Sunday, 8 August 2010

An Autumn Link to Lisa @ Greenbow

I wanted to link with Lisa at Greenbow because she has done a wonderful "Hint of Autumn" post and you have to know that got to ME : )
I don't have a "wooly bear" caterpillar to show and he was too cute Lisa girl : )
I have some Autumny plants getting ready to put on their colourful gowns ?
First my Autumn Anemone family ?
Prince Heinrich and his sisters the Pamina girls !
Thank you Lisa for giving me a nudge ? towards my Halloween mania now ? .. you might be sorry since of course it is my most favorite time of the year and I do go overboard ? wink wink : )

.... and what would Autumn be without my beloved Stag Horn Sumac ??
I love how it is looking now .. especially since dear husband trimmed it up for me .. I am in total "wimp-mode" still .. but my guys are helping me out : )


RURAL magazine said...

I know that you love Halloweeenie. And neither of us is a real fan of the hot humid air around here, but...I am a little wistful, and sad to see that leaf.

Summer in all of it's glory, is fading, and starting to pack it's bags. We only really started to enjoy her visit, and now she is thinking of moving on. Yes sometimes she is a more difficult guest to have around, but we do care for her.

And when she leaves, I think that I definitely will miss her, no matter how glad I will be to see Autumn, my second favorite season.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Thanks so much for the link love. Your sumac looks pretty all trimmed up looking like a real tree instead of a bush. Does your sumac send out runners? I think they look so tropical with those leaves and horns. It sure doesn't feel like autumn here. The heat is on outside. UGH...

Kit Aerie-el said...

Autumn? Already? Doesn't seem like we've had a summer here yet.
Great photos and thanks for the link to Lisa @ Greenbow too!

meemsnyc said...

It's amazing that autumn is right around the corner! Wow!

Unknown said...

Autumn dear one is a ways away I hope.


Bonnie said...

My Japanese anemones are beginning to bloom. To early for my liking - they usually don't bloom until September. We also have mums blooming around here. I'm not ready for autumn. Although, I am looking forward to your Halloween posts. It's also my favorite holiday. We don't get into it as much now that our kids are grown up and moved out. We used to have a Haunted Yard every year, every weekend in October. Lots of fun but lots of work.

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

Your sumac looks wonderful. I am keeping my head in the sand and REFUSING to look for, or even accept any signs of autumn yet ;).

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Jen girl hello there !!
I have a small space for that feeling too .. I am missing so much of what I could be doing in the garden it leaves a hole in my garden heart. I am so looking forward to Autumn this is TRUE .. but since August has been such chaos and pain .. I have missed this month .. where has it gone ?
I hope your Autumn is extra specially good to you girl to make up for the rush August was in ? : )

Lisa girl ! You are VERY welcome !
I got such a kick out of yours .. it lit my Autumn fuse and there is no going back now .. so .. thank YOU !
YES YES YES .. my naughty Sumac is trying to have a family all over the garden but we just keep pulling them out .. my neighbor's lilac by the fence does too .. BIG sigh ! LOL .. YES ! a pollard Sumac in this form looks like a palm tree to me : ) so it is special isn't it ? I have the Tiger Eye sumac by the rain barrel and it behaves .. other than those damn aphids that swallow new growth that would give it vertical height .. different prices to pay for different plants ? ;-)
I hope you get cooler weather soon .. I know that heat destroys me !

Aerie-el girl ! I have to get over to your blog .. I am so slow because the pain eats me up and I have to get off of here fast. Yes ! Lisa has a great blog that I know you will enjoy : )

meems : ) hello there .. YES ! summer came in so strongly with that HEAT in Spring .. everything blew by so fast didn't it ? LOL

Sara .. I can't help but wish for it to sneak in a little ? bit by bit ? I do love it so ;-)

Bonnie girl you are too right about that .. some of the anemones blooming is iffy ? but mums too ? EEKK !! It sounds like you guys had fun with Halloween .. and you still can by doing a bit indoors for yourself ? I love decorating my kitchen/office so I can see it while I am on the laptop .. you should do that too ? ;-) I'm glad to have people on here that are nutty for Halloween too !!

Rebecca girl ! .. come on now .. you don't want that nasty sand in your ears do you ? LOL .. I promise not to mention Halloween too much .. I know once you start feeling a tiny bit of Autumn you will enjoy it .. OK ? hang in here girl ;-)

Viooltje said...

That has to be one of the most pampered sumacs out there. Nice trimmin!
In our neighbourhood, we have an absolutely giant, wild sumac tree that sends its little children all over our gardens every year. I collect most of them and then pot them or transplant them to a safer place (before someone else plucks them out as weeds) and I instantly think of Joy, hoping that maybe, just maybe one day my sumacs will look half as nice, and become perky little trees instead of awkward and pungent little bushes.
Can't wait for my favourite nature festival - autumn, and likewise, for Joy's near-Halloween ecstasy.
Hope you're doing better these days. ❀◕‿◕❀

Carrie said...

Autumn = the new house :)
I love your sumac and 'that' leaf. Halloween is special to me now because i know it makes you happy xxx

Anonymous said...

Don't you find that flowers get more vivid as the fall sets in? I am clinging to summer, but I notice that it is cooler and the sky is now dark when I get up in the morning.
I felt guilty when I saw your sumac.I had mine for years, but as it has gotten bigger and bigger it started sending out legions of babies by way of runners. Though I loved it dearly, I cut it down recently. I will certainly miss its fall color.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Dear Violet there you are again !
Yes .. I fell in love with how the sumacs were pruned in Holland when we lived there .. so I vowed I would do mine in a very special way .. but it is true .. legions of young ones running through the garden .. I just pick them out and say they are going to sumac heaven ? LOL
It is going to be almost 2 weeks since I have been able to be in the garden and it will be longer still .. I am going through garden withdrawal and not a very nice person right now because of it;-(
I have to slap myself to be good ? hehe .. I can't wait either Violet .. cool clear weather if we are lucky and beautiful colours to photograph : ) I hope you are feeling better too ? : )

Carrie girl that is so exciting to know you will be in your new little nest soon ! You must be counting the hours girl ! LOL .. I hope you have a very happy house warming even if it is just you and Andrew ? I'll be thinking of you with a great big grin : )

Jennifer I have noticed the darker sky for some time now .. I get up at 5 AM and it is DARK for sure then now ! and it used to be light out then .. that is the one bad thing I don't like about the change of seasons .. I am a morning person and that puts a damper on my start of the day ;-(
Hey don't feel guilty about the Sumac thing .. very FEW people can tolerate them because of the babies galore even one creates .. although the Tiger Eye is not bad at all .. do you have Tiger Eye Sumac ? if not maybe you might really like it? I love mine .. the cut leaf is very pretty and chartreuse is a shade it will take on so it can be stunning : ) Fall colour is great too ! Give it a try next year Jennifer !

Anonymous said...

Yep I see signs of autumn in your garden already. Not here yet...but I'm looking forward to cooler temps. :)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Racquel I am with you on that count for sure ! .. but i have to say for some reason this season has passes so quickly I don't feel I had enough time in my garden ! especially now with being out of commission .. i have my nose against the deck door looking out all of the time ! haha