Thursday, 19 August 2010

Day 72 Thursday ......

This morning's sky was not a dramatic one .. it seemed to just quietly slip in without a big fuss.
Yet it still had me checking on it constantly just in case it decided to speak up for itself and demand some lime light and attention ?
Some wispy feathered clouds had to be captured though ...
See way down there where I have my attention drawn to ? .. just a small staging area that has that come hither look in the mornings .. and I am very grateful for it indeed !
OK .. now we talk a little garden .. very little since I am still side lined but I have this great camera that sniffs out pictures for me .. this shade side of the garden hasn't been too bad at all even with such lack of attention .. they are behaving themselves thankfully .. heuchera, pulmonaria, astilbe , brunnera .. all my favorites are still smiling : ) Even Disco Dan is upright ?
Two years ago I stumbled on a Pamina anemone and I loved it ! .. but it disappeared some how .. it was tolerant of my weather zone but some how it picked up its skirts and ran like hell out of my garden ? what did I do wrong ?? wwhhaaaa ! .. so now I have two here in this bed and I have my beady eyes on them ! Don't leave home girls !!!
Stone Face will tell on you two !!
I'm glad I got that off my chest ... phew !
I love Provence lavender .. my plan was to harvest all the flower stalks I could get from them .. my plan did not include me blowing a disc in my back and my knee giving out .. I'm still in shock and it is almost 3 weeks .. what the heck did I do wrong to bring this fate upon myself and my garden babies ??? another wwhhhhaaaa !
OK .. I whole heartedly recommend this beautiful lavender .. I want to hug it and squeeze it and roll all over it in fact ... did I say that out loud .. oops ...
Ms Robin from Life in Robin's nest encouraged me to keep watching Full Moon coreopsis .. because I felt a little let down by it .. I didn't give it a chance to smile more broadly ? and it has been and I do LIKE it a lot .. so thank you Robin for keeping me on the straight and narrow of snap judgement girl !!
Now this sedum is a favorite of mine .. but I was able to part with a section of it for Martha of Water Roots .. I hope it is behaving over there for you Martha .. it is perfectly wonderful here !
I may go on and on and on about Peach Flambe heuchera .. I only have one of these which makes me nervous .. you really should have at least two of your favorite plants .. so I might sneak an electric blanket out to it during the winter .. just to make sure it will smile at me come Spring ?
Sparkler is an older cultivar Echinacea .. I haven't seen it offered at any of the garden centers or nurseries around Kingston in years now ... I have one good patch of it and again with the nervous tick .. but it has come back year after year .. phew .. so far !!
Gorgeous eh ?
YES ... now for some Halloween !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't advise riding your cat though .. or is that "Don't do this at HOME ?" .. can you imagine kids really trying to do that ? ... maybe with dolls or a spare monkey .. I say that because believe it or not .. I did see such a sight ... something your don't easily forget folks .. shudder !!! eeekkk !


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Those wispy clouds are so pretty. It must be that cold front moving through up there on its way down here. I wish it would cool off here. Unfortunately they say it won't make much difference. You have lots of color in your garden. It looks lovely. I see you are still striving for halloween everyday.

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

Oh my goodness, Joy, where do I start? First, I love your new blog photo (the one on top of your page). Wow, that is gorgeous!

Then, I love your garden photos. Wow, everything looks so terrific. And that sedum you gave me is doing fantastic! In fact, everything you've given me is doing great. I've been fussing over all the plants and they're paying me back with lush growth and gorgeous flowers. You should see the Agastache 'Blue Fortune' you gave me. You thought it was big the last time you saw it? HA! It is a monster now; hasn't stopped flowering all summer. I've actually had to trim it back a few times to keep it from taking over the flower bed...the yard...the house...har har har...

And I can't believe you're doing this Halloween thing! What a challenge! Nice photos, though. We're almost there, my dear friend; the stores are starting to have Halloween gizmos and gadgets in store!

Okay, I better stop here. I owe you an email. I've been busy working on the garden soil...compost and it's been crazy around here! I'll send you my news as soon as I surface for air. Hope you are feeling better.

Gail said...

Hugs to you Joy~I am so sorry you're still sidelined~Knew about the back, but shocked about the knee!

Your camera may find the good shots, but the gardener who lives at your house is a wonderful designer. Your combinations are delicious!

Heal fast, but completely! gail

Cat said...

72 days till the dig day!
Love your plants even though I'm allergic to lavender.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Lisa girl I love photographing clouds too : ) anything really, that the sky has passing by I have to shoot if it grabs me ? haha
I feel sorry for you with the heat .. it makes me sick when it is too hot like that. I am so grateful for AC!
Yes there is colour still in my garden even with the lack of care poor thing is still trying so hard for me ! YES girl ! Halloween !!!

Martha girl thank you and I can't get over how my 7 year old hyssop has done so well for both of us ! that has to be a record for this plant at such an age ! And you sunflowers !!! That is too cool : )
Yes I keep checking Home Sense ..I am so disappointed Lowes won't be opened until Christmas .. darn !!

Gail girl thank you ! Once the MRI is done of these beaten up body parts my doctor will have a better idea of what happened to me .. I want to sign on for a new body how ever ? LOL
I miss puttering in my garden terribly Gail .. I struggle with that ever day I look out at it. I know though .. things could always be worse ?;-)

Cat girl ? OMG ! to be allergic to lavender .. that would make me crazy .. I love the plant so much .. hey .. hope you are feeling not so bad yourself girl!