !

Diana Studer said...

That was fun. I have met some new plants.

meemsnyc said...

Sir Goats Beard is so cool!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Sandy and thank you ! I had time on my hands since we just stayed in the family room while our painting was done .. shows you what kind of trouble I get into ? LOL

Patsi girl TB is getting good and weird ! haha .. husband is losing interest with all of the "naughty" stuff going on .. but new characters are interesting and Sam's dream ? whoaaaa ! hahaha
You must get goats beard girl .. look and see if it can survive your garden ?

Hi Diane thank you ! and it was fun to write : )

Hey there meems : ) YES ! he is a cool dude for sure !

Carrie said...

Oh, you are crazy and I adore it. What a lovely story and a magnificant plant, my goodness the light falling on makes it glow, I've never seen something so white and pure and divine. You have some great plant friends who clearly love you and work hard to look their best for us all. Oh what a happy garden!!!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Thank you Carrie .. Sir Goats Beard is an amazing creature .. when it is at its height I stop dead in my tracks and watch it for ages .. it is just so beautiful : )
Yes ... I am totally crazy .. no more reno projects for a very long time .. I need my set in stone routine !! haha

Vetsy said...

Joy" you really should look into writing books..

That was a fabulous tale about the Handsome Goats beard and the Swooning princesses I was truly intrigued."

I have heard of Goats Beard but never seen it, what a beautiful plant.. I always learn something interesting and new from your blogs..

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Vetsy and thank you !
I had fun with it .. the only time I truly had to play with because painter was painting ? LOL
Goats beard is like a giant astilbe and it is actually a native to North America plant which is nice to see used more often .. there are different cultivars .. some smaller ones for tiny gardens .. this one is the "aruncus dioicus" and it has taken a few years to reach this mas and is still growing which is fine with me .. I have another patch of it closer to the driveway so it doesn't get as much sun thus not as large or exciting I have to say ? LOL They are terrific plants for impact and footing plants look great with them as a back drop : )
You should try it Vetsy ! I promise you will love it too !

Anonymous said...

You are a wonderful storyteller Joy. :) I wish my Goatsbeard looked this great, maybe it's time to relocate it again. lol

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Racquel Thank you girl !
I have another goats beard that is in more shade and it doesn't do as well as this one .. so I think the answer is a lot of sun for getting it to grow large and fluffy ? LOL