Thursday, 12 August 2010

Colours from hot to cool

This month has been full of bumps in the road .. slowly we may just be lucky enough that life will return to our normal quiet ways we so need to keep half way sane ? .. heck maybe a quarter would be GREAT !
To have two gorgeous sunrises back to back is a new one for me. I'm just not that lucky to witness a sky on fire as it has been these two past mornings .. and no .. that old quote "red sky in morning sailor take warning" thankfully did not happen here .. yet ?
How gorgeous is a totally pink on pink sky .. come on .. even the "guys" here have to admit it is eye candy .. right ?
The waves in the clouds have been especially intricate and amazing too ... maybe they are the "life waves aka brain waves" ? of the earth in some way .. OK .. that is stretching it but there has to be a great theme to why those lines exist .. besides all of the weather explanations !
So the hot hot pink slowly cools off to a cool violet coloured sky .. rather calming don't you think ?
I think I smell lavender too .. or is that my garden ?
What ever the scientific jargon that explains the gorgeous colours I have been seeing .. I'd rather just think that it is the earth trying to keep those rose coloured glasses on for a break from all of us humans poking and prodding and generally being mean to her .. she sighs deeply and remains magnificent through it all ?


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Maybe you should take up painting since you like these colors so much. It wouldn't be so hard on your back either. ;) I have tried to paint the sky so many times. It is more difficult than it looks.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Lisa it is so rare to have two mornings like this I have been in awe of it girl ! Yes .. you are probably so right but the garden has a hold on me like nothing else .. well .. except my camera eye wanting to take pictures all the time ? LOL