Monday, 19 July 2010

Stargazers Flashed

I haven't seen a "stop in your tracks , gorgeous sunrise" in ages .. that is the funny thing about summer months .. what ever the element missing for them may be .. it is truly MISSING !
But then you have your gardens to compensate for that absent jewel in the sky ?
I never use a flash in the garden .. I just didn't think it would work actually.
So ... the idea "flashed" in my brain as to "what the heck ? I'll try it and see?"
When I uploaded these pictures I was surprised ! .. it actually did work .. not as well presented as in natural light but there they are ..
It was early morning .. clear sky but still early enough to have low light levels so these pictures would not have turned out if I had taken them in naked natural low light ..
I would have missed this wonderful beginning to my Stargazers opening.

This morning I am looking out the deck door to a very rainy day .. but I am not complaining by any means .. it saves me once again from dragging the hose around to give my garden a well deserved DRINK ! ... phew !!


Nellie from Beyond My Garden said...

Gorgeous Stargazer. I sometimes like the effect of a flash. It definitely changes what is highlighted, allowing us to view the flower differently. Yours turned how nice

Rose said...

Your 'Stargazers' look very flashy, indeed, Joy. Please send a little of that rain our way:)

Gail said...

They are lovely flowers and they do smell delightful~I've planted them by the front and back doors so I can catch the scent coming and going~Must replace with another since they are almost gone here~ gail

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there "Beyond" : )
It was quite a surprise that it turned out so well ! .. but as you have said sometimes it does lend a different twist to how the picture turns out .. I will keep it in mind more often : )

Thank you Rose girl !.. I would gladly send you some rain Rose .. I think we have had more than our fair share ;-)

Gail girl they are amazing showy wonderfully scented flowers for sure ! I keep their numbers down because of that nasty lily beetle thing .. ugh ! But that is so the right place for them at the door ways : ) now go get some more girl ! LOL