Monday, 16 August 2010

I have been challenged !

A gauntlet has been thrown down by Gardenpath Sandy to include a bit of Halloween in every post .. so here goes .. the count is on and I so want to live up to it since I squawk all the time about Halloween ?
Do you think I can do it ???
Anyone for a little bit of betting on the side ?? hehehehe


Anonymous said...

You need to get together with my husband and exchange decorating ideas. He is crazy for Halloween too! One year we had a coffin that opened when people came up the front walk. A scary monster then sat up inside the coffin.It all worked with wires.
I love how the area around your bench worked out. It makes a great header.

Gatsbys Gardens said...

You can do it! We are all here to help out. I am ready to yank all of my drooping flowers and put in the pumpkins and the cabbages and maybe a small mum.


CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there girl I just visited your blog and wow on the eye-candy of the dahlias ! OMG your husband is a Halloween freak like me too : )
Thank you about the bench area .. even though I am still laid up over that whole adventure .. I love it too! : )

Eileen thank you girl ! I am going to try very hard to meet the challenge !
I want to do all of those things too .. but I still have the leg messed up so I still have to let it rest .. I heard a flock of geese go by this morning !!! LOL

MWebster said...

Of course you can! Wow, Halloween already *Sighs* I can certainly feel fall in the air this week. It's not cold, or anything...just an indefinable tang, you know?

Looking forward to seeing the results of the Halloween challenge!

Bonnie said...

I'm rooting for you! We used to start in September getting ready for our haunted yard. Last year, I had my niece down for a day near Halloween and we cooked a "haunted" dinner for my husband. We had a blast.

Cat said...

We are on our way!

Anonymous said...

Yes, you can do it. I have no doubts. I can hear the wheels turning in your pointy thinking cap now!!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hey Monica thanks girl ! : ) and YES! there is something in the air .. I heard a flock of geese this morning and that was EARLY for sure , but I am so ready for it since these last few weeks have been torture .. bring on Autumn !!! and HALLOWEEN ;-)

Bonnie girl I bet you made all of those gross sounding foods like eyeball soup and real lady fingers with blood red icing ? haha That had to be one COOL meal for sure!

Cat girl I am going to total Halloween MODE !! Look out in the night sky for me riding my broom !

Sandy girl you started this so my pointy hat is off to you : ) watch for my silhouette against the gold harvest moon ? hehehe

Rebecca said...

Halloween already? Too much joy (and work) to be extracted (and invested) in the PRESENT for me...

YOUR Halloween efforts ARE darlling, though! It's always Joy4Me to see what you're up to.

Your sunrises ARE gorgeous! Wish I had a better view of ours.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Rebecca .. a lot of play on words there girl ! haha
I am a hard core Halloween girl and I can't help but kick off the season by now .. plus I have been challenged so yo have to know I will go for it ?LOL