Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Day 73 ....

Already I am wondering about keeping up with this challenge .. not that Halloweeny things are hard to come by for me .. I have lots and lots and lots of it : )
I may not be able to post every day though .. and that will annoy me .. but some times it just isn't possible.
I am in total awe of the sunrises I have seen though .. I know we haven't had so many colourful ones this time of year .. one after the other .. but HOLY COW BATMAN !!

Yes .. can you see that bloody flag pole sticking out like a sore thumb there STILL ?? eeekkkk !
This show was awesome and I know my luck will run out soon though .. it can't keep on coming like this .. or is this really the greenhouse affect they keep warning us about ?
So with the theme of pink .. I'm sounding like Grace from (Gardening With Grace) her end of the pink country ?
Can you see my pink clogs though ?
I know .. my quips are so NOT funny or sarcastic like I love them to be .. but so much has gone on lately .. my brain has been dribbling on my pillow at night and I can't squash it back in my head .. too many feathers attached ... eeekkkk !
I'm going to have to do an actual garden post on GARDENING which I haven't been able to do in over two weeks now .. and the sanity meter is completely out of GAS !
Where is a good fart when you need one ??????????? Spoken like a man ????????? ;-)


Lisa at Greenbow said...

One needs to release, ahem...ones inner concerns as often as one needs to. I hope you feel better now.

Rebecca said...

Beautiful sunrise--AGAIN! You have really had some spectacular ones!

Cat said...

Good to see you posting, hope the boys are well.

Goneferalinidaho said...

Just checking out your blog from my alter ego, Goner Feral the garden blogger!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Lisa girl ... once i heal as much as possible from this injury, I swear I am getting totally back to my yoga to release all my inner CONCERNS for sure girl !! haha Thank you !

Rebecca I have never been so lucky as to see so many in August .. it just doesn't happen, so now I am wondering what is going on with our atmosphere .. particles etc .. do I sound like Einstein or Hawkings ?

Cat I really need to feature the boys for a post .. they have been giving me some really dirty looks lately and how can I blame them ?

Hello there GoneferalinID that is quite a name !LOL Thanks for checking me out ? wink wink !

joey said...

Amazing way to start the day ... beautiful!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Thanks Joey it is an amazing way to start the day .. it is overwhelming how beautiful and quiet that experience is : )

Anonymous said...

It is not fair! You Canadians are getting all the sunrises lately. And aren't they beauties?

Joy, don't worry about the halloween posts. I was kidding because I know how much you like the holiday.

I hope you are getting better OH, and yes, I can see those pink garden shoes.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Sandy girl you let the tiger out of the cage and now I can't stop ??? LOL
Hey ..I am so surprised too with all of the gorgeous sunrises in August .. it is unusual and I am wondering .. is that green house affect happening?
Hey ... I'm coming over to see what you are up to now girl !